Video Diary Aug. 17, 2014; One More Try

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    1. hey dont worry about it…. Life is about the experience and your about to enjoy another one… Luck to you… Hope you find a girl that has her head right and is willing to see some light…I have found many filipinos have limited abilities in that area yet they look for expats to accept things and be more flexible…just saying…

    2. Wow, for someone who likes to take things slow you sure move fast!  The introduction to a young lady from friends and family is definitely the way to go … good luck buddy!

    3. Good luck to you Henry!  Like you, I have love and lost but I am lucky enough to have finally found my lady.  I met her in person in July and we enjoyed our time at Boracay together.  I feel really blessed to have met her as we both seem to have very good chemistry together!  So I hope you have the same success!

  1. Good Luck Henry. Looks like you are really enjoying life there in Dumaguete. I am sure it will be even more enjoyable if you have someone to share it with.  Maybe when I come over in a few months we can finally meet. We tried in Cebu but I just missed you I think. I cant wait to get back there, this time my plans are to stay at least 5 years.

  2. Henery, best of luck in your new relationship.  I have been married to a philippina for 12 yrs. now and have never been happier. 
    Off topic question for you, do you know of any indoor tennis courts or bowling alleys in dumaguete?

    Thanks Fred and  Ayline

    1. @MrMongo321 yah.  every guy comes to the ph looking for something.  some want a g/f.  others want just a lover.  others want a wife.  some want a wife and a few mistresses.  me.. i just want a simple, happy life with someone i love who loves me back.

  3. Hello gmorning leaving her in NY originally fr.Koronadal City South Cotabato .hope u can visit my place so can keep me update . Going back in 2 yrs. GOOD LUCK HOPEU CAN FIND SOMEONE WHO GONNA LIKE U WHO U R AS A PERSON !!!!!!

  4. wow I love it….you are a YouTube  reality show in a place i really want o live. You need to stop telling people about Dumaguete. I agree 110% about have everything a person need and for the most part safe, well connected to the rest of the Phils and everything a person needs.

    Good luck on this next relationship, make sure you go back and watch a couple of your older videos on dating in the Phils. Keeping trying till you get it right I say!!

    1. @Dave M thanks.  i feel very fortunate while at the same time on the edge of something totally new to me.  i’ve had relationships before, but never with her so.. it’s a whole new ballgame.  and that’s kinda a good thing.    🙂

  5. Hi Henry Thank you for sharing your personal news & God willing this all works out for the both of you & perhaps we will see your lady in one of your future videos when you feel the time is right…?…….Have you thought about your new partner posting her own thread within your forum as that will give viewpoints from both sides & will be informative I believe, for rest of us who are regular viewers & subscribers to see how relationships with foreigners are viewed by these beautiful Philippine ladies perspective rather than just from the male side only.  Plus it will protect her from, as you put it’ The weirdness’ out here in cyberspace by her taking part in just videos on there own……….. just a thought….Look forward to the next LBTS video
    Take care…..Dave

    1. @Dave Stopps i’ll give it some thought for later down the road.  first priority will be her and i getting to know each other, away from the public just on our own.  once she and i have a strong foundation, then we can branch out as a team into other projects.  🙂

    1. @Joel Jurasinski i could use it.  things go move faster here, but i’ve found that under the right circumstances, combined with an exclusive relationship and putting marriage off for at least a year.. it beats random dating where you only ‘see’ the person maybe once every 2 weeks.  that takes longer to get a bead on their personality.  imo.

  6. Henry….your gonna get horned. Mabe again. You probably won’t listen, but get to Manila dude, otherwise you may be picking bird poo out of your hair. Somebody explain this to him !

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Repeat, all the local Filipino guy here say province girls make best wife. I like talking to the locals about their way of life.

    2. @William Cargile ha!  manila?  seriously??  talk about looking for a gold needle in a haystack.  my worst experiences have been with big-city girls.  nah, i’ll leave manila for anyone else looking to do it the hard way.  my new g/f is from a small province 2 hours outside of cebu.  i’ll take those odds any day over a city-girl.    🙂

  7. Henry,  give it another shot—–of tequila.  Just kidding.  The Philippines is crawling with single women.  You know that.  Stay cool.  You’ll be fine!  Dumaguete looks really nice.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines hi Henry. Like all your videos. The young lady your talking about.there is a girl on google plus nick name is jinky.very pretty picture. U should check it out.thank for all the headed back to tuguegarao in november my 4time back to philippines.

  8. life and love are about risks and it behooves us as adults and men to manage those risks so as not to be hurt while we treat others in such a way as to eliminate or minimalize any hurts we may impart to others…
    your openness and honesty sometimes play against you Henry, but that’s also a big reason why you have lots of friends and followers on here…

    1. Yes, for sure, Filipinas are very loving people, we are very family-oriented.We will take care of our children if they are in need, most of us do, not all, even in their old age, I know it sounds ridiculous, but even when they are married.That is what makes us very special.I know it sounds dramatic, but in reality, this is all true.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I see, absolutely you don’t want to become a pinoy Doctor Phil. By the way, if I may suggest another video topic… the one purchasing furniture was great; would be interesting as well if you showed us your new pad. If you don’t mind the intrussion 🙂  Ingat.  

