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  1. Well that sounds like good news in the right direction. I think Iloilo and Bacolod I put money down to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. Hopefully those of us that get the vaccine will not have to go through the quarantine protocol. Thanks for the info. Stay safe out there.

  2. …I expect “jealousy” to play a big role…Once one country starts opening up like Mexico is right now, the countries will get jealous of the tourist dollars flying away from them and be forced to open…..Mexico tourism stats are skyrocketing thru the roof, making them wealthy….and keeping the Cambodia’s and Thais poor….

  3. Thank you for your update and will be watching for any new information . Hope thing s improve soon for as you say who wish to travel to the Philippines or other destinations .

  4. Salamat Sir Rod, this is encouraging news, lets hope this change to the rules is put into effect in the near future, that would certainly be beneficial to us, as you will agree. Regards, Bob.

  5. I expect there to be a lot of confusion and things will change as is common. Traze app doesn’t work at the airports I’m told. A lot of the technology that they’re to use for SRRV isn’t working, supported or poorly implemented. I’m not concerned so much about domestic travel as I stay in Cebu and I don’t travel about. My main concern is when is the testing reqm’t to enter going away for international travellers. I have been here since before COVID and I haven’t left. I’d like to leave and come back when the restrictions are lifted. Right now SRRV Holders can enter but it’s a request process that’s tied up in bureaucracy and red tape and inefficiency.

  6. Good info Rod! I am hoping I will be able to come for the last two months of the year, countries can’t afford to stay locked down for much longer they are slowly going broke without that infusion of tourist money coming in. I had to get my PAL tickets my voucher was expiring and they require you to install the Traze app for your arrival.

  7. Hi Rod, Thanks for the report. It’s nice to see that somewhere, someone is at least trying to make a little progress. BTW, Malacañang Palace is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the Philippines. The term “Malacañang” is often used as a metonym for the president and his advisers.

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