Ultimate New Zealand road trip! | Land Rover, Cinematic Vlog

Not long ago I was given the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand and be apart of a driving experience of a life time, on Land Rovers Above and Beyond tour driving through the south island. We came across unforgettable landscapes, made some life long friends and i even almost got headbutted by a sheep! what and adventure it was! I can;t wait to come back to New Zealand and see the rest of this amazing land!

I’m working hard on some new videos and i’m really excited to show you whats next!

3:20 – Go by Christopher Young (Christopher Young) Artlist
5:57 – Runnin’ by Marc Robillard (Singles) Artlist

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  1. I don’t know whats crazier, the fact i was teleported or almost head butted by a sheep! hahah what a crazy adventure hope you all enjoy this vlog of our journey with Land rover on the south island.
    Got some crazy stuff coming soon and i cant wait to show you all! (: Peace out!

  2. You are soooooo talented!!!! Amazing! Please make tons of more videos and hopefully show us lots of editing tricks ….. THANKS

  3. Это одно из самых крутых видео, которое я смотрела!
    Великолепный цветкор, очень крутые переходы и атмосферная музыка.
    Круто, очень круто!)

  4. Hey man great video! How did you do that transition from Melbourne to NZ? Did you use a still image of the pub wall and over lay the final footage from NZ then animate the wall away? Or did you film yourself in the exact same position both in Melbourneand NZ?

  5. Hei TK you really inspired me, i just started my channel and looked so ugly, i’m tried to make video cinematic like you but i think need long way to get such an incredible vlog like you, hopefully i can be like you soon, if can be lol
    please subscribe my channel so it would be MOTIVATED for me to be a Travel Vlog like you ^_^

  6. Hey, I don’t know if this is spam or not but im a beginning filmmaker. Maybe if you can see some of my work and give feedback would be greatly appreciated . Have a good day 🤠

  7. Oчень рад случайности, которая помогла мне попасть на Ваш канал, Ваши видео просто бомба, они как наглядное пособие для видеографа…Спасибо Вам что своими работами приносите море позитива…Удачи Вам Benn…

  8. Woooah. So cool. You really are my inspiration in doing travel videos. I hope my editing would be as sick as yours. Feel free to check out my travel videos on my channel. 😊

  9. You’re changing the game completly Benn. Thank you so much for inspiring people like us. Amazing piece of art. Keep it up and looking forward to learn more from you. Blessings from India 🙂

  10. Subscribed after this movie! Great! Another confirmation of my theory that great travel videos will found in channels without millions of subscribers! Love transitions, VFX and storytelling!

  11. I can’t even tell how much I enjoyed watching that video. Beautiful story, amazing transitions and color grading. I’m moving to NZ from Europe in a few months, hope I’ll get a chance to see some of those places. Awesome work there mate!

  12. I like your travel photos video very much. I would like to ask you how you shot 5 ’33 “from the car window to the car and then to the panorama. Looking forward to your reply!

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