The Iceland Story – A journey from ice to fire

A few months ago myself, Andrew James, Cuong Hoang, and 5 other amazing travellers ventured to Iceland on a Journey starting from Reykjavik around the ever changing, dream like coastline of the island.

Being Strangers at first, we explored some of the most beautiful, and rugged places the island had to offer, sharing memories and special moments that you couldn’t repeat if you tried. While experiencing the greats, we also experienced the lows, but turned things around to make the tough times some of the best memories we have of this land, and before we realised, these moments took us from strangers, to best friends.

Massive thank you to Zhiyun for making this trip possible and allowing me to use their new Weebill S on the trip, one of the lightest gimbals iv’e ever used. All stabilised ground footage was captured with the Weebill S

check it out below!

Massive thanks to Cuong Hoang ( Instagram @cuongtravels ) who organised this amazing tour and runs different tours in Iceland through out the year, check out his website below if you’re interested in booking one of his insane tours!


– check end credits of the video.

Epidemic sound played a huge part in this video with the cinematic intro sound track, and many sound effects. sign up for a month free or royalty free music and sound effects for your videos below.

Sound Effects.

Most of the high quality transition whooshes were from our own transition sound pack which can be bought through this link below!

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New Benn TK LUTS coming soon (:


  1. Yooo!!! long time in the making but here is my Iceland adventure! (:
    comment your favourite thing/part about this video! and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss the next one! much love guys your support is insane!!!!!!!!!

  2. im a photographer and wanna start learning filming and if anyone lives in Northern Ireland or close by then dm me cuz im planning to go to Iceland in December this year week before xmas amazing video and love the story telling. IG is _urban_peter if wanna dm me if going to iceland and looking for a travel buddy 🙂

  3. Do you make money from these awesome vids not just by adsense? I mean, you put so much effort in these films, its amazing. Hope these films are making you rich))

  4. That was your longest video till yet but finished so early than all. It was full package of story, visuals and sound really leave no chance to inspire. Thank You Man for teaching.

  5. Why don’t you create a movie
    I bet if you do many people will think that it’s created by fox,mgm,Columbia and many more
    It’ll be awesome if you do

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me, o do not know much about videography, but this video looks quite gloomy, video is good but the ohh that gloomy feel. I don’t feel the feeling

  7. I really want to make this kind of video when I go on my trip during spring break. I don’t know how to though and need help, can anyone teach me?

  8. Great video!!! So far, i checked only the one which use adobe prepiere only, AE is only for title. That is the thing what i do as well.

    But, now i an excited to find such amaging skill and cool idea with beautiful sceneries. Will check ur othes tutorial and try to make like u !!! Thanx

  9. Wow! I made an account just to comment, this will be my first comment ever. This video, is by FAR, the gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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