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  1. Hi Rod! I would like to invite you to view a condo unit of a friend who’s struggling to get their condo unit rented. It’s located at Solinea Tower at Cebu Business Park. Please let me know if you’d like to consider visiting.

  2. Are you able to do a update video on general living in Cebu? Like whats open, whats not… Changes from the norm, restrictions such as night life and when you envisage things might change?

    Loving all the vids, been watching all of them to get ready for relocating to Cebu shortly

  3. That is a very nice condo 30,000 pesos a month pretty good deal and that swimming pool is looks amazing I forgot what it’s like going to the malls here in the Philippines I live down south not much to see or do here and the nearest robinsons mall and sm mall is two hours away taking the bus with a car it’s one hour 20 minutes

  4. Don’t go to the Philippines now. There is going to be a financial catastrophe. All stocks and pensions will be worthless and you will be penniless in a poor country.
    If you are in the Philippines now, get out as fast as you can and at any price

  5. Quite a nice, spacious condo compared to most of the condos that people try to pass off there. Excellent price as well. As someone said below, the only thing missing was a washer. What kept you from taking that unit if I might ask?

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