Traveling With No Expectations. Koh Phi Phi Island เกาะพีพี

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  1. Hi Chuck and Paige. I like the psychology of the title. ;-] in other words……….Go with the flow. ;-] Enjoying the series. ;-]. Just hope the sun shines on you guys a bit more.

  2. Another day in paradise living the dream, it’s been a great adventure. When I first started going to Mexico as a very young man, the little kids running around screaming even at the restaurants would drive me crazy, like most people our age in the western world we grew up where kids were supposed to be seldom scene and never heard, I took my daughter one year with me she was about five years old, we were at the hotel pool and her and a couple of kids were playing running around chasing each other screaming like kids do when they’re playing and I told her to quiet down, one of the mothers of the other children looked at me sternly and told me “you let the kids be kids, they don’t get to be kids for very long”, I can’t say that the kids were any less annoying but I understood the mindset better and tried to let my kid just be a kid whenever possible, I believe that is part of the reason for the sabai sabai attitude I encountered in many “less” developed countries… just a thought.
    Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  3. if paige had killed/poked the caterpillar, i wouldn’t unsubscribe, but i would start cheering for caterpillars and snails more in life (especially on your videos LOL)

  4. Hi chu ck Paige, looks like you’ve been chasing how’s Camera bloggers 😄, nice vid looks like you Bike going to need some serious work on return love it

  5. No caterpillars were harmed in the making of this film!! Just another dope vid from a dope trip! I could use some of that breffass right now!! I feel like I’m still waiting for that lady to take my order lol!

  6. I can’t believe it: 1. We stayed ~3 years ago in Andaman Legacy but not in bungalow. We played about 60€/night. We will never stay again. After that we were 2 times at long beach which is sooo beautiful and just 5 minutes by boat from the pier.
    2. We stayed this year in January in Sea Seaker, we like it alot. We had a mountain view room which was absolutely amazing, the mountain is so close and stunning. The new modern building right next to the hotel, were under construction, I wondered now to see they finished it. Is it a hotel? Do you maybe know the name ?
    3. We always eat at Cheap Cheap and now keep in contact with the waitress with the pink hair. Always made for us delicious grilled fish. 😁

    I don’t know when we will able to visit again. It’s a little bit sad, but I don’t hurry up, thais should take their time as long as they need.

    Thanks for sharing, ka.😁

  7. Chuck and Paige I love traveling with you. Paige was so out of her on line character, when she kicked the snail, the reaction following funny. She made me a fan and I love when you refer to that. Can we see some of those huge snails, Paige?

  8. Hi Chuck and Paige, I really enjoyed the video as always, I have been to Thailand many times but never got to see Phi Phi island , it looks fantastic, I’ll get there one day for sure, keep up the great work, all the best from Kieran in very cold and rainy Tipperary Ireland..( and yes, it IS a long way)☺♥

  9. The drive home will be like a holiday, no more disruptive YouTubers in your face.. 🙂 🙂

    Looks like it was a fun trip.

    The cute animal in the cart was the Asian Palm Civet, more like a Mongoose ..

  10. Yah, I remember the Mosque in Surabaya Indonesia. In the Navy we were sleeping in a Brothel and the the Mosque would wake us each morning. Life is a hoot. Anyway. Just Cut out the carbs Bro. Stay at 1800 calories and no carbs. You’ll be skinny before you know. LOl.

  11. Another great video brother…If I’m not mistaken, I believe that scale read 96KG for me. Lol! Happy to see that I have some influence over you, got you saying “Bratfast”. I like when you asked Paige if she wanted to lose weight with you, without any hesitation from her “NO”. Lol! See you at weigh-in. Stay safe!

  12. Wow, another great video, those looked like some rough seas, good thing you guys were on a big boat! I love IPAs, in fact I am enjoying a Sierra Nevada Celebration fresh hop IPA as I watch your video, it’s brewed seasonally and it is awesome! Thanks again for the great videos, it makes my time stuck at home in the USA so much better, and now I can check out CJ Same Same but Different, and Chocolate Man in Thailand, for more fun! I am already a subscriber of Foreigner Joe, so this is all the more fun!

  13. Thanks for that one Chuck. My take away is how awesome the landscape is and how awesome that breakfast looked. The rest of the area sois etc, seemed ready to trap the tourist again as soon as the gates are opened. So, I am kind of a road less traveled guy and don’t like the crowds, which makes this a good time to travel around Thailand. And the scenery there is Majestic. Nice group you have… thanks again.

  14. The adventure continues. Really enjoy the laid back atmosphere with such a large group. Great bunch of people. I admit I’m with James when the borders open up. I will watch your island video lol. Thank you Chuck and Paige and extended family. All the best. Mitch. 🙏

  15. When covid travel restrictions have been entitely lifted, I’m gonna do one big fat Thai trip, just like what y’all did.
    Been ‘travelling’ on Youtube, less the pollution, crowds and smells. It’s not same same. It’s just different.
    Miss Thailand markmark loei.

  16. I’m so glad I wasn’t there with you guys. Between the razing about BreFus, and the other comments making fun of my big brother Joe, I probably would of pushed a few people off the boat on the way off the island. LOL. Great videoo as always. Cheers!

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