Too many pebbles in my shoe! @Bud Brown. – Retired in the Philippines.

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Daily irritations can be like getting a pebble in your shoe. See what I mean.
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I am a retired sixth grade teacher from California who is presently living in the Philippines with my wife and two dogs. These videos aim to be entertaining, inspiring and motivating for people who are tired of the rat race and want to live a simple, yet rewarding life. My passions are studying and learning languages and helping people in any way I can.
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  1. STOP WHINING! You live in Paradise,,,, you do whatever you want. The things you mentioned are SOOO insignificant, even one on top of the other.

  2. Mr bud maybe the guard follow the protocol as i know the guard not allow to recieved anything from strangers and maybe the owner warning him dont accept anything from the client its just my opinyon

  3. The trick about being an expat in the Philippines with the “pebble in the shoe” is all ways wear tsinelas, literally and metaphorically

  4. Bud, you shook them out and carried in the good life.
    Now, to the really important stuff! You tooted your horn to the Bicycle Lady and her hubbie waved back. This is progress. 👍

  5. Bud, I don’t know the reason for the guard not accepting your bag but in our culture it is rude to turn your back and walk away in the middle of a friendly conversation. If it would have been offered to me I would have also declined because I would have had no need for it and it did look too much like a ladies purse, but would have thanked you for the offer. I think maybe he thought you were making fun of him to offer a ladies purse and that pissed him off and that’s why he walked away, he felt you were making fun of him and calling him a sissy.

  6. Keeping a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.. it seems you can get through any Dumaguete situation Bud.
    Curtis in Las Vegas, LONG time viewer.

  7. Bud..’s not a great feeling to get a hand- me down. .in this situation u were unintentionally putting the person in an inferior / weak position . ..not a good feeling

  8. Mr Brown u have to understand that most Filipinos speak limited English that’s the reason they don’t wanna hang around with u that much

  9. Maybe the guard was concerned about covid or maybe he doesn’t use bags. Now as far as customer service or the lack of it. Most of the blame falls back on the work situation. The fact that most jobs are done under a contract for so many months. With that being said the training an employee receives is minimal. It seems that most of the young people that work at restaurants and such places get paid a minimal amount so don’t seem very eager to do a first rate job but only enough to get buy. Sorry for my rant but this is the “rock” in my shoe. I’ve always told my wife that when we go home there for good and when we have to hire people. They will keep there job because of there work ethic and we will not use contracts. If I have to personally train each one our service will be at western standards. I had better stop before your eyes get tired from reading to much lol. Thanks for listening. It’s very easy to let the pebbles build but a long walk off a short peir will cool you off quickly lol. God bless and stay safe.

  10. I’d offer the bag to one of the waitresses @ Sideways that takes such good care of you. Great video .. I appreciate your down to earth honesty and openness. Your interview with Paul last week was very entertaining .. hope you two make that a regular routine periodically. Jeff / Mobile, AL

  11. Hey Bud, I’m 52 and have to work and my mate is 65 and has retired on a military pension and squirred away a nice little packet. He finds it hard because his mates are working and he is bored. We are all in different mind sets and position in life, maybe the people your around are focused on making end meet and don’t have time to chew the fat? I like your vids!

  12. Things that grate us are always around. We all wished they were different as well. Yet we find ways to accept them.

    Another thing I have noticed in my experience is that the pepples that existed where we used to live have been forgotten and our memories have grown fonder.

    There are rocks everywhere and we have to wear shoes or we cut our feet.

    It is also easier to give advice than it is to live that advice out.

    Take care.

  13. Bud, just wanted to tell you that you made my day a good one! Never any pebbles from you, just Clean shoes! Keep up the great work… John from Tenino WA

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