1. You said food for you is 1000-1200$. Is that just you or for your whole family? I’m just assuming family because you said you have a 3br appt.

  2. Yes, I got the part of cost living is very affordable but how easy for you to get a job there besides teaching English? Let’s say average $ 2,000 per month. What qualifications one must has ?

  3. nice video and interesting to hear your point of view.
    me too, I have been here a bit over 2 years. What I like most about living here is, as you said the low cost. Also, that you could have a very diverse lifestyle. Meaning, you could mix being local & fancy – you can have street food and then go to a sky bar. Or buy food in the market but live in a luxury apartment. I hope you get what I mean 😃

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