The Throwaway Ticket – Entering the Philippines, 2of2

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  1. good to see you back and posting videos. you were missed. also thanks for the throw away explanation, as i thought i had to have a ticket for return to my original departure point… 

  2. Kudos Henry on another excellent advisory.  Will be compiling a lot of your recommendations for our upcoming move to the PI.
    Keep up the great postings and we look forward to meeting up with you at some time in the not so distant future when we make the move your way.

  3. Wow that a great idea.  Do you think I can do the same coming to the USA.  My girlfriend is coming to USA and we are getting married here.  Because you need a round trip ticket.  Can I just buy a one way  to the USA and then by a one way to Canada.

  4. Thanks for the info, but i dont understand it, is it a NEW RULE just come??, because now i have been comming in and out many times to Cebu and NEVER meet this you talking about, it has only just been importen i have a return ticket, and when i travel my ticket is most of the times been on 90 days, and NEVER been question about what you mention in this video. ps. i fly from Europe transit Hong Kong to Cebu and never got anyproblem with the dates/times of days…so can you reply if it is a new rule??

  5. Thanks for the reply, yes i know that many things is possibel, but the airline i flw with was Cathay Pacific, and they NEVER asked about the return had to be within the 29 days you talk about, but same go´s with the immigration card after the 59 days, some shall have some never hard about it, and yes the bank is also a total different thing, i also comment on one of your videos about the atm in Cebu where i live when i am there…but again i enjoy your videos, and maybe next time do video, lock the rooster in the henhouse with food, so you can talk freely….LOL.,,,enjoy the heat, here in North Europe it is still cold, almost freezing poing in nighttime…

  6. Hello Henry…tks for your post here…I have a question.   I have been coming to the Philippines for the past 5 years…I have in the past got my 59 days visa stamp in my passport here in the USA.   I get my RT ticket here in the USA departing   in Jul and Returning back to the USA in Feb, anyway about 7 months stay in the Philippines.   This time, I wonder if I can just enter the Philippines with my Passport and RT ticket and visit the Cebu BI office and get my extension renewed there past the 30 day free stay.   I know the passport is good for like 30 days or so…and then I need to extend if I want to stay longer…I just got back here a couple months ago to the USA…only staying in the USA for a short time and returning back to the PI again…My ACR card is still good until Aug 2014…so can I renew the ACR card also there in Cebu at the BI office?   thanks and sorry for these kind of long 2 questions.    Enjoy yur travels and God Bless too!   tom from Calbayog

  7. Buying a ticket from home plus a Malaysia $35 and you can stay 3 years, Philippines gets income from long staying foreigners so that’s good. Extensions are ones a month? I think Tagbilaran looks pretty good with 100.000 inhabitants compared to Manilla’s 10 million or more. Areas where foreigners settle would be better for many people. Thanks for the video

    1. The way I see it.. why go across the planet just to live in a big, dirty city that was probably available back home?  I prefer the smaller islands, more rural and natural to the tropical climate.

  8. Makes sense to me and I am glad I saw this, because I was going to make a 14 month around the block ticket, because I was told it was 14 months not 3 years, and, I thought they only wanted an exit ticket on the inbound, but this is much better. So, I can buy a one way in and through away, to Malay, after 20 days, correct? It was a 21 days stay, is it now 29? ?????

    1. EXACTLY what I did, but I might use it and start over, not sure, but for now, I have a family to build, so it may go in the trash…This video saved me 500 USD for the round trip, I saved a lot of money here

  9. I have been in and out of the Phils many times, usually staying four or five weeks.  Only once has anyone asked me about my return ticket being beyond the 29 days.  I just looked at him and said, “I will just extend when the time comes”, and he let me go.  Another time no one asked me anything about a return ticket and I offered, “do you want to see my return ticket”?  I just got a blank stare so, I walked on through the gate.  Maybe I just look presentable enough, hehe.

    1. M P Durkee it’s all changed now , you won’t even get on the plane unless you have an onward ticket as the Philippine Government will fine the Airline that brought you in if you don’t have that onward ticket

    1. ronald armstrong. yes, you buy a ticket that you never plan to use.  that is why people try to make it the cheapest ticket out of the phils…it is just money thrown away.

  10. haha this happened to me.. the airline will always look for return or onward ticket and passport validity of at least 6 months or else they will refused to check you in. But why not buy a fully refundable ticket? at least you get your money back. I’m pretty sure its probably triple the price, and it might take several weeks for the refund.

