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  1. Haha you were SO close, my filipina wife is sitting beside me and saying stuff like “go on, youre close, go, go !” =)

    From there its around 10 minute walk to the entrance of the falls, then to the falls its another roughly 30 min hike/climb, it starts out with a long ladder/steep walk.

    Bring lots of water and if you sweat alot like me an extra shirt can be nice.

  2. Henry how are you recording your videos when you are riding. Would you share what you are using? Handlebar mount? That helmet camera thingy? lol. Just what is your procedure? Thanks.

  3. oooh my you pass by where my sister live Apulong….I never been to casaroro falls….I love this video very much I feel like I’m home for I live in Balugo a small village partly in Valencia…

    1. Your welcome…. All your videos are interesting for me for I am working overseas so I’m feeling at home specially around Dumaguete City…thank you

  4. Henry! I’m not ‘trolling’ or trying to be funny with this, I don’t know if you’ve heard of ISIS in the Philippines, but they’re this big whole thing in USA and Europe and they’ve been killing lots of westerners. A few days ago they kidnapped 2 french people sailing on they’re yacht and beheaded them. Apparently ISIS is active in the Philippines. Anyways, they’re targeting Europeans and Americans even more, so please be careful! These people are crazy! 

  5. Damn good thing life doesn’t go by our playbook!
    I thank GOD for unanswered prayers! lol

    The older I get the dumber I find I’ve been
    I don’t know what happened
    When I was young I knew EVERYTHING!

    Thanks for going off the beaten path Reekey!
    Very enjoyable

    I love the way they build highways there!
    We call em driveways here! lol

  6. Hehehe I was not expecting that fall lol. Love that about Philippines no matter where you go they will ask you for a drink and a chin wag. Wish it was like that here in Australia.

    1. Yep it is cooler outside big towns or city. The trees have a cooling effect. It is much cooler in the mountains of Malapoc Sur compared to when your in the City of Maasin in Southern Leyte. 

    2. @Rik Bor yah.. made for a nice day ride.  cooled off there on their patio with four or five dogs just napping around us.  very quiet and cool there.

  7. I like to imagine what it would be like to live in one of those houses along a road in Valencia. Semi-rural, lots of vegetation, privacy to spare but, not too remote. As usual it would also go to say is it safe and how are the neighbors. Any place owned along a road like that seems to me would be vulnerable unless you were there 24/7 to protect it.

  8. Henry,  While your going up the hill I was thinking hey he is getting good at riding his bike.  haha Then you lost it while standing in the rocks.  No Big Deal Right. Always remember to never get so you can not laugh at yourself…Glad that you like Negros.  I sort of miss it myself. My wife has never been but she wants to.  For me I think its cheaper to live in the USA if you live the same standard.  If you choose to go simple in PI you can also do that in the US. Most don’t choose simple in the US. My wifes girl friend in in Manila now after 3 yrs here in the US.  She said things are expensive… I gave here a digital luggage  scale to use while there and she took it to the market and everybody is wrong on their weight scales . In their favor of course.  

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