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  1. Thx for the overview..never know where one might end up..Cebu is much larger than I imagined looking from the balcony view but more conveniences I suspect, or rather, more options for things to an airport with direct connections to many cities in Asia..🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  2. Dogs are a deal breaker !!! had to leave hotels and resorts there many times due to this extreme irritation for me and many others. I would figure being in a condo and the city area you would not have to deal with that? noise is a very big issue for many and I identify with your issues. roosters are tolerable, but don’t like them either. waiting for you to find your place…..I will be visiting as soon as “allowed” as a tourist.

  3. The noise from all the carpenters is the worst. if I see a carpenter come in to start working on something for a neighbor I’m moving immediately.

  4. it’s funny how many owners do not factor in how much income they’re losing by keeping property vacant for two or three or four months or more versus dropping the price and renting quickly.

  5. I have been using a white noise product for years when I sleep…I take it with me when I travel. It works really well….No roosters, dogs or karaoke for me.

  6. I use to look at the sentinel building when I was working at i2 building at the 9th floor and wonder what it looked like inside, that is spacious. I remember talking to a person on a horse beside the open area of that building when there was a gas station in 2013. He said it cost 500k Php to buy have a horse.

  7. With so much competition in the area and new units for the same price or cheaper I think they are foolish not to take less it offers come in. I prefer a newer one anyway.
    Have you ever looked at One Pavilion in Guadalupe?

  8. Have you thought about bringing a sound level meter on your visits? It would provide some idea on how noisy it is and how much suppression is provided by the exterior walls. Also, have you tried ANC headphones to see how effective they are in that environment? I have natural noise suppression, tinnitus, lol. But, every little bit extra helps.

  9. Great size first unit, great natural light, and great location but I agree with you about the street noise. Bedrooms shouldn’t be right on the street. Price is OK. The newer condos are very cookie cutter and tight. I’ve rented at Calyx across the street. Location was great and it was quiet but unit tiny.

  10. Hi Rod, have you seen the price to buy a condo or house and land rise, fall or stay the same in the last few months. I watched a video or two of high end properties and now I get bombarded with them on youtube. The prices still look bubbly to me. I have a hard time seeing myself paying $500K USD to $1M USD for any residential property in Cebu – even if it is a mansion or a penthouse.

  11. sir buying condos the 2nd worst investments next to the 1st land that people can make due to the fact that they are not what we so foolishly believe them to be the word condo is nothing more than the cubic air spaces between walls ceiling and floors land is nothing more imaginary lines on a plat blacks law dictionary

  12. Rod although the apartments did not look bad. I think 25,000 is a little high for those units. What’s your thoughts on that since you live there

  13. Bath on first one needs remodel and really is too noisy.
    Deal breaker was the no tv. Ear plugs work for the noise but are bothersome.
    500 a month is not bad.

  14. I am always amazed how these apartments look when viewing them. Not clean, stains on couch, hole in tub. Just goes the to show the market accepts it.

  15. I actually like the second one a lot more than the first. After living in this condo a usable balcony has become a must have for me. It seemed more open and larger by the layout.

  16. Larger than usual condo’s for the Philippines. Condo Prices here are still over inflated (for the actual value) to myself though; but then so are the house’s in Cebu. You’re really paying for the convenience & ease of access to Cebu City. Nice looking unit’s though.

  17. Rod you have a good channel and I just want to say that. it’s very informative. As far as the condos go for my experience living there for 15 years I think they’re outrageously overpriced especially considering the newer ones the workmanship is not good. Buyer beware!

  18. Too bad they have the aircon installed very low in the wall . As for best and common sense placing is as high in the wall as possible . Installing in a wall better than modifying a window to accept a ” window ” aircon . You can find info explaining the how and why of putting it in a wall and the height .

  19. never repair philippinos. I can not get my head around why these people don’t repair stuff. Most of all is they promise to do but never do. I rented a unit on airbnb and for 2 weeks the tv never worked at all just excuse after excuse yet no rebate due to this. and it wasn’t cheap either so when they asked for a referal i told the truth not seen it online anymore. I did report my disatifaction to airbnb. Its they just dont want to do the right thing cut corners, cheat ,lie and all about money so blind eyed that they dont get it. The real province philipinos have far more honour. I maybe white but im not stupid.

  20. Thanks for the condo tour Rod, they look a nice size, much more spacious than many we’ve seen. Pity about the street noise, but some people might not mind it too much. I find the dogs and roosters more of an issue tbh, plus the early morning karaoke of course haha. I always enjoy the accommodation videos, so thanks again for making them .

  21. Why live within the city? Cebu is not a large city like Manila, you can rent or buy,build a house outside the city or up the highlands like Busay?

  22. seems little high price for that used sofa in 2nd unit– 1st unit looked newer but more noise- yea i know quite is hard to find in Philippines

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