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  2. I think these so called covid hotels are dangerous cause many positive cases stay in them obviously so if ur false positive? Then u certain to catch it anyway or from the dirty aircon??

  3. Hi, welcome to America….Did u bring your girl friend with u ? if you are a businessman your allowed to go to Philippines between the may firth to may 15 …..

    Dan from Canada

  4. Hi, welcome to America….Did u bring your girl friend with u ? if you are a businessman your allowed to go to Philippines between the may firth to may 15 …..

    Dan from Canada

  5. This American friend of mine whos lived in the Philippines on and off since the 90s his a computer programmer telling me and others that this VIRUS doesn’t even exist. Its a lie his saying .!! Well I don’t even get into a discussion with him about it cause NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOLS !!

  6. Can’t wait for the sequel to Escape from the Philippines, Reekay Pliskin. Did you get tested again here to confirm if you actually had Covid? It’s free. So is the vax, which you should get regardless, for your mom’s sake. You could have been asymptomatic, which means no symptoms, like a fever. All vaccines work the same way, even COVID. Also, the vaccine generates 10x more antibodies than a natural infection. And, the vaccine reduces the susceptibility and transmissiblity if you encounter the virus again. Also, there are two different kinds of COVID tests. They may have given you the wrong one and/or administered it incompetently. The possibility of false positive is not the same as proof of unreliability. It sounds like you are rationalizing. On the one hand you say you did not have C19. Then, you say you don’t need the vax because you had it. Both cannot be simultaneously true.

  7. If you think you didn’t have it go get a blood test to see if you have some dead virus in your system. That would be the definitive yea or nay…

  8. Reekay, how can i send you a private message? I live in Escondido but also have two condos in Cebu that I haven’t been able to go to because of Covid.

  9. Well as far as I know is that covid-19 much more aggressive than the flu and it attack the lungs and in some people messes up all sorts of other things. So, it’s best to avoid this sickness.

  10. I think your deduction is correct trying to fly back to Toronto from Cebu soon but More Covid19 lockdown in Canada again. So I try to wait till August. 2021 and see what’s going on.

  11. If you already had CV, you don’t need the vaccine. I just got over CV and I’m sure as heck not going to take a needless vaccine which might have serious side effects. If the government tries to impose a vaccine requirement as a conditioner for travel, it will definitely be challenged as unconstitutional because the SCOTUS has long recognized our right to travel.

  12. I too question whether you contracted covid or not; however, since you are now in the US, you could easily take a rapid antibody test to determine that by giving a blood sample, to for instance, a Minute Clinic (CVS) near you. They can give you the result almost immediately.

  13. ๐Ÿค—Hello Reekay, so glad you are looking good and feeling much better. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐ŸปI had calamansi juice daily which helped my coughing infection years back. Take care and enjoy your times with your family. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  14. I wonder if you would share with us (or create a video for your “members only”) how much you are sending – or how much is reasonable to send – to a Filipina now that you are in a Long Distance Relationship?

  15. Maybe you should consider getting a test to see if you had Covid. The antibody test. If you had it, youโ€™re immune for somewhere between three and nine months depending on who you believe. A dry cough is often a sign of Covid in people who are otherwise asymptomatic. Thatโ€™s my understanding of it.

  16. It’s great to really love and be devoted to one woman only. I am where you are, using the “m word”, and have lost interest in meeting anyone else.

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