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  1. Thanks for this Rod, was that you getting into the taxi, i saw a small girl making a begging hit on you, how do you deal with that, i used to just ignore them, its illegal anyway but the Police seldom enforce it? I reckon you would have a baritone singing voice something like the great Ray Price, what do you think Rod, LOL

  2. Great Video as always. I usually have my GF who I have been here with for 2 yrs. help me to avoid the white tax. I am staying put here because she is the only reason, I came here in the first place. I don’t see international travel opening up anywhere soon. Local travel isn’t what U would call easy right now. It really doesn’t mean all that much what CQ you are in, the local rules are different. They are almost unrestricted in Dumaguete yet here in Davao City we are under the same MQCQ & it is more restrictive. I hear that Cebu is even worse.

  3. i am thankful for all of your walking and bus taxi trike tours someday when things get a little better i have to go to cebu for paper work from bohol and i have a good feel for the city the views from your condo are also helpful thank you for the news sir

  4. I cant wait to meet my future wife and her amazing family. I know we have to be patient…I also know I wont risk travel until there ate clear guidelines saying I can travel to the Philippines as a tourist from the United states.

  5. Good to see your video again wish I could go back but I really don’t know what to think anymore,at least I’m working a lot and staying debt free except for mortgage utilities n such.Stay safe n healthy Rod 👍

  6. Good information and tour of the street! Manila has been draconian in removing anything that obstruct the sidewalk for public access. They have reduced traffic and increased public safety. Cebu must do the same. I noticed in your video that the sidewalks are blocked because stores illegally overextend their property onto public land which forces the people to walk areas meant for vehicles which causes more traffic and accidents

  7. You’re so right about companies in the don’t respond to emails. I have experienced that myself. This also includes the Philippine consulate in San Francisco.

  8. Hi Rod
    For what it’s worth…
    I been in Cebu since last September and like you, made the choice to stay.
    As far as traveling is concerned, I have been fortunate to get a vehicle Pass plus all the other requirements together, (with very little effort I might add) and since then I been pretty much free to go anywhere on the Island at anytime as off about the beginning of September.
    As far as going to other Islands, yes you’re correct, that’s a bit more tricky but even as a foreigner with the right paperwork, it might well be possible as long as you have the prearranged accommodation booked via the official channels as far as I know.
    Ohh and Yes 😂 there where times I get pulled over on some provincial checkpoints and scrutinized by some over eager PNP official who missed the memo on the then “new” EO and the corresponding travel requirements 🤫 but showing them the EO and being friendly at all times, all in all, it wasn’t a problem at all.
    These days however there are very very few Checkpoints, especially outside Cebu City and luckily things are improving very quickly the look of things.
    Stay safe and keep up the good work 👍

  9. Glad to see you are walking out and about, Rod. Like everyone else I can’t wait to get out of this messy place back to the Philippines. Not sure why, but I find I have much less patience here in the US than I had in the Philippines.

  10. I’m an Australian… been stranded in Cebu City ( with my Filipino gf & our baby )

    I will hopefully finally be in Manila in December

    I’ve walked a many a time a that street … before the coronavirus lockdown restrictions hit

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