    2. @chogno98 yes, i’ll cover that soon.  been wanting to but some viewers want to see more ‘places’ and less ‘relationship’ stuff so.. i try to mix it up a bit.   🙂

    1. Well… any rate, she must be great if you offered this up to her.  I wish you the best of luck.  Hope you don’t start neglecting your channel.  I watch religiously.  haha

      Until next time,

    2. @Toby’s GoPro yes, we’ll be doing the ‘crash-course’ in getting to know each other.  it’s not something i take lightly.  it is only the 2nd time in my entire life that i’ve lived with someone i wasn’t married to.  but i already know that i do not like long distance relationships, and given how much she impressed me with her character.. i decided to make that option open to her, and she accepted.  things do move a bit faster here in the ph.  i can’t imagine doing the same thing in the usa, i never did.

  9. Reckay thanks always for the updates on Dumaguete, I hope to meet you with my fiance next year sometime along with meeting some ex pats to learn from all…best of luck with new girl friend and also glad you did not give up on finding that one love… God bless.

    1. @Chas E thanks.  drop me a line at my facebook at;  Reekay.  let me know when you’re in Duma and we can meet up.  🙂

  10. Henry, buddy…my wife is Filipina, and I’m repeating what is well known in the culture. It is not Manila,the city, I’m referring to. I live both in southern California, and Quezon City. Please don’t feel I’m trying to criticize you, at all. PM me…if you want to, after the stars leave eyes with your latest flame. By the way, watch out for those 2 dudes, black shirt, red shirt…your going to be watched! I’ve been where your sitting.

    1. @BLUESTAR Thanks Bluestar have the gift. Good perception and situational awareness. One guy…n. p. a.just a feeling. Watch your 6.

    2. yes i agree whit william  as soon as i seen those 2  dudes i know ther up to no good ..if you look closely you can see the people around also picked up on that.stay safe buddy.p.s.  pepper spray works super great.

    3. @William Cargile i try to act as natural as possible, but anytime i film in public i have a death-grip on my camera and all else stowed in my backpack, which i wear.  plus my peripheal vision is trying to keep track of anyone who gets within 10 feet or so.  people watch everything here, looking for an ‘opportunity’.  already went through having my apartment robbed in moalboal so.. believe me, i try to watch all i can around me.

    1. @Heinrich Dorfmann i’ve learned various words and a few phrases, but nothing conversational.  i learned spanish when i married a woman from straight from tijuana, that immersion helped me alot.  i need the same thing with a filipina to teach me bisayan.  on my own, it’s been coming along pathetically slow.

  11. kool..wish you well know at some point in your life youll know when to settle down .it seems at moment just like us men all have inside is adventure to keep exploring ,.take your time in all things .

    1. @BLUESTAR some guys never stop searching, which is only good if that was their intent all along.  but the guys who pause, and then start looking again.. those are the ones who cause a lot of heartache always looking for what else “might be out there”.  and then there are guys who find the ‘right’ one, but move on.. and spend the rest of their life trying to find one like her again.  i don’t want either of those situations.  if this is the right one, at the right time (after a minimum of a year).. i’ll count myself lucky and commit.   🙂

  12. good luck Henry , i don’t have a woman , i love the Philippines , will retire there soon i. so i understand how you feel , i so wish to have a companion too, i have been devoured two years  .regales peter from Australia

    1. @peter cullen all things in their proper time, i suppose.  i’m glad for the time i spent alone on bohol, gave me a lot of clarity living alone in the province.

    1. @Scott Parnell she is.  i really had resigned myself to being alone the next year or so.  but she was able to change that.  🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines 20 y.o. with a long string of academic honors? very intelligent? good reputation? but why in the world she ended up getting into a relationship with a 50++ y.o. man???? I think that her sister, her brother-in-law, and her family have a weird, mysterious background; what made them decide to feed their 20 y.o. girl to a 50++ y.o. man. If she possess such model type appearance (model of signature clothing), she certainly has lots of opportunities to have a young Filipino bf: high profile personalities in Cebu, sons or grandsons of powerful politicians, young executives, young lawyers, young businessmen, fellow highly paid young male models, and other groups of Cebu young men who belong to the rich and famous (upper class) society. We appreciate seeing many foreigners in the Phil., but we hope that they are more on the intellectual/rational and ethical part of doing things, rather than exploiting young Filipinas. I always get a chance to talk to young Filipinas, who are economically deprived, and I get to hear their honest feelings about being hooked up with an older foreign man. Deep inside, they are not happy. They sacrifice their desire of having a young bf, over their needs of filling up their hungry stomach, to get out of poverty, and being tired living in remote places in the Phils. I hope you’ll take this comment as something helpful, while staying in the Phil.; it is very important for a foreigner to stay away from any kinds of trouble. 

