Three Amigas ,Baby Mae and Her Filipina Sister and Friends Chat it up in Valencia Philippines

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Three Amigos ,Baby Mae and Her Filipina Sister and Fiends Chat it up in Valencia [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Quick last minute interview with 3 Filipina’s here at the apartment in Valencia, Baby Mae, Riza, and Regine


  1. Hi Paul, I think you have lots of good information.. Just a friendly advice ( I know you don’t give advice 🙂 as long time follower of your channel – these beautiful ladies don’t need to be showing so much skin – kind of make the contents and your channel cheap.. They will look more beautiful and attractive in normal dresses. Just a positive advice.

  2. Hey Paul my friend, I see that you have the three amigas there. The beautiful baby Mae, the beautiful riza, and the beautiful Regine. They look so energetic and ready to do some more dancing on tik tok.😊 I really can’t wait to get back to the Philippines, so that I can buy you and baby Mae dinner. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy my friend, and God bless you, baby Mae, riza, and Regine always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  3. A nice trio of troublemakers having fun … LOL Wish them best of luck to all three and to you as well Paul.
    Wishing you & Baby Mae a Happy and Healthy Easter weekend.

  4. “Three Amigos ,Baby Mae and Her Filipina Sister and Fiends Chat it up in Valencia Philippines.” Hi, Paul. I take it that you are the fiend.

  5. 542 views , no comments?. I had to fully hydrate before I made this comment so I am well aware of the risk involved surrounding comments and likes.
    Three lovely ladies with moral turpitude , I like it! see ya when I see ya ….

  6. Sometimes you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. Filipina’s when they feel comfortable are not very shy.

  7. Hi Paul, I think Riza is such a beautiful young woman. But more importantly really seems to have a good heart always happy although life has really been hard on her. She does a lot with a little it doesn’t appear to let it get her down. I’m sure this stems a lot from her upbringing this delightful spirit toward life I see that and baby may also. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t scooped up Riza, I would if I was there but I’m stuck here in Texas because of the travel restrictions, tell her I said hi and that she has a beautiful family. Good luck to you all stay healthy.

  8. Got 2nd shot today New passport came Monday bags are packed and sitting by the door. If riza is still single when travel opens she won’t be for very long.

  9. Regine is very beautiful, hope I spelled her name right. Hope she changes her mind on You tube channel. Riza is a cutie too and its awesome she has such great support for her video’s. I like these video’s since it give me a good idea on things for when I visit some day.

  10. Oh no, tell me it is not true what the troll in one of your past live chats said. Is that why Mae is wearing the sunglasses. Not it’s just Mae is now gaining the stardom itch. Anyways has anyone ever gone out and calculated the number of members total with all the Phils YouTubers? There has to be a point of the peak where saturation eventually kicks in as there is only so much time people can watch videos. My guess at some point once this pandemic is done viewership may drop by 60 to 80% for the first six months and then come back a bit to where maybe 45% of what there is now to be the norm. This is sure to wipe out a lot of income for Phils Youtubers in the future of late 2021. Any idea’s how many plan to do to jump ahead of the market curve coming? Diversity plans etc…

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