Traveling to Thailand + A REALISTIC TIMELINE for Thailand International Tourism.

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This video will cover what you need to do if you are planning to travel to Thailand in 2021. In addition, I give a realistic timeline for Thailand reopening to mass, international tourism. Thailand has set some dates for opening it’s borders to certain areas, using its “Sandbox model.” I do not believe the dates that have been set by the government are realistic. Thailand has shown us, many times, that the country has problems sticking to their own timelines. This has prevented the international tourism sector from opening up in Thailand. Right now, Thailand desperately needs to administer as many vaccines as possible to both Thai citizens and foreigners living and/or working in Thailand. Getting people in Thailand vaccinated is the solution to Thailand’s economic problems, in my humble opinion. International tourism must be allowed to flourish again in Thailand soon. Traveling to Thailand will require the Ministry of Health to ease restrictions on quarantine rules. Being able to travel to Thailand without having to quarantine is essential in opening the country’s tourism sector. I believe that Thailand’s current timeline of reopening will not happen. I could be wrong; however my experience tells me I am correct. This video is NOT intended to criticize the Thai Government in anyway. This video’s purpose is not to lay blame on Thailand’s governmental institutions. This video is a discussion about reality in desperate times, while living in Thailand.

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  1. Everyone seems to focus on the current COVID situation in a country to predict when that country will reopen. Predicting when a country reopens actually has nothing to do with the current COVID situation within that country at all. The current situation only indicates that the country will not open now, or maybe within the next few weeks, and it may not even predict that very well. However, predicting the future reopening plans for a country has much more to do with the predicted COVID situation in that country in the future. Therefore, the countries current vaccination roll-out program should be what you are looking at in predicting future reopening plans for any given country. For Thailand, those prospects are quite good as they are beginning a major vaccination program for all tourism related areas of Thailand to begin within a month. Given this, you can expect the future COVID situation to become dramatically improved within the next few months and it is highly possible you will see certain areas of Thailand open up to Tourism to vaccinated tourists with no quarantine requirements by the end of 2021. My guess is that you will see this begin to happen as early as October 1st of 2021. The magic number to watch is having 70% of Thai people vaccinated within a province to indicate when that province will fully reopen (Thai Governments stated targeted goal). People suggesting the end of 2022, or even into 2023 and beyond, are just making random guesses mainly based on feelings of despair of the entire situation as a whole. Remember, vaccines just came out a few months ago, so expect for the worldwide COVID situation to start improving as more and more of these vaccinations start finding arms to go into throughout the world. Look at historical pandemic history for an idea of how this works (i.e., Flu of 1918, H2N2 Pandemic of 1957-1958, H3N2 Pandemic of 1968). Pandemics start out with a vengeance but then quickly begin to fade due to vaccines and/or herd immunity setting in.

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