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  2. Man it’s very sad that this happened to the citizens of Myanmar. Seems like the trend of authoritarians taking control in countries is on the increase lately. Freedom for Myanmar 🇲🇲

  3. A few years back I spoke with some Rohingya refugees who are now living in my city in the USA. They and their families had suffered so much. Now I’m thinking of them and wishing I could be of any help as they process this news. I’m sure some people here still have family living there.

  4. As a Burmese living in US, I can’t thank Asian Boss enough for covering this topic. Really puts it out on what’s going on right now. We Burmese cannot live another 1988 massacre. Never again..

  5. So glad this was covered by you guys. I remember being there in late 2017 and the locals all were so excited about the recent and upcoming changes to their country. It might all revert if things don’t change…

    To give even more importance/understanding to the situation, look up a brief history of Myanmar in the late 1900s to see how what’s happening now is so much more important that Westerners realize

  6. Asian Boss has done a lot of amazing and informative works in the past, but perhaps this might be one of the most important one yet. I cannot imagine living in a country where communications are shut down and any attempts to voice out your opinion lead to arrests or death. The people of this country needs their voices to be heard.

  7. Be realistic, why certainly the west so care of human rights?Aung San Suu Kyi is also excuse of Myanmar Genocide. What future Aung San Suu Kyi will bring to Myanmar? Her ex husband is a white man?

  8. One of the videos that will be among the reasons why Asian Boss deserves to be saved. The woman in red talks equally on both sides of different perspectives. This happenings in Myanmar is somewhat similar to what happened in the Philippines during Marcos administration and EDSA Revolution but I think cutting the connection through the internet and media is the worst that this generation would face right now and it is indeed scary.

  9. The turmoil sparked by the western power by destroying an syuki by accusing her of human right abuses making her look incompetent to the eyes of the world and useless to myanmar that gives reason to military to take over the government …

  10. I happy the Aung san suu kyi lady is gone but I still don’t wish a military coup on any country even if they are a little weird. I hope they get their democracy back.

  11. Thanks to all these brave people who spoke out and to Asian Boss for taking such effort to ensuring their voices are heard.

    11:33 This woman has such well-reasoned arguments, she was clearly very pragmatic

  12. I’m glad you were able to shed light on this situation, especially when it’s really risky and difficult to get information out of the country right now.

  13. Fact, look at Vietnam defeated France colonial for US democracy Vietnamese against Vietnamese a dewarded with Humans right AGENT ORANGE , Korean war free from Japanese colonial again S. Korea choose US democracy the result? USA human rights Biochemical 60 on Viand Korea is divided?

  14. Every nation so call independent from British are all divided, look at India, pakistan still warring neighbours. Africa, America, the most extreme North America against the South America.

  15. the military should work under the gov. That is wrong on so many levels. They cant just shoot everyone whenever they feel like it. Military for countries should only be there to prepare for mass threats, but the only ppl they see as threats are their own citizens.

  16. Asian Boss had to dodge Myanmar’s internet shutdown to get this out to the global public. This truly shows that Asian Boss cares about what is going on in Myanmar.

  17. The reason why there is little coverage by Western media such as CNN or BBC is simply because they don’t care. Their enemies are Russia and China and by extension their allies. Literally a hundred million people went on a labour strike in India and no one here in North America even knows about it. Why? Because India is an ally of the US. If that were to happen in Iran, it would be a field day for CNN.

  18. The military shouldn’t even get involved with politics. Look at Pakistan, ruled by army generals. Pakistan used to be wealthier than India. Now they’re is even poorer than Bangladesh, a country that experienced genocide by military-ruled Pakistan and even had its economy in shambles during the 70s.

  19. Asian Boss should have a permanent place for viewers to donate and show support because I’m so incredibly grateful for this company and everything it stands for.

  20. You guys worked fast at getting this info out to the rest of the world. This is the only channel I’ve seen conducting interviews while major news outlets have simply been covering the protests from an outsider’s perspective.

