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  1. Rod in Australia there letting people in the all cities but need to do Quarantine for 14 days and its like in Jain now as there were so slack with security there now police and army people are the security as one security guard was banging one of the persons there i mean having sex and they the man was delivering Pizza’s and making them was spread alot hear in Adelaide and we had lockdown for 14 days again now its all relaxed very fussy when visit my mum lots of temperature checks and filling out forms and wear a mask required i have applied for new passport as it runs out in March so i getting a new one as you know you have to have 6 months on your passport there so when the injections are issued hear we can book out flight to Cebu hopefully in May next year !!!Also you have to have had the Flu Vaccine earlier this year other wise they don’t let you in !!!!

  2. Hello Rod, Cathay Pacific had messaged me saying that all reservations from today up to February will be covered by them Covid health insurance everything actually that involves expenses due to Covid will be included. I am using a US passport along with my dual Filipino citizenship certification. In Southern California areas, some city hospitals had ran out of beds for patients. It’s getting really scary. and they are saying it is not over yet.

  3. Everything is still very up in the air with international travel for sure Rod. Many people growing increasingly frustrated. UK and USA are the first to try the Vaccines, so I guess most of us would be at least 3 or more months behind to see if any short term effects at least. Many changes ahead Rod and yes, in the meantime more and more people struggle.. Good work my friend! 🙂👍

  4. The Philippines remains the worst-affected country in Asia. Problem now is that it’s now Christmas and things always get crazy in the Philippines then. Zero social distancing and numerous parties an get-togethers going on. A spike in infections will certainly follow.

  5. Flying anywhere will be very far on my list right now. I have asthma and I don’t think I can wear a mask for longer than 30 minutes. I can’t breathe just thinking about it, lol.

  6. This covid thing here to stay and it was a plan attack. Thought we don’t give into terrorist demand. We need to get back to normal. As bad as i want to return to the Phil’s i will wait a few more months just in case. Imagine the first couple of planes arriving in Manila or cebu fill wit stress out Americans . SAD

  7. Thanks Rod for the updates! My asawa is advocating to return to Philippines in December, but I think January is more likely. From what I’ve been told by Ormoc city govt. is that once released in Manila, we would have to quarantine in the ‘facility’ there in Ormoc (or accepted hotel) for two weeks, then another week quarantine at our house. Draconian, no? I also think I should get a visa beforehand from the consulate in Honolulu instead of just going balikbayan.
    That’s another battle!

  8. Thanks for the update. But none of this is good news. I have to go on my 3 year visa run in February 2021. I have a 16 year old daughter, so I can get back in. But, for crying out loud, I fear a nightmare forthcoming. I just hope they loosen up buy then.

  9. 2nd half of 2021 for regular tourists, that means July sometime..that is the word. Perhaps the Philippine government can get their act together by then, we’ll see.

  10. Great info as always Rod. I see my favorite airline, Korean Air doesn’t even offer flights to the Philippines. Looks like planning travel these days is like trying to hit a moving target in total darkness. Don’t even talk about pricing. On top of that too many things going on behind the curtain. Here in America they’re already talking mandatory vaccinations if you want to keep your job and even then they still will require you to wear a mask and social distance. Doesn’t appear to be about the virus at all.


  12. Purchased my ticket on China Easter in November 2019 for travel February 10 2020. Travel has been cancelled and rescheduled now 5 times, next date is March 28 2021

  13. I’ll just wait until this nonsense ends. Not going to go through so many loops. I’d rather save more money and send my filipina remittance then go once things with this scamdemic ends.
    Anyway, thanks for the continue updates Rod.

  14. Yes Rod up to 40 cycles i think it’s called….if one cell is infected they call you sick…doctors say not even a fly couldn’t get sick…crazy world…I’m glad I’m here permanently…no reason for me to travel anywhere outside of the Philippines

  15. Good evening Rod, we had tickets for this past March, it took us 2 months and many hours on the phone to get most of our money back. The travel insurance we had was worthless. We were hoping that we could get there early 2021 but it appears that is a no go. I’m in no rush to take the vaccine either which might slow my ability to travel; I’ll wait for some real life statistics and an honest source to report it. I know I might wait a long time for the latter.

  16. the palace and bi tell me to apply for a visa using documents that have been apostolized and notarized iaw hague convention. the visa section of the embassy in washington dc disapprove application, claim they have ultimate control over who they allow in their country. all requirements have been met to no avail.
    all documents have been previously submitted to registrar in philippines, just waiting on them to process same documents.
    needless to say i have learned is that filipinos won’t do what they don’t have to do and do not care about demoralizing their civilian population.

  17. Hello yeah am booking the STV visa now from the UK to Thailand this is now opened up to all Countries and gives you the 90 day option to renew twice in total 270 days long stay, cant wait for the Philippines to open that could be well into next year, will have to quarantine 15 nights in ASQ hotel and you also need to book accommodation after this as well. medical insurance is also required as well as Certificate of entry so plenty paperwork to do but will be worth i think.

  18. On the medical Insurance i used AXA but Luma also do the medical cover required for Covid it ranges between 7/8k Bhat for 90 day cover you will also need a fit to fly certificate as well, this is separate and must be signed by a GP cost here about £30 for that, so after reckoning up the flights visa ASQ hotel agents that can help you and booking of accommodation after Quarantine for 15 nights you will not have much change out of 2.5 thousand pounds so the budget holidays are over and i would imagine will not come back until 2022.