  11. A couple questions on this throw away ticket subject Henry
    1) which airport wants to see 29 day return ticket ?? in North America or a connecting
        flight airport, in Asia or wherever ?? or do “all airports” want to see the ticket ( TAT) ??
    2) can you get into the Phils with a 1 way ticket ?? or do you need return flight ticket
        back to your own country?? -ask because what if UR not sure when U want to return??
              ( maybe with a 1 way ticket, and a throw away ticket–you’d be OK?? )
     3) after your initial stay of 29 days, how long are extensions for–monthly- bi-monthly ??
        or 6 mos?? and how much do they cost???
      Everything else you went over seems pretty straight forward–thanks

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I have been asked to show my  return ticket on occasions (which is a 6 mth ticket) but  my visa is for 59 days and then of course the immigration tell me that and my return  ticket is for 6 mths, my reply is yes sir I will extend it at the bi office, and that’s that seems that’s all they want to know

    2. Both Korean Air and Cathay Pacific specifically asked me for an outgoing ticket before they would board me at LAX (Los Angeles, USA).   From the comments I’ve read, not every airline carrier seems to be as strict about the requirement.

    1. might check with a pi consulate for more up to date information… and probably a bit better than from us guys with our varied experiences.

    2. I think laws vary depending on country so without saying where you are from it’s hard to answer.  In the U.S., it used to be back in the mid 2000’s that you needed NO visa to stay for 3 weeks.  Visas allow for you to stay longer.  I don’t know what the current laws are, but I’m pretty sure that you can stay for at least 21 days without a visa.

    3. it used to be 21 days, without a visa, but if u need a visa get a 59 day one, in uk that’s around £22.50 far cheaper than going there on a 29 day visa then paying the extra to stay another 30 days to equate to the 59

  12. Wow so very informative Henry! Next year I plan to move there to Marry my Gf and was looking into the round trip ticket! This video just helped me so much! Thank you and really enjoy your videos!

    1. Tom Woodward yes as long as you have onward ticket that shows your flying out of the Philippines within the 30 days of your initial visa you will be ok

  13. I never had problem boarding plane from Europe with 6months ticket ore 1 year ticket.(i dont knowe how it works from US.?)And tourist visa is 21days…i just go to immigration and extend my visa to 59 days…and just keep on doing it….until i want to go home.But i did not knowe you could stay 3 years thats cool….But thanks for good info,and laid back attitude…

    1. bicolmange Tourist visa is 30 days in the Philippines unless you have a round trip that says your leaving the country within the 30 Days you have to get an onward ticket

  14. Hola Henry, Soy un chicano tambein, y vivo en Bohol tambein. 
    I have a multiple entry one year visa that is much easier than the 28 day visa.

  15. Korean Air is awesome but went with delta this time for round trip at 1,075.00 out of Newark New Jersey to Manila then a flight to Cebu which was 400.00 less then last trip.Still watching and liking your work. Peace. Stay on your toes in Manila people the best of the best come out even in the law enforcement dept if ya know what i mean.

  16. maybe its different for Americans, I am British and when I go to the phills I buy a return ticket for 6 mths or more each time, but b4 I leave uk I get a 59 day visa from the Philippine embassy here, after 50 or so days I just go to the BI office in Cebu and pay the extension visa fee for another 59 days which is daylight legal robbery. as they hit you with an amount which includes the ID card which is quite useless really and serves no purpose other than making money for immigration, after the next 50 or so days I do it again at a lesser expense as each renewal gets cheaper, but I have never had to have a ticket that says I must leave after 29 days as u have, my ticket return date is 6 mths away so I am just wondering why u must show ur return ticket after just 28 days, maybe I misunderstand what u have quoted or its just differant

  17. Also be sure that you have a minimum of 6 months validation on your passport from the date of your departure from the Philippines. So in the scenario mentioned leave Canada on Jan 1. and return to Canada on June 30. Your passport has to be valid for six months past June 30 so till the end of December. If not, they won’t let you enter the country.

    So if your passport was set to expire on November 1 for instance, you would not be able to even leave for the Philippines even though your passport would be valid for the duration of your visit.

    I had this happen to me. My wife and son were in the Philippines and I was in Canada. I had two weeks vacation during Christmas during which I was going to travel to the Philippines to visit my family. My passport was set to expire at the end of May, my departure date from the Philippines was Jan 5. I got to the airport and was not allowed to board the plane (Korean Air btw) as my passport was not valid till at a minimum, June 5 because Philippines customs would not allow me into the country.

    Not too sure if this is a general rule or if it applies to specific countries such as Canada but it is something to be aware of.