  21. This kind of video is EXACTLY why this channel is important. God damn, interviewing people on the street when government is under military junta. and making it free, huge props

  22. With all due respect for that dude who believes Myanmar is getting worse as North Korea…north Korea looks much better infrastructurally speaking than Myanmar where it is well known murders, rapes and poverty by its poor politic, yes we know NK is living a hell but come on! When it supposed that Myanmar was better than NK 🙄🙄🙄

  23. Thank you Asian Boss for sharing the thoughts of young Myanmar people with the world!
    I’ve been to Myanmar many times and have many friends there, so I’ve been very concerned with every internet outage and report of violence. In the last 11 years I have watched the general living standards and access to education improve greatly, so it’s distressing to think those gains may go backwards.
    I love the Asian Boss channel and Myanmar so very happy to see these things combined! 🙂 One of my favourite things to watch on Asian Boss is your follow up stories. Please keep reporting on the situation in Myanmar for as long as everyone is safe too! Also while I enjoyed the well articulated thoughts of these young people, I would be interested in hearing the more nuanced thoughts of various ethnicities at this time too. Please make it happen? Thank you!

  24. A lot of Thai people are also fighting for Democracy same with our neighbouring country, Myanmar. We hope to spread the awareness on this serious situation and gain support from people from all around the world. Thank you. And Myanmar people keep fighting we’ll always be with you !

  25. Young kids are always naive,protesting and vote won’t work,at this moment,stable is first.avoid violence and chaos. Negotiate with military with patience,compromise if needed.

  26. Myanmar’s military is a pseudo military. It grabbed power from Gen. Aung San, who negotiated and regained their independence from Imperial Britain during WW2, by assassinating him. They actually function not as a state protector but operate like a mafia organization controlling power, economy and politics. They legitimize themselves by hiding behind the back of a pseudo democracy. They pull the strings as they see fit to protect their interests. And they will use force without hesitation to stay in power. The people of Myanmar must brace for rough times ahead. They have to be courageous to attain their freedom and democracy. 50 years of being under military control is too long. It is time for a free and truly democratic Myanmar

  27. I’ve traveled several times to Myanmar several years ago and the poverty caused by economic sanctions years previously were still felt. So I agree that another sanction will only cause hardship to the ordinary people. The international community should work together to help favourably for the people of Myanmar and save its democracy at the same time.

  28. The problem with Myanmar is no civilian control over the military. China might be a one party country but the civilians are the one which control the military. Meanwhile in Myanmar, the military formed a party and is guaranteed 25% of the parliament, so basically, power to block any bills they want, and also they control the guns and tanks.

  29. Donald Trump: “I’m gonna write a letter…

    Dear Me-anmar Military,
    It has come to my attention that you waged a coup attempt to siege your government. I was very impressed that you had the courage to do the right thing against voter fraud in your country of Me-anmar. If you are not too busy, I’d like you to do us a favor. As you know, I didn’t win the recent 2020 election because of voter fraud, and wanted to know if you could stop by the US for a coup attempt of our own. My supporters tried on January 6th, but it didn’t work

    Looking forward to working with you in the future.
    Donald J Trump”

    But in all seriousness, I know I’d be asking a lot of their military, but I hope they accept the results and give control to the true election winner/leader of Myanmar. Also, the girl who quoted V for Vendetta. She rocks ^_^

  30. It is remarkable to able to hear from people on the streets about what is happening in Myanmar. I am curious to see what ASEAN makes of one of its members going full military coup. It is clear to see the people are not going to take it. But I think there is a level of lack of empathy from obviously non-Rohingya people when the military coup is (rightfuly) criticized, but the genocide of Rohingya in Rakhine only seen as a power game.

