The USA vs. The Philippines: Pandemic Response Part 1

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I talk a walk through Little Saigon and The International District/Chinatown here in Seattle and talk about some of the differences on how the USA has handled things versus how The Philippines has handled things during these crazy times.

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  1. The Philippines has gone waaay overboard with the restrictions but have low deaths (apparently) and The US has been to slow and had very high death rate… in fact you have the highest numbers in the world, so I guess you take your pick, for me something in between, fast response and low level of restrictions because of fast response.

  2. Yes I would love to see you do a couple of livestreams…..maybe one from the top of the space needle!…just an idea…but would also like more of the walkarounds as well. Stay safe!

  3. Glad you made it home safely. Miss your walk arounds in I. T. Park…and AYALA. I’ll be going there and Rustans grocery on payday Friday. Thx for the updates. U coming back????

  4. You flew back to the states, but why you flew in Doha and back to the states? and not directly via pacific ocean like cebu-los angeles and LA-seattle?

  5. The cars under the overpass very likely are owned by the folks living in those tents. Because it’s illegal to park under an overpass (think Oklahoma bombing). Also it would have been cool to see the artist creating graffiti you walked by.

  6. Before, My gf Liza use to work in a bakery in Poro n switch to another bakery in San Francisco at Park n Go.12 hr shift getting P 180 a day n even worked 24 hrs straight. 6am to 6am..then turn up for work that evening

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