    Also, Korean Air was wonderful. They gave me a full refund, contacted the nearest passport office for me, printed off a map showing me where it was located and its office hours in addition to finding out that it was possible for me to get a same day renewal, which allowed me to fly a few days later in order to visit my family.

  18. Henry,

       I understand they have a new BI A/D Card as of March 1, 2014 this card Simplifies the Immigration processing. This is not the same as the ACR I-Card. I go to extend my Visa next week I hope to see this new card.

       I would also like to add my Throwaway ticket was from Manila to Koto cost $43.00, the date for departing was within the first 30 days, I wish now that I had the ticket for a much later date just did not think of it at the time. So I hope they do not ask for a ticket next week. I am told some times they ask some times they do not.

  19. From 1986 until now I travelled different times from Germany to the Philippines. Before when you got always a printed ticket the officer at the airport-immigration office asked me to show it. Since the technics changed into electronic ticketing system the officers doesn’t ask me for that ticket. I got always my 21-day-visa and so I could go.
    I remember that I had a ticket which showed that I would stay longer than 21 days in the Philippines. At that time the immigration officer said that I would get problems because of my 21-day-visa. I answered that I would apply for an extension within the 21 days and that was good for that officer.
    Now I would never look for such an “throw-away-ticket”.
    I also remember that another traveller who had an one-way-ticket to the Philippines said to the immigration office at Manila airport that he would use a ferry from Mindanao to Malaysia. Also that traveller got his Philippine visa!

  20. I did not have an issue with my one way ticket.  Perhaps because I am Canadian, perhaps because I was on a Direct 777 Flight (Non-Stop) from Toronto-Vancouver-Manila on Philippines Air (who have great and cheap service).  Took the same route heading home 3 months later.  I can certainly see them asking for an outbound ticket if you are on a string of flights that bounces all over world to get there.

  21. i just did it now ……the cheapest i found from Manila to Kota Kinabalu(malaysia).with Air Asia….1775 pesos(40 US $) with credit card fee and fuel surcharge included and NO addons…eheh….pretty cheap…. hope i have no trouble with that. ahahah. Thank you. i had seen this video a few months ago and i remembered it while booking……

  22. Thank you so much for CLEARING this up for us. I plan on traveling to Philippines with my Pinay wife for a 5 month stay and getting a Balikbayan visa once WE arrive together with our marriage license as proof of marriage.

     I was confused if  Korean Air would allow me to board the plane with a round trip ticket that does not depart Philippines until 5 months later! What a surprise it would be at boarding to be denied a boarding pass! Gonna buy a cheap Malaysian throw away ticket and avoid that hassle. Thanks Henry  Hope to meet you in Dumaguete!

    1. It is ‘possible’ they’d let you fly since technically you do have a rount trip ticket.  The problem arises if you get to the PH and the person there at immigration is under the impression your return flight needs to be within 29 days.  It sounds crazy, but I’ve had various offices of immigration give me different stories on policy, straight from an immigration officer or clerk!  So.. best/safest bet is to have the throwaway ticket with a departure within the first two weeks of arrival.  Then get your extensions once you are in the PH.

  23. Hello Henry.  

    In regards to the throw-away ticket, I noticed you did not mention requesting a cancellation from the respective airline (online/in-person).   Is that because of the logistical and technical hassles – hence, not worth the effort?

    1. @Marty Gray with the ticket i got, for about $35, it was non-refundable.  but if a person happens to get a ticket that can be refunded after entry into the PH, then sure.. why not and save some cash.  could be handled online usually.  🙂

  24. The last time I went the the Phils I did the 59 day deal. I had round trip tickets and my departure was on the 57 day. Before the 29 days ran out I went to Clark and got the 30 day extenstion. That was it done deal.

  25. Why can’t you just apply to emmigrate like most countries?!…
    Anyway, I’m in England and we don’t need the 30 day Visa to visit but i rang the Embassy in London and they say I have to apply for a Single entry Visa from them and then she told me I can just extend when I am there.
    So if I obtained this single entry Visa and booked a return ticket back to England after just 2 weeks (which I wouldn’t be getting on), would I have to still go through this hassle of a throw away ticket? It seems backwards to me!

  26. Ok so this makes sence to me i knew that you had to have some kind of way to show you are leaving but i was thinking i had to keep renewing that departure ticket this is a better plane i understand much more now thanks henry for making sence of that 🙂

  27. Now let me make sure because someone just told me that you need VISA for one way travel to Philippines. And you said in this video VISA. Does this video apply to those just with PASSPORT? I was saying it did, this person was telling me it does not you need VISA. I am sure (well almost now they sounded so convincing) that what they were saying is not true. Passport+one way ticket+ throw away ticket and you are in right?

