Time To Start Thinking About Leaving. What Is This All About???

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  1. Uhh, I think I understand a little bit more now. Do all of Thailand celebrate all National and Religious holidays regardless of Country of origin? So, for instance, if there was a country that celebrated Satan on the hottest bloody day of the year, would the Thai’s be like…Happy Birthday to that too?

  2. Maybe it’s just me but… Screw (with a great big F) Chinese New Year! After what China did to the world with their “Wu-Flu” pandemic. That would be the last thing I would ever want to celebrate. I’m surprised the Thai’s are cool with it? considering how the pandemic has ruined their lives as well. Plus they have a total of 3 new year celebrations a year… I doubt skipping one would be a big deal.

  3. Hi Chuck your videos are good and been watching your channel a long time now , I like that you socialise with the locals and eat the local food and immersing yourself with the language too. I follow a couple of channels but yours is the one of the best . You moved there with an open mind and happy to see it seems to have worked out well for you and paige . I think you due some credit , you could have gone there and moaned about everything and harped on about how you do things in US like too many westerners do about their home country but I never see you put the locals or country down , we know its not perfect there but you got a great attitude and I think your one of the few westerners where the locals really like you rather than putting up with you like so many. Iam based in Udon Thani but stuck in UK at present due to the covid. Keep making them videos

  4. What a busy day. You really got my opinion mill working, burning ghost money, paying visits, straightening business,
    all to be in step for the New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR CHUCK AND PAIGE! (got food?)

  5. Chinese New Year eh , i wonder what catastrophes they’ve got planned for this year . TDLB
    If it’s the year of the Ox what was it last year ? year of the … , answers on a postcard please .

  6. I’ve only celebrated one Songkran in Thailand but I’ve been there for 3 Chinese New Year celebrations (I’m usually there January-March), it was a blast in Phuket Town and Chiang Mai but very crowded. Always some reason to celebrate and share food and drinks, thanks for sharing it with us, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  7. Glad you are foretting stuff. Enjoy the relaxation. I took on too much work and it will take me 2-months to get to the point you are at now. Just chomping at the bit to go there and visit my favorite place, Asia Hotel, Pattaya. Its right on the ocean with its own small beach and huge pool. I am a swimmer and love their morning coffee. Great restaurant across the street too. Enjoy your Vlogs.

  8. With all the delicious food, just hope every day is chinese new year. So nice to see your thai family still keep chinese cultural and celebrate chinese new year. It is good family values. So good. Chees ! 🍻

  9. I like how you take the time to stop to smell and admire the flowers. I’m going to make an effort to do that more often. I need to slow down a bit

  10. That’s exactly how I feel every time visit my Thai wife and stay there for a month. Feeling useless and stupid, not able to do anything by myself.. it gets frustrating sometimes. My opinion doesn’t matter. Every time I give my opinion on anything, she tells me “you’re not Thai. You don’t understand.” So, I stop thinking, just pretend like a zombie for a month lol

  11. I wish THAI Government will formulate their own policy — instead of listening to WHO , CDC , Big PHARMA .
    INSURE everybody , Thai , Visitors , Long Term Expats , Foreign Workers , Business Travellers ….
    OPEN UP the BORDERS — now and include a percentage of ” RISK ” ….
    October 2021 … 85% of small businesses in Pattaya will deader than dead …. finished , people unemployed ,
    no job = no money = no accommodation = no future …. but the RICH always survive ……

  12. Happy Chinese New Year to Chuck, Paige , Soi Mafia and the whole family.May this year filled with happiness, prosperity, and many happy moments with loved ones.

  13. hi Chuck when I need a new passport I have to personally show up at the bank at the Danish embassy and give fingerprints and the eye scan before I can order my passport after that I have to wait about 2 weeks and they send it to me from the bank but when it come I have to sign on delivery and that with imigratison petals I also not to swipe passport

  14. Curtis in Las Vegas. I’m NOT a know it all, but I feel very confident that 90% of the world will be open by August. Cratering 3rd world economies, dramatically increased vaccines and dropping death rate.
    Hang in there people, we’re almost there!

  15. Online 90 day won’t work until do a re-entry on new passport.
    It may be worth doing a quick out/in to Lao.
    Get a yellow book, then that is ID for bank/license, no need to update each time passport changes

  16. Hi Paigh and Chuck. Great video. HAPPY NEW CHINESE YEAR. May fortune, good health and many blessings come your way. Stay safe. Alex and Richard from Tasmania Australia

  17. Kung Hei Fat Choy! That’s what Chinese New Year is all about: great family and friends, onolicious food, laughing and joking, drinking and laughing, drinking and talking and eating! Good year to come!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🤙

  18. Tha people on the street with tha loud music…ohh Klaus, can u come over with your little friend, KABOOM. Yup, we just kidding Chuck, when y’all going to the ocean again? Kole/Canada hugs

  19. Chuck I’m sure that you have worked out by now that the internet is full of poor souls that cannot follow simple instructions, who then blame all and sundry for their own errors. I guess that coming from the US you attract far more of them than is fair 🙂 On another tack, 5 hours south of you the media here are talking about the ‘lunar new year’, Chinese doesn’t get a mention.

  20. Tell Paige (or dont…) having her hair down long looks FAB on her! She always keeps it up…. but I’ll shut up, as she can do what’s comfortable!

  21. That was so funny🎵 💣🎵 Happy Chinese New Year ❤️ and Happy Valentines Day ❤️ to all, wherever you are in our beautiful world 🌏Makes me so happy watching Chuck, Paige, family & friends when they all get together🙏 😀🍻🍜🍗🍚🍍🍤😀🍻🙏

  22. God I dread having to renew my passport because I am sure my passport number is used as my ID for EVERYTHING! Even Tesco-Lotus & Makro have my passport id.

  23. Hi Chuck N Paige and Mafias Happy Chinese New Year. Enjoyed the video I really enjoy seeing everyone get together just having fun and good food. I noticed you were praying to Buddha so I assume you are a Buddist? Could you do a video on it, your conversion? Take care GOD Bless you and yours. M

  24. Happy New year and Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I like watching your videos especially when your group are complete. Love you all from Philippines ❤️

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