Video Diary; Aug. 11th, 2014 – A New Hope

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  1. Good then Henry about time lots nice ladies as I told you in Cebu they are the best I know I have one haha hope all goes well keep busy love seeing you riding the bike as its what I love doing to ok see ya be good to her ok !!!!

  2. Henry, when a guy travels to Cebu the hard way to meet a girl, I have this feeling she is very special. Walk softly but don’t carry a big stick. I will bet this the one. Keep them coming, your the best at what you do. Meaning, very interesting.

    1. @Ben Person she is very unique.  has a good heart, an honest person from all reports and of good reputation.  from the province but a very smart cookie with a positive outlook on life.   just taking it one step at a time.   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Exactly. Im like that with my wife since she stopped working already when I came back from Canada. It’s normal though. I have also done the same thing with my ex-girlfriends in Canada so it’s a normal gesture for me. I don’t know about others but being a gentleman and a caring person, I would say it’s a nice gesture to do because when I see her she does come back with snacks or a cold drink that she would get and bring back to me or for us to share when we are together. It does always come back to me as she also did the same things for me when she was working and I had no spare change she would give me a few bucks to spend in the mall while waiting for her to get off work.  

    2. @Steven Hardy
      I know, I was thrown for a loop.  I found it not only ignoble, but lying was involved, manipulation, even abuse.  I seem to be the meal ticket.  In this current (expat) marriage, I’ve become furniture.

    3. Leon Wang: Only if she’s a scammer.  You have to set the boundaries of any relationship from the very beginning.  I’m NOT dating OR ever marrying her family.  I won’t put any of them on the “payroll,” either.  They know better then to ask me for money and she doesn’t let them.  Respect is paramount.   

    1. @Outback Dave the ironic thing is that i had planned to take the next year or so ‘off’ from a relationship.  but then i got this introduction and.. i’m willing to give it one more try, hoping for the best.   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Henry I’ll ask you the same question I asked Ned. Have you had to buy any perscription medicine , Ex. blood pressure, antibiotic , ETC,  since you have lived in the philippines ? If yes would you do a short Vlog on your experiences buying, cost, effectiveness and where it was made, I learned that when I lived in Dumaguete alot of the US FDA propoganda was far from the truth. As far as the safety and effectivness of perscription drugs bought outside the USA.  Good luck with Miss Dumaguete ( name to be released at a future date)./////  

  3. Good!  I’m in my sixth decade and I must say, I had clear indications in all my six heavy love relationships of “how they really were,” and I ignored that.  Big mistakes!

  4. Finally I heard. Both [ gallos ] roosters signing n now there it’s a [ vaca ] = cow in the pic also. N maybe a goat around hey it’s nice big picture. Good luck Henry playing hard to get. Just have fun n be responsible take are

    1. @Sebastian Stutz My plans are to stay in Duma for quite some time, several years even.  I’ll do my travelling from here, I’m really enjoying it.  🙂

  5. hello Henry
    you are doing a good job with ure video’s ,specialy for man who never travel to the phills before.also the videos “advice to philipinas” are great.i have also a philipina gf in iloilo concepcion,i was there before and i go back now in december.but i have 1question .i like bamboo houses but i dont know about the prices for normal house,with normal house i mean  about 150 or 200 sqm .can u give me a link or some idee what the cost is for that,the minimum and the just normal guy like u.only  im from belgium.salamat…..keep posting  🙂

  6. Henry, all of your viewers should be saying something like this, Happy Days and Blue Skies, Henry is back with his wit and smile intact. My opinions follow,, you need and want a partner, listen to yourself and if the other shoe drops just step back and decide if it is a big shoe or a tiny unimportant cast off small shoe. Back to your journey with your many respectful viewers, tagging along. Salamat.

    1. @roysjoy thanks for the encouraging words.  if i could have gotten by on, or truly desired, to just bounce from girl to girl then that’s what i’d gravitate towards.  but i want much more than that, i want something real.   🙂

  7. Getting introduced by a trusted friend or family member is the stupidest thing you could do. You might actually end up happily married to a very good women. As one of your other readers are in a candy store. Dont cut the adventure short. Dont do it!!! I need you to keep up the fight. I was weak and gave up at 38. My uncle introduced me to my wife. Been happy every since. Kidding aside….have a little more fun so we can all live through you vicariously. Dont want our channel shutting down and all I have left is that guy from Boston 😉

  8. the only thing that made today a little better was watching your video’s.  Just found out Robin Williams was found dead. Possible suicide. 🙁   He was only 63. 

    1. @Andrew Llera i’m just now find this out.  how sad!  i grew up with seeing his first appearance on ‘Happy Days’ when it first aired.  how sad.  🙁

  9. yup, it ain’t your first rodeo and no need to hurry with any big decisions, just let life unfold and enjoy the journey.
    You’re a great guy Henry, and I’m sure we all appreciate your humbleness and openness with your life and loves.