    1. That’s what I thought. Thanks Henry. Watching your “Reconsider” Video. Living in Redlands Ca, for many years and HATING Cali traffic with everything that lives within me, I just learned how to be out of LA by 1-2, or else murder on 60 or suicide on the 10. HA!  Have to do the same there.

    2. @Israel & Julieta E. the confusion is over terminology.   if you are from the usa and most places in europe.. your standard travel Passport ‘is’ your Visa.  for other smaller countries, they need both a passport and a visa to enter the PH.  but if you are from usa, canada, europe.. not to worry, your Passport is all you need.  (see immigration site for a full list).   as to a ‘throwaway ticket’.. that is only if you will be entering and staying (with Tourist Visa extensions) for a long stay.  the throwaway ticket allows you entry since you need to show immigration you are able to leave the country within the first 30 days of your arrival.  (you simply renew before the 30 days are up.)

  28. I have concern sir, my boyfriend just arrive last night in manila, they ask for onward ticket and he dont have it. They advices him to go back to dubai which is the last country he stops in. My concern is can he still go back here in the philippines? Whats gonna happen then if he goes back there? Is he now blacklisted in philippines? Can someone answer this please..thanks

    1. @Joyhen Dawn Daypuyat no, he is likely NOT blacklisted.  he CAN return to the PH, but he needs a ticket that shows he is able to leave before his visa runs out (about 21 days of arrival).  once he is in the PH, he can get an extension at the immigration office.

  29. Thank you so much sir. He flew back to dubai last night because they ordered him to go back. So after he get in dubai sir, can he go back anytime in PH with the onward ticket already?

  30. Hello Henry. Do I need anything else besides a ticket to enter /departing the phil flight / hotel reserv/ bank statement/ shot record/ picture I’d/ ect can u bring me up to date on the requirement Thxs

    1. Michael White Sir you do not need to have bank statements or proof of shots just This onward ticket although if you intend to come back within 24 hrs they may ask for proof of income usually a Letter from a pension provider is ok which gives details of your pension, I Always keep mine together with my Immigration records

    2. Michael White if you have stayed in the Philippines for more than 6 months you need to get an exit clearance certificate from emigration A week or so before your flight out of the country , also you have to pay Airport tax

    3. @Michael White in addition, your passport of course. also, set up an account with western union online to your bank, just in case you need to wire yourself some money from your home account.

  31. i went in 2007,did not know about any of this.had a return ticket for 30 days out come to find out i only had a 21 day visa .maybe it a fluke but nobody say anything to me in the states or japan. got nailed on the way out of philippines, cost me 60 u.s.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thank you for answering my question. I just wouldn’t want to be asked by the airline to purchase a return ticket from Malaysia. Its the airline that enforces the rule to make more money.

    2. @Tony King the question you asked was, “so malasia has no return ticket rule?” i don’t know if malaysia requires an ongoing ticket or not. however, i do know that the PH does require an ongoing ticket to anywhere outside of the PH. you can get a ticket to anywhere, thailand, malaysia, singapore, japan, china.. and any destination outside of the PH will work as an ongoing ticket. but you asked if malaysia has a “no return ticket rule”.. that is a whole other issue based on malaysian immigration requirements. we are only addressing PH immigration requirements.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines then why are you telling ppl they can buy the throwaway to malaysia? if you don’t know if it will even work?

  32. Henry, the last time I flew to pi was in August ’06. I flew Philippine Air. It was a wonderful flight and the food was amazing. I would like to go back there ,  and see if it would be possible to live there possibly 6 or more months out of the year. I am currently 60 years young, can pick the language back up quickly and love to shop at the markets. I would have no problem in buying a motorcycle for transportation or getting another pi drivers license. I love the people, their customs and the weather. what are your picks for a stay of that time period ? keep me posted. salamat

  33. Henry, in this example, you say you’re leaving in January. You also said when you’re leaving the USA, the ticket agent says you’re returning in June. How do they know you’re returning in June? How does this get on your itinerary if you’re not purchasing a return ticket to the USA? Thanks.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I ve travelled to and lived in the Philippines(a total of one year) . what i did (because I didn’t know how long I was going to stay) was to purchase a one way flight and then the throwaway ticket with airasia you talk about (25-50 $) at 28 days from first entry. thats cool. i was asked 2 times out of 3 at departing airport to show it and it went well. but let’s say next time I go i know for sure I want to stay 2 months. will they pose any problem if my ticket says 2 months return with that airline and then I show this throwaway ticket at one month with another airline? It seems in the video it happened to you? or you were just giving an example you heard about? do you think I would have any issues? i know the issue is only with the airline because immigration in phils rarely asks for that. Compliments as usual for all your videos Henry!