  19. Thanks as always for the latest updates Rod. I’m not going to book anything yet, despite the regular flight offers that I keep getting. My annual travel insurance has nearly expired also , but no point in renewing until things are more settled and flight booked. Ten months of it has been wasted this year. Uk going into more restrictions as cases rise, but unless the vaccines prove successful with no serious side effects, many people won’t take it . I had my flu jab this week, my first for about five years, after the last one made me ill for a week or two. I’ll hold on for the virus jab for now, but I think it will be more or less compulsory if I want to fly anywhere. Take care and best wishes Rod.

  20. I enjoy your content but for some reason your narration on this installment was poor. Your voice dropped to barely audible several times. Please work to keep a more consistent volume.

  21. Like I said before, we are going to wait until Sept./ Oct. before we travel back to the Philippines. I’m afraid you might be right about the vaccine passport, (travel papers, which we’ll all need to travel anywhere inside or outside any country). I observed that the rules in the Philippines don’t jive from one area to the next, even from one checkpoint to the next. Oh well, hope things get back to some sort of normalcy soon.

  22. Great show Rod. I will be headed to PI in April but have to go in with my wife so I can get a Balikbayan visa. I have no problem taking the vaccine when it comes available.

  23. Thank you for another informative video, Rod
    Great info as always Rod,,,,
    Take care and always,,,,,keep safe.
    i hope to see you in Cebu,, or hope to meet you.

  24. Well Rod, I finally got my Letter of reconsideration back from BI thru JR’s agency.. They gave me 30 days to leave the country.. That is ok, I can meet those terms.. After 5 months of processing the letter, they are charging 10k pesos for an express fee, Hehehe.. The other curve ball they are throwing me is, they direct you to fly out of NAIA airport Manila?? I don’t want to go thru Manila, I have pinned down a flight that leaves Jan 16th from Mactan to Narita(Tokyo) connecting to DFW then on to Corpus Christi, TX.. Total price $635, and total flight length is 24hrs, including layovers… Now why do they insist on flying out of Manila?? The only thing I can think of is PAL is their airline for overseas flights, and they want to direct the income to them.. The flights connecting in Manila are at least $200 more, and flight time is a minimum of 37hrs.. What is the difference between flying out of Mactan or Manila?? They both have immigration at them, and Customs.. It is just another of the many reasons I don’t think I will be coming back to live, maybe to visit, but I have had enough of their craziness here when it comes to dealing with foreigners.. I love the citizens, but the Government, and their officials can have it… Take care, and thanks for the update..

  25. Just arrived on the 14th Dec from Ireland 🇮🇪 with no visa. Traveled under the BALIKBAYAN rule. No issues landed in Manila. Did pcr test with redcoss. Stayed in approved hotel got result next day. Now flying to province on the 18th. Going through airport was very slow getting all the forms handed in took 2hours after landing. Apart from the all good.

  26. We had everything set to fly into Manila last May. Now we are just on hold until until maybe March or April 21. We will rebook in the near future. Fortunately we had insurance.

  27. Thank you for the useful information. I travel to México on a monthly basis. I live 12 traffic lights from the International Bridge. I don’t go for pleasure. Buy medicine 💊 , get a haircut and eat breakfast.

  28. All that is changing. Currently the airline industry is working together on the COVID-19 passport program. Israel already has it in place. The UK will be starting theirs very soon. I predicted something like this. Everywhere will require proof of vaccine or you cannot travel. According to “ grandpa clogger” the Philippines is agreeing to the program. It’s not clear yet if you will have a separate vaccine card or your passport will have it included. Israel is using separate ID card. I think hotels and large gathering places will also require it. Worth keeping an eye on. Hope it becomes universal and not the mess of rules like in the Philippines. Crazy world now.

  29. Great video mr rod I think people shouldnt travel write now I’m going to weigh to everything clears up really good first merry Christmas take care my friend

  30. How do you ban a LSI? I was stranded in Bayawan for six months. Where would they have sent me? As usual you are a font of info, Rod. Please keep it up.

  31. Again, there is NO VIRUS. People need to stop trying to travel being sheep and actually say NO and grow a pair, especially Filipinos. Stop bending over.

  32. I been here in Cancun Mexico since September 1st and love it, the only little issues are language but I am learning Spanish (Rocket Language App), and girls, fat and happy, lol. Everything open here, restaurants bars buses and beaches are open and full. I don’t stay in expensive hotel zone, I stay in an RbNb downtown area, very low rent and includes everything plus maid service once a week and free drinking water delivered by host as needed. My total cost of living is around $800/month included everything and once a week going to restaurants and going to public beaches once a week. I got 6 month visa on arrival with no cost, and in February 1st I go to Medellin Colombia for couple months and then to SE Asia like Thailand or Vietnam, and I gave up on Philippines for now, the Phil government managed the virus poorly and also didn’t help their own people by closing the businesses for 9 months as up now. I suggest come to Mexico colombia Panama or costa Rica, no quarantine no Tr-Pcr test. Wish everyone happy holidays!!!

  33. Hi Rod. I’m still waiting on my return flight refund for flight MNL to SEA from March. Asiana booked through Vayama. Both give me the run around. Going to Mazatlan this Friday for 3 weeks for a change of scenery. Best wishes, thanks for your videos.

  34. In the UK if it was not for the news , you would not know about covid , my neighbour had Covid ( a cough for a week ) back to work on Monday…
    I think I would not book a flight until March. To anywhere

  35. @AmazingPhilippines I love your channel. Thanks for all the updates. I really don’t want that vaccine. Just a gut feeling I have. Do you plan on taking it?

  36. What the people need to see is the true survival rate from this virus… I won’t state it here I will just let people do their own research….you all might just be amazed at what the answer is. Cheers,Rob.

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