To be a Vlogger in the Philippines or not?

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  1. Being a blogger is not Easy… especially when you are not really famous…..then if you really love blogging why not???… SOMEDAY people will recognize your videos as long as you are real to your selfs just continue blogging to inspired other’s especially some foreigners who love to stay here in Philippines…..

  2. Your right. People with 25k subs and 2-3 thousand views per video only make $100-$150 a month doing 5 videos a week. People do LS to get superchat $ and that makes more money than the videos

  3. Sharing beautiful videos are sharing your experience to everyone. That you’re very satisfied and comfortable with your simple life in the Philippines. When you see that kind of beautiful view you’ll automatically take videos and posting it online. And you will become a vlogger. Until u can’t stop talking photos and videos and become addicted hahaha… but then you’ll surprise that many people like it. So that’s why you won’t stop talking video and share you life journey to everyone. Goodluck and enjoy vloging.

  4. Video suggestions: Film a surf lesson series by one of the beachboys there. Could you point out what break you are at in the film and in the description at the beginning so I dont miss it (miss a few seconds then I lost the location); and if its reef or sand break; and beginner, intermediate, or advance; short or long board waves; anything that would help identifying the break. More zoomed in action would be nice. And drone footage of the surfers in action along with commentary of where you are at while in the air. Do some kind of living there segment covering food, shelter, medical svcs, and transportation. Can hardly wait to see the place. Thanks…

  5. I’ve often thought the very same thing you’re discussing there. Some people do very good with vlogging and others never reach 1,000 subs. and never will get monetized. It’s kind of like how many young kids get into sports, vs how many ever make pro.
    Some of the more popular vloggers I’ve watched regularly, as you say have very eye catching thumbnails and a lot have captions that are 100% click bait. Those are the pros who may get a million subs or more and make some real money, … many of them professional travel vloggers most of us have watched.
    Case in point is that almost all of my videos have anywhere between 10 and 40 views, … but one with a thumbnail of my wife sitting side saddle on my ’88 Suzuki Katana in her helmet has 1.5k views. It’s average in quality for one of my videos, but the thumbnail in my opinion got me the views. Maybe I need better thumbnails and some real good click bait. 😉
    For most of us, if we do make any cash when you figure out the dollars (or pennies) per hour spent to make it, … is it really worth it?

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