  10. I hope you stay the course and give considerable time to nurturing the relationship before making a serious commitment. The other shoe dropped “after” the rodeo for me a couple of times. lol  It’s so easy to rush in with regard to affairs of the heart. My buddy who is into a 6-month marriage, is now reminding me why being in a hurry to jump in can be more painful in the long run.

    1. @Glenn McGee Right on, Brother Glenn!  I mean they only make shades so dark and there ain’t enough beer on the planet!  These Western tramps are pushin’ 300 pounds sooner and sooner.  And “decorating” all that fat with tramp-stamps ain’t helping!  LOL. 

    2. Given the culture in the Philippines, it sounds like women are more emotionally charged to “set the hook” more quickly than in the states. But there also appears to be a lot more viable candidates over there with respect to attractive ladies who have a friendly disposition.

      Call me shallow, but I’m not impressed by the growing trend that’s telling younger women in the U.S. that it’s okay to embrace one’s obesity by show casing plus size models in the media and wearing skimpy cloths in public. It’s unhealthy, unsightly and those tattoos aren’t helping.

    3. @Glenn McGee no big commitments for a year.  and during that year i’ll be on the lookout for the usual weirdness that pops it’s head around the 2nd month.  i have no desire for a bad relationship.

    1. @Toby’s GoPro me too.  she’s good girl from the province with good recommendation and reputation from people who have known her a long time.  i am very hopeful and will give it my 100%.

  11. Good to hear your in high spirit. Show the people how cheap it is to paper yourself there. I always get manicures, pedicure, massages, etc.

  12. Nice, Brother Henry!  When you said NO KIDS, my ears perked up.  Finally, it sounds like you’re getting some better quality ladies.  

    With your busy lifestyle and all you want to accomplish, it’s very difficult to find a lady who has the maturity to accept that she will NOT be the center of your world.  I know because I’m the same way.  .    

    1. OK, sounds like she has potential.  I hope turning down a contract doesn’t bite her in the ass.  Decent paying jobs are hard to come by in the PH.

      Good luck and God Bless. 

    2. @DemocracyDoctor1 she is very supportive of my projects.  and with her pending modeling career will have an open enough schedule to travel with me when it comes up.  she’s very serious about our 1 year commitment, enough so that she turned down a modeling contract to be with me.  (i’ll be helping her find a new agency local to dumaguete.)

  13. Henry-those Hawaiian shirts really suit you, and add so much
    character to your videos. You could pass for an Hawaiian guy
    or Filipino man, so your are quite the versatile guy, and could
    pass for anybody. Looking forward to seeing your new woman
     as soon as she’s ready for the limelight. Hope it works out well.

    1. @Grant Bedard as for the new woman in my life.. she is such a sweetheart.  but i want to build our relationship a bit before giving her a limited exposure in video.  i’m very protective that way, too many bad people out there so i do my best to safeguard her.

  14. Life is all about hope and the willingness to see past whatever temporary storm has darkened our lives.. The sun will come again and the storm washes away the dirt and makes things fresh again, OR,  washes away you and everything you have in the flood..LOL.. not all funny though as with Robin Williams.. how can someone with some much life in them,  feel so alone and lost.. we can all see how foolish, and wasteful hopelessness is in others.. but hard to see in ourselves when we are in the Monty Python song goes..” always look on the bright side of life..”  so happy your life is brighter now.. and the sun is shining..

  15. Great video Henry. Good luck with this new relationship. If it works out, will you be moving back to the Cebu are? I am heading back to Mindanao in 3-weeks for the Tuna Festival. 

    1. @The Philippine Experience she is from a province 2 hours north of cebu, so neither of us is anchored to cebu.  she will be relocating to live with me in dumaguete by the end of august, 2014. we are each giving it a year to get to know each other better.. then take it from there.

  16. Henry I love you vids joined the form..I would never induce my sister in law to you.  it will be a train wreck you do not seem ready for one lady for ever

    1. @Jim Jimm ha!  thanks.  i’ve had to do a bit of interviewing along the way, but i may have finally found the ‘right’ one for me.   i’ll be updating on that at a later time.  i really am hoping to be a one-woman man sometime soon.  just need the one who is in-tune with what i’m doing here.  🙂

  17. Excellent Henry, glad to hear from you, keep the video’s coming, your kinda my surrogate life in PHP as I left there (Dumaguete) to come back home about 6 weeks ago so I’m sort of reliving my experiences through your video’s, I will be back there soon, thanks Henry

  18. Whoa Henry… I see her … The cow behind you…haha  Hey man good luck… No such thing as easy…Like Lee Travino once said you can feel it when you drive… Good Luck…

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