The problem with Saigon

compared to Hanoi & the rest of Vietnam.




  1. Can someone translate what the article said about them? I can’t remember which video they (she was?) were in………Sometimes your opinions ARE a bit radical, Troy, but I like that you voice them. We should all be allowed to voice our opinions without reprisal, so I enjoy what you have to say, although I don’t always agree. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. LOL

  2. woah! big news, don’t feel discouraged! keep up the good work. I disagree with some of your political views but I know you’re a good dude!

  3. Dam how did they know she got thrown in jail? Who is she again? Surprised they even have an article on her, does everyone that gets thrown in jail get an article written about them?

  4. Keep doing the good charitable work. Someday the goodness will come back your way when you least expected 🙏

  5. Hi Troy I been following your video for awhile and I really like your work bro. I went back there for the first time in 30 years. I went out and recorded on street I used to grow up in the countryside and the police took me in and question me for a couple hours. Did you got pull over and question like I did? Thanks

  6. Good work and respect to you. Keep going with your honesty and integrity in your videos. I am also a Viet-Kieu who escaped the commies in 1975 when I was 8 years old. I am now an American and I love my adopted country; but I have always longed for your experience in moving back to mother Vietnam and give back. Living in this covid 19 hype ( I am a M.D.)/ created and funded racial tension, I am so angry, depressed, with America. Your videos are my Prozac. Thank You.

  7. Troy people are people all over the world. Living in some cities might be harder than others but circumstances can change for people quite easily.

  8. I never heard you give out the donation I made back in the last part of April. Do you always say who the donor is or just some of the time? I made it under my real name.

  9. Troy have you considered that people in Hanoi may be less generous and less patient to listen to sob stories. Hence no one bothers telling them.

  10. We appreciate your sacrifice. Please soldier on because like me! Caring ppl are thinking to send you help, for you and folks in need. So please stay strong! I will send just making sure you are real deal!!! So far my friend you are real deal! I love what you do!!and tes I want to do ate to helped old and young ppl trying to stay in school! Thank you. To!

  11. Yes, do not drop gram, she is not shady but needs to survive! I do not believe she is some scam [email protected] I’ll send money to Bot and grandmother! No problem! I just dont think these two are shady ass grifters! They just trying to survive! Ok??

  12. Troy what happened to the woman with the kid you donated the money like 2 time in Saigon as i recalled.

    I couldn’t hear you clearly on the video what you were saying about her on the news papers.

  13. My generalization of Saigon is their mindset is heavily influenced by Western hegemonic culture appropriation…hence we’re experiencing a servitude existence of the local population…which had been a bit of shame in my humble opinion.✌️🌎🥰☀️and vitamin D-3.

  14. your mention of monsoon reminded me of a ride from Go Cong to Tan Thanh on the south coast, rain so hard that even with my head down behind my wife driving I nearly drowned from inhaling rainwater… can be Hell but the country is beautiful regardless. keep going, dude.

  15. I agree , people in Saigon are money hungry / scammers I think due too western influx of money so locals out to capitalize and get rich for a better quality of life. At what ever means necessary

  16. saigon is savage but thats just the nature of a big cold ass city, hanoi is chill…. is that ulisess grant hanoi? take it down troy lol

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