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  1. Very strict conditions Rod, compared to here where we have no restrictions at all. This week coming, all front line officials (medical staff, Airport Staff etc) will be the first to be offered the vaccine which has just arrived in the country. Those that don’t wish to receive the vaccine will apparently not lose their jobs, but will apparently be moved away from public contact. As for us, we will observe and take note of the following results. Thought things might ease somewhat on Cebu this year allowing us to visit for a month, we won’t be holding our breath, doesn’t look favourable? Cheers Rod.

  2. As to going to Mactan Island (Lapu Lapu City) from Cebu City, there should be no problem at all. I drove there almost once a week by the 1st and 2nd bridge for various reasons . Never had any problems at all. Cops were only directing heavy flow of traffic. The safe thing to do is to bring your quarantine pass and print out booking document.

  3. At least Thailand is very proactive in trying to get tourists to visit, if you’re willing to meet requirements and do 14 day quarantine, you can still get a 60 day tourist visa and you’re allowed a 30 day extension if you choose.

  4. For gods sake stop pushing that drug please. You have a good reputation to being honest Rod but you have no experience in that field just like me. To be honest if it was that good we would of had it months ago. Im not a farm animal Rod and to be totally blunt and honest its falling on deaf ears.

  5. Are you ok you don’t sound good lol maybe I’ve had to many cans of bourbon & coke hahaha . You mentioned Cagayan de oro have you heard they have a swine flu outbreak all pigs are to be killed mass graves for all pigs being dug no pork to be sold ?

  6. Cebu has now stopped the quarantine for APOR, approved person outside residence, this week. Only need medical, and the relevant permits / documents. If in Davao and wishing to travel within Philippines you can now get your police permit by sending them your documents via Messenger and 10 minutes later they send you the pdf of the permit, so easy. Certainly getting easier to travel within the Philippines. From Cebu to Davao at Christmas getting barangay, medical, mayoral and police permits took me less than 2 hours, same for the return from Davao in January. I went to airport today from Cebu City to drop someone off and didn’t need a permit.

  7. Thanks for the video. I just visited turkey, and it’s another country that you can easily visit in these times. I wish the government of PH would implement a more common sense way to obtain permanent residency status. In Turkey you just have to show a year-long lease contract. Portugal has a sensible one as well. How I wish the government would get its act together and do some policy transfers.

  8. Not much change, still a lot of thing required, no privacy first of all😌even if you’re planning just to go on your next door town, needed to get certain documents🥺I don’t know, Rod😌take care👍

  9. Sir I have a boyfriend from new York in he want to coming here on march 29 2021 in he don’t have a visa,
    in he spend here for 3 weeks he still need a visa or not?
    In what we need to do?

  10. Amazing Philippines hi. How are you? Let me know please when Mactan Cebu will be open again for operations and accepting international flight, I’m here in Florida. Thanks. And I’d like to meet the girl who works at Aruga Resorts & Residence Mactan. Do you know her name? Thanks.

  11. Hello Rod, I like the videos with the updates, I am keeping track as best as I can in what’s going on there. Like I have said before, come October 2021 we are coming to Cebu, come hell or high water, if we have to get the covid passport, so be it, we will be there, so see you in October. What’s a Letter Of Acceptance?

  12. In my humble opinion the stars are not in alignment for travel, relaxation or tourism.Rod. I get nose bleed just LOOKING at the cost to fly and even then no guarantee you’ll even get to your destination in a timely manner nor return.I’m amazed at the global coordination in all these questionable health issues and it hasn’t even come to a head YET! It was duck & cover in our day wasn’t it Rod? Poor kids today. Thumbs up! Take care.

  13. 2 vibes being promo for the next “several” years “fear” and “confusion”…..just hunker down ..stay put…..focus on your home and family…..and be grateful…..

  14. Thank you, Rod, for the latest info. I guess I have to hold off longer until I can handle their silly quarantine and repeatedly swabbing you even when you are negative. Thanks again for your hard work.

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