  31. Can we take a momentum to appreciate the courage and guts it must have took for the whole team of Asian boss to go there and overcome all obstacles. Thank u all the people who saved Asian boss. And thank u Asian boss for providing us with Information that is so hard to get. I couldn’t thank u more. Fighting ✊✊❤❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤

  32. Where is your interview 3-4 years ago when the rohingyas were slaughtered by the same military? Oh right Myanmar ppl sat on their hands and was silent when the genocide happened. Aung even defended the same military and denied any wrongdoing. Now this same military is threatening your democracy and took your leader… now you want to protest and fight back?? Y’all are on your own.

  33. Answers on Rohingya genocide were not satisfactory, saying she saw military as a people of mayanmar out rightly pointed that She don’t see Rohingya as citizens. Violence can’t be justified 🙏 Even then and Now. Well i wish Mayanmar will get there democracy back , Stay strong stay United and always be vocal against voilence.

  34. Awesome! I wish we could have gotten some voices from an older demographic as well, though. I understand it was hard to get these people under the circumstances, but as it is I have to take their words with a grain of salt. Everyone interviewed in this video seems to be of the same age demographic. Really curious what other generations think.

  35. I, for one, cannot sympathize much with Suu Kyi and her lout.

    She stayed quiet during Rohingya genocide and personally I don’t care whats going to happen to her at this point. I don’t condone military coup and I believe in democracy but I honestly can’t sympathize much with any of this.

    Not after Rohingya.

  36. This is probably the first time I’ve ever heard Burmese spoken. I was expecting it to be a little more tonal like Vietnamese or Thai, but it almost sounds a bit like Mongolian.

  37. There were tweets & picture of soldiers who were described to be speaking a different language yesterday showing up as part of the coup. Their badges were red & yellow, I wonder what country they’re representing.

  38. Hmm let’s see the people throwing the coup falsely accused voter fraud, tried to overthrow the rightful officials, and then proceed to spread further lies, fake news and propaganda to make themselves look rightful? Sounds a lot like a particular country…

  39. Update on Myanmar since the interview:
    Medical workers started the Civil Disobedience Movement where all the government workers stopped going to work to completely shut down the system. People started boycotting the businesses owned by the military and their families.

    About 300 people are arrested at night without a warrant or reason and forcefully removed from their houses. Most of them being politicians, medical workers, media ,teachers, civillians, influencers, and protestors.

    The police shot a 19 year old girl who was peacefully protesting in the head with a real bullet and she died a few days later from brain death. Many protestors are being treated violently.

    UN should take an immediate action on the military. Their condemnation on paper aren’t effective and we need actual support.

    Internet is cut off every night and fb, ig and twitter are banned. They are making us suffer everyday both physically and psychologically by feeding fake news and psywars.

    The military drugged kids and released prisoners to carry out arsons and cause unrest at night in the neighbourhoods. Most people can’t sleep at night to guard for their own safety. This is unjust for both the released prisoners and the people and especialy the kids

    China and Russia supported the military because they have connections with the higher ups and can sell out the country for their profit. The military families are already billionares from selling out resources, stealing country’s money when we are in debt and bribery

    The military has been causing decades of civil war and oppressing against the minority ethnic people. Myanmar has over 130 ethnic groups.

  40. Thank you for the video, m not sure why you didn’t use mosaic on their faces to block the faces for the safety… the kids are so brave! Victory is coming soon! Be persistence!

  41. Thank you Asian Boss for covering the truth of what is happening there in my home country! My respect and love for your channel has grown even more. Hoping those in the video that were interviewed can stay safe.

  42. I see some people from overseas stating that because of the silence of the Myanmar public on the Rohingya crisis, Myanmar deserves to be punished in this manner.

    There is no point in denying the fact that Rohingya crisis happened and that many of the Myanmar people were supportive of ASSK’s denial of the genocide. Hell, if you as much as opened your mouth to disparage ASSK about it, you get into an argument with people who do not believe that Rohingya deserves to be recognised.