    2. +Steve Borek if you’re entering with a one-way ticket, you purchase the “throwaway” ticket to show upon request to enter the country (PH). if a return ticket was purchased prior to leaving, both the departing and returning flights will be listed on the itinerary, even if it is 6 months away, it’s all one itinerary.

  34. Just wanted to mention I have never been asked to show any return tickets. I flew out of Manchester, UK and London countless times and no one ever asked for a proof of return ticket. Immigration check in Manila also never asked if I have a return ticket.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I agree with all you said. I always have a return ticket. Just an interesting fact that I have never been asked for one and I have made 7 trips in the last 2 years.

    2. +Donatas S i’ve been asked every time i left los angeles, once while on a layover in korea and at least twice upon entering the PH. the onward ticket isn’t for the times they don’t ask, but for the time they eventually DO. at that point, not having the onward ticket, a person is really screwed.

  35. hey brother :). i took your advice im going to the philippines for 4 months as my fiance is having our first child. im leaving on 24th of september and my return ticket is january 14th with emirates airlines. i just got a one way ticket from airasia for the 15th of october to hong kong .
    my question is:
    what do i say to immigration, do i say i intend to get a visa extention and the ticket is just a backup incase there is a problem or should i just say i intend to fly to hong kong on the 15th ? im guessing maybe the last option thx in adv brother.

    1. best thing is to hand them the passport and printed itinerary.. then wait for them to ask questions. don’t be a chatterbox, it can just make things weird. 🙂 if they ask you, tell them you plan to get an extension at immigration in 2 weeks. purpose of your visit? short vacation. no big deal. enjoy your trip.

  36. Thanks 4 the info..Is there any different requirements that you know of for a spouse of a philippine?? And kids as well??I know I can stay 1 year without leaveing..Thanks Tom

    1. as i understand it, Filipino citizens are exempt from the throwaway (onward flight) ticket requirement. so if your spouse or kids are Philippines citizens, they would be exempt.

  37. Henry ,I am planning to go to Cebu City in February and staying for 59 days. I will have a round trip ticket that show that i am coming back to the USA in 59 days. I want to know if I still would need the throw away ticket that show that i will leave the country withing 29 days from my date of arrival ?..

    1. yes, that’s what i’d do. better to err on the safe side and have the onward ticket within a 30 day departure date. it’s not worth gambling with to not have that. have a great trip! 🙂

  38. Hey Rickey thank you for the tip on using Asiaair. Three-way ticket i was a little bit hesitant to use the flyonword I spent about $34 going to someplace in the Malaysia.

  39. Say am planning to live in the Phil for 1 year. When you buy the extension (say 30 days more, total trip time 60 days) do you need to buy another throwaway ticked at that time before the 60 days ends. Does this throwaway ticked need to be bought with all extension?

  40. Quick question. I plan on booking my actual flights through Philippines airlines and a throwaway through AirAsia. Wouldn’t Philippines Airlines be able to see my return ticket of 59 days when I first depart for the Philippines and wouldn’t that raise some flags for them?

  41. You say that the initial, automatic visa is for 30 days. However, everywhere I look now (July 2018) the info I find says that the first visa is for only 21 days. Has the visa duration changed, or is it possible that the 30 days stated in the video is in error?

  42. Using this method, if I am planning to stay the 3 years, do I need a round trip ticket back to USA, or can I just get a one way ticket and then the throwaway ticket?

  43. Do I still need an onward ticket out of the PI if I am married to a Filapina and I am traveling with our 4 year old son …and if I do need to get a throw away to Mala. do I need to purchase 3 of them for me my wife and son

  44. I understand the ticket issue, but every video I’ve watched, including this one, speaks of a tourist visa…. i thought we didn’t need a visa at all to enter PH….. can someone help ?

    1. I understand it to be that you do not need a visa if your stay is less than 30 days. I’ve been to Philippines twice, both time i stayed 29 days.

  45. Ne ( GF ) says we are both crazy & she wants to know if all Americans talk to roosters. I was trying to explain to him that roosters are supposed to crow when the sun raises, not at noon or at 3AM in the morning. I do not think anybody has told these guys that before. He didn’t seem to be listening to me. Go figure?

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