Tropical Depression Vicky in the Philippines – Destroyed Homes on the Dumaguete Waterfront

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  1. Ned is Zoe eyes blue you lucky none of my kids got my blue eyes usually half Filipino kids have brown eyes but there kids can have blue like my daughters kids all blue I also have seen bad cyclone destruction like All of Bogo and Nailon and northern Cebu was totally wrecked in 2013 Cyclone youlander

  2. Pretty sad to see, those poor people,,,,, but with smiles etc,, gratitude for whatever they have, nice to see too,,,, Ned, Still make a Christmas video, dont stop, hahaha

  3. At 6:53 I was worried for you and the kids. It would not be the first time I have seen a concrete block shift!! I use to work in Demo-Construction. Also I liked your demonstration of being Bi-Lingo.
    How about giving your Subscribers a language lesson?

  4. Ned
    Apply for 13a at philippines consulate in usa
    Fast efficient one time only
    If you apply in cebu takes months
    They lose papers , alot snakes in office too! And in A year have to go back and apply again
    Double cost and headache
    But at consulate you get once and thats it

  5. Nicely done again Ned. Yeah chub city for your little girl…but isn’t she cute? This is just that brief period. Enjoy this time she will lose that before we know it.

  6. Thoughts & prayers goes out to all who was affected. Hopefully there was now serious injuries. Once again all of the best from the tip of Africa (South Africa).

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