The Queens Pension House in Iloilo – Nice budget place to stay.

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  1. What a view ha . So you were saying at the sm mall make a right at the left and then a left at the right ha. Na but really not bad for the price . Later

  2. Not bad for a rest stop. You are hilarious about that view, I was excited until you opened the curtain lol. After Boracay I was expecting some coconut trees 🙂

  3. Not a bad place not really looking for a view when a Typhoon is suppose to be sneaking around outside and the cement wall is like a extra layer of protection. The room in side looked very nice.

  4. Now these are the kind of videos of yours I like Henry, something relevant, not the melodarmatic, soap opera kind. Seems like a good deal to me Henry, a cheap, clean, secure room with aircon and tv. Enough for me, I don’t need much. I think the wall is fine too, gives some privacy, maybe some protection and cuts down on noise. At least your not on the street with all the trafic..Good find Henry. I’ll  look for Queen’s Pension House if I get to Iloilo. Tc.

    1. @Jon M clean and secure are my basic requirements.  aside from that i’m not picky.  i won’t stay in a dive where i don’t feel comfortable leaving my stuff while i go out for dinner.  not worth it.  

  5. Hi Henry,
    Cool video very helpful and informative to our friends passing through Ilo-ilo. Hope you’ll feature Bacolod too in your future video reviews. Thanks

    1. @Outdoor Adventures i plan to visit a buddy in bacolod when he returns in march, i’ll do some walkabouts then with video.  🙂

  6. Tell me please, how prevalent is the use of fragrance chemicals in personal care products or in hotel rooms? My Achilles heel is, I am extremely sensitive to all of these synthetic chemicals (respiratory). Colognes and perfumes top the list. Looking for clean air living conditions, no matter what. Suggestions?

    1. @James Pratt i’m not sensitive to fragrances so i didn’t notice anything outstanding.  other than maybe a bit of lysol i didn’t notice any particular fragrances on the sheets or CR.  overall probably your best bet are the larger franchise hotels such as GV Towers.  they have locations in 22 major cities.

  7. I also especially loved the wall.  I hope your TV got more than the prison channel.  I like your use of sarcasm, although I find it is mostly lost on most Filipinos–but that is funny too sometimes.

  8. I like it when you do review videos as they are useful though i like the mixture of the videos you do.
    Truthfully i like your video diary video’s the most.
    Have you stayed at the henry hotel yet? cheaper prices if you book online but would find your review on that hotel interesting(not because you share the same name). it is in Cebu.

  9. Further down on the street is the center of Jaro district, the Bishop’s Residence, Jaro Plaza and the National Shrine of our Lady of Candles, or simply called the Jaro Cathedral. Where you can get a Leganes Jeep going to Benigno Aquino Diversion road where you can find malls, hotels and restaurants.

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