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  1. Thanks Rod for this info, we were thinking perhaps we might be able to come back for a vacation either this year or next year.
    From what you have posted here, it seems more likely, access to the Phils will be long term, and we are prepared to sit it out and wait.
    As for the jab, not keen on that, although i had my share in the NZ Military, a long time ago, LOL. Not the same inoculations though.

  2. All very good and interesting information Rod. I do like that they are looking at ways of getting International Tourism going again this year. They really need to make it happen for the sake of the many locals doing it very tough right now. 🙂👍

  3. I received my first Covid shot (Moderna) last week. The second one is scheduled next Friday. Trust me, I will still practice social distancing, which I’ve been practicing anyway even before Covid. 🤣

  4. There are too many rules and regulations to travel. The vaccines are experimental. You risk ruining your health in the long run. The side effects of the vaccine are terrible, just check up. All information is there. If you have been vaccinated, your life insurance is not valid. Check with the insurance company yourself. A so-called virus with 99.97% survival does not need a vaccine. I will not return to the Philippines as long as this madness continues. This is the totalitarian society and surveillance.

  5. Currently not much has changed in the last 6 months & I doubt much will in the next 6 months either. This all has been a nice cash cow for some & the endless bureaucracy is suffocating.

  6. Thanks for the informations👍so hard to believe in everyone’s predictions right now😗just stay patient👍we are getting our second shot next week, so far we are ok, you should stay safe too🥰

  7. They won’t open this year there not vaccinating there own people fast enough its now appearing on many Countries Red list now !! Not to travel to the Philippines.

  8. I complete my 7 day quarantine here in Bangkok tomorrow and all the bars just closed. Not my lucky day, but I’d still rather be here than sitting at home.

  9. Travel ban will probably go over April. They keep changing it due to cases to continue to rise there. Won’t be surprised if it last until the end of this year. So you gotta have patience guys. Anyway, great channel Rod. Always give great info.

  10. Hi rod.still waiting to fly to cebu..waiting so long….need to Rebook. Once covid19 Finnishes..lucky I got all my money back from all cancelled flight and booking…always enjoy your video,s..thanks for the info..stay safe ok..

  11. we still fighting Rod, my daughter is 6 months old, still no birth certificate, and no visa, no end in sight, I am trying to get my daughter and my fiance humanitarian assistance,airlift them out. biden makes it worse for us…

  12. Unfortunately, Ms. Puyat is not high enough in the pecking order of the Duterte government, nor is she a general. So in reality, she really does not have influence in the decision making, even though what she is advocating makes sense.

  13. The virus fear is being pushed until they crash the stock markets of the world which will trigger a famine crisis and create government dependency.

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