    However, I would like to point out that most people in Myanmar are struggling with day to day survival and it is easy to push aside atrocities happening somewhere out of sight, that your government is purposely hiding from you. Hero worship is problematic in nations like Myanmar where critical thinking is not a huge focus of our education system. The youths protesting today worship ASSK or at least worship the ideals of democracy that ASSK represents. This compounded with an idiot general who is treating this like a war is pushing more youths into the movement. More of these youths are also only now educating themselves about the ramifications of having a military that is more powerful than the civil authorities.

    Let’s face it, most of you looking at insta stories or at this right now, are probably not from Myanmar. A handful of you will worry about it in the context of what it means for your friends or relatives. Some of you will find it interesting, feel sympathy for the Myanmar people as a whole. Most of you will find it a somewhat interesting thing that you took moment to read, if that, and move on with your day. And I honestly don’t mind that. A person can only care so much before going absolutely insane.

    It is the same for most of Myanmar during the Rohingya crisis or the ethnic civil wars. The question is not really if the Myanmar people cared. It is really did these people really have the time and the education necessary to understand the nuances of the situation to care?

    Obviously at this moment, if you challenge ASSK’s supporter with the Rohingya matter, most will deflect and point to the military. Perhaps someone who understands the nuances might make a better defense of her very hard to defend actions. At any rate, this is a fact that cannot be disputed; if the military really win this one, it is going to be a total wipeout of however many Rohingya are left and whoever else the military might find objectionable in their minds unsullied with a single thought. Do you truly want to shout karma to people whose biggest sin is being too poor to get the education that you were able to get?

  43. Huh? Korean youtuber supported the coup? 16:33 that is insane! I am sure that Korean is a troll! Koreans support democracy! Military dictatorship should never be granted!

  44. You guys are BEASTS, none of the MSM is sending people in to go actually get this kind of on the ground information. Thank you for your bravery, and the bravery of these who are willing to speak to you. Keep hammering!

  45. So Rohingya is not part of Myanmar? Your former state leader defended the military for killing rohingya because the armed forces are from Myanmar and Rohingya does not? Wow hypocrite

  46. Thank you for sharing current situation in Myanmar. We will continue to fight for Democracy. A 19 year old girl got shot and the bullet got in her brain through motorcycle helmet. Police and military troops used force to break up protestors and many got injured. At night time, strangers come and try to burn and destroy our properties. We have to patrol our own as we can no longer trust our police. They ordered not to give access to social media and they even modify and make a new law to protect their actions. Starting from 15 Feb, they cut the internet access from 1AM to 9AM. We still don’t know what they’re trying to do at that time. I wonder how they’re planning to get their own profits and benefits from ours’ sufferings. I hate them. I cannot express how I hate them. God, help us….

  47. Thank you so much you guys for putting effort in making this video of what’s really happening in Myanmar. To world, please hear our voices. All we have is voices. The military is getting worse and worse and everything they’ve been doing is violating human rights. Our future and dreams depend on this. The country was just slowly developing and now all gone under a group of brainless cruel people. The world needs to see this. They’re now even cutting out the internet every nights, trying to put us in the dark.
    Thank you all for the support. 💙

  48. This is what i like from asian boss. They are literally on point seeing the things which is now happening . Hope they will get their best solution peacefully.

  49. I am from Myanmar and I guarantee that their words represent our voices. We don’t want military Coup. We don’t want dictatorship. We want back our leader and Democracy. They said for Democracy, but keep blocking internet and hurting people with weapon, water canons and even with guns. One 20 years old lady is shot in the head by the bullet as of now. We have lost our freedom of speech and human rights. They keep violating them, using forces and bullets on peaceful-protester, but we will keep on fighting. Your support is our encouragement.

  50. i am once again so impressed with this young generation of people who really seem to UNDERSTAND what terms like pluralism, freedom, and the rule of law actually MEAN when put into practice.
    (much more so than most of the people already living in free and democratic countries themselves)

    from the way they spoke, wishing for justice but also a calm and analytical approach to the crisis now facing their country, it seems clear to me that they really are true democrats at heart.

    it just makes it even sadder that these bright, free minds are now under threat of being squashed from an oppressive and authoritarian government