The Relaxing Hills of Valencia; Negros Oriental – Philippines

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    1. @Scott Williamson it only takes me about 15 minutes from the robinson’s mall in duma.  it’s a great getaway from the noise and traffic during midday in town.  evenings and mornings in duma are more sane.

  1. Don Blair  – (asked..)  What things do you miss most about the US?

    honestly, only my kids and mom.  that’s it.  truly.  other than them, maybe good mexican food or a good hamburger.  but i don’t miss anything else about my previous california life at all.  i’m much happier.. a hundred-fold over, here in the PH.

  2. Very gorgeous and peaceful scenery there Henry. Most people, myself
    included always think of the PH as being so densely populated, as the
    case is with Manila. They just don’t know there are tons of beautiful, tranquil
    places that can give you tons of “peace of mind.” Thanks for bringing videos
    like this to the viewer’s attention.
        BTW- I really liked the comment you made on what you miss in California,
    and that’s basically “nothing”, except for family. I feel like my life here in Canada
    doesn’t have anything here for me anymore, so it’s nice to hear someone like you
    say that you feel you’ve definitely made the right decision-“very interesting”. Sometimes
    you think you may get homesick– but you have to ask yourself–for what???

  3. You should try upper up of Luzon.. Henry sure you will love the view..Philippine has a lot of natural beauty..I’m proud to be a Filipino

  4. Hi Henry,

    After  all those years in the “Inland Empire” surrounded by scrub oak and tumbleweed it must have been a pleasant scenic shock to be dropped into the middle of all that lush greenery.

    Take care,

  5. Ive got my sights set on the Philippines also.The big lure for me would be a pastime of adventure mc riding. Id love to see more of this kind of stuff if you would Henry! I would bet dollars to donuts that you would come across many gorgeous, sweet little Pinay that would be just what your looking for in those trips…Hmmm?

    1. @Jorg Reiling i know everyone says “always” wear a helmet (cause you never know).  but i only wear a helmet on the open highways were i expect to go faster on a straightaway.  in town, most everyone is going about 5-10mph. 

    1. @Saxon Rains not a single one.  only the Cobra energy drink.  ha!  but i hear that on gamarais (near iloilo) they have plenty of them there.  i heard this from an expat who used to live there.

  6. Nice ,  i like the scenery,,  you got all the time in the world,  i would be giving some high mileage to that scooter and exploring it all. if i was you …. i mean i know you have no rush,,,, but if you have nothing else to keep you occupied,  then ride on Henry……  enjoy buddy and live it up….  Keep the videos coming,  i enjoy them all…..

  7. We bought over a hectare plot there in Valencia in 2006, hoping to retire someday and away from Dumaguete pollution and potentially from future noisy / hard to cope  neighbors. Living quietly with bigger space for garden with a view is a dream and we choose Valencia rather down the city.  Few degrees cooler temperature out there, with electricity and our own water source, good views of Dumaguete and overlooking a deep jungle ravine . We were looking forward to the thought of retiring there. Although waking in up 2011 to reality of   escalating world conflicts which would trigger  financial collapse/ WWW3  / NWO sooner than we think . But I still hope there’s much  longer time lag before it blows up . It’s easy to be in complete denial  to what is happening around the world, and  pretend everything will be ok and be retiring in Valencia.

  8. Agree with you, Henry, the view is just amazing. When I see this videolog, I’m thinking of my childhood in Siaton and the life in the jungle. Have alot of good memories when I was a little kid. When I visit my folks I go up in the mountain with the whole bunch of nieces and nephews and their moms and eat “botong”. Only one day event, but I’m satisfied with that.

  9. Rickay- I appreciate your videos. The sound and quality is a cut above many of the others I find on Youtube. Such a beautiful country I can hardly wait to explore it myself. thanks again-James

  10. What I also like about Duma is its proximity to various islands like Apo, Siquijor, Balicasag (near Bohol), Oslob (whale shark), Bais (Dolphins). After a day in the beach one can enjoy the cool nights in Valencia. 

  11. Reekay,I’m like you when it comes to the green trees all year round and riding through the province on my honda xrm 125 when I’m in the Philippines.It is so peaceful and beautiful there I love it .

    1. @jeff gard i came from the dry desert valley of riverside county, in southern california.. so for me to see so much greenery all year is totally amazing. 🙂

  12. im very happy that u like my hometown valencia i watch all the videos and love it i can watch it over and over thank u super miss valencia even i just visited there last october super miss it

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