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines – Sounds really good Henry-sounds
      like she has the whole package-the beauty and the brains. Good luck with
      that-I hope it all works out great for you. Of course time will tell. I’m looking
      forward to catching a glimpse of her in future videos. I’ll bet she’s a real beauty.

    3. @Grant Bedard she is 20 with a long string of academic honors.  very intelligent, but most importantly, a good reputation from her bro-in-law (american) and family as an honest person.

  13. Good luck!  In my past, I wanted to share the experiences of life too much.  I would have been better off alone.  I’m a Gemini and we like partnerships.  It can really be a drag!!

  14. Thanks for the insightful videos. Your channel is like an online course for those considering relocating to the P.I.
    Best wishes on your new journey with Jinky.  May the force be with both of you!!!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hello Henry, I talk to a lot of the local Filipino men here and they all say girl from province make best wife 

    2. I hope you’ve found someone who you can share fond moments with be it travel, socializing and just living in the moment during an uneventful day.

    3. @Glenn McGee she’s a province girl, 2 hours outside of cebu city.  if i had spotted any materialism in her that would have been the end right there.  🙂  even so, if she and i do work out for the long haul, i have no problem spoiling her a bit.  😀

  15. I think some of your viewers are getting paranoid. Filipinos are a curios lot and like in any culture there are good and bad. $300 in your pocket in the Philippines is like having $3,000 in your pocket in the USA. Even in the USA if someone knew you had that kind of money in your pocket you would need to watch yourself when your out and about. I doubt the fellows in the black and red shirts are dangerous, it is kind of curious to them to see some American dude talking to himself in a strange looking camera. I am assuming you have the Go Pro. I was in that very park last February, and overall I found Dumugette to be very safe compared to most places I have been in the Philippines. I too, like that area and made a lot of friends with the expats that hang out at the Mcdonald’s which is not that far from the park. It is the only place I have ever seen 2 Mcdonald’s a few blocks apart, that does not even happen in New York City.

    1. patrick couldnt agree with you more camigiun n dumuguete are my two fav places in the philippines oh yeah henry if your listening you should check out camigiun.

    2. The safest, and friendliest place I have found so far in the Philippines is Camigan Island off the coast of Mindano near Cagayan De Oro. Very few cars, everyone is content, not much to do but you get a sense of paradise. I will be checking out Palawan Island this Winter, and some of those islands near Dumugette.

    3. @Patrick Faiola i agree, dumaguete is much safer than downtown cebu or manila.. no comparison.  even so, after one mugging (cebu) and home robbery (moalboal), i keep an eye on things.

    1. @edwinodus i met a wonderful filipina woman, age 46 and we are great friends.  but she has 3 kids so, that was a deal-breaker for me.

  16. Hi Henry, Good fortune to you. When I read these kinds of posts I am always reminded of Percy Sledge’s When a Man Loves a Woman. And for better of worse it is what happens to many expats here looking for love.

    Although I found some disparity on different websites these lyrics tell the story pretty well.

    “When A Man Loves A Woman”

    When a man loves a woman,
    Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else,
    He’d change the world for the good thing he’s found.
    If she is bad, he can’t see it,
    She can do no wrong,
    Turn his back on his best friend if he put her down.
    When a man loves a woman,
    He’ll spend his very last dime
    Tryin’ to hold on to what he needs.
    He’d give up all his comforts
    And sleep out in the rain,
    If she said that’s the way
    It ought to be.
    Well, this man loves you, woman.
    I gave you everything I have,
    Tryin’ to hold on to your heartless love.
    Baby, please don’t treat me bad.
    When a man loves a woman,
    Down deep in his soul,
    She can bring him such misery.
    If she is playin’ him for a fool,
    He’s the last one to know.
    Lovin’ eyes can never see.
    When a man loves a woman
    He can do her no wrong,
    He can never want
    Some other girl.
    Yes,When a man loves a woman
    I know exactly how he feels,
    ‘Cause baby, baby, you’re my world
    When a man loves a woman….

    The video

    Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman (1966)

    Because Henry you see I am also not a “hopeless romantic” but a “hopeful romantic”.

    Take care out there in the big “D”,

  17. Hi Henry. Been watching your videos for quite a while now. Have found most of them to be interesting with lots of good info. I have looked at lots of videos about the Phils incluiding Ned’s at Phil Dreams, PopZ’s and many more. Trying to get as much info and different perspectives as possible. Also I have been chatting with different pinay, two for a couple of years now. One is just a good friend but with the other I’ve developed a serious, as of yet, online relationship, but I digress from my reason for writing.

    Anyone who has followed your adventures, and misadventures, know about your proclivity for the opposite sex and your desire for a longterm relationship and/or marriage. Of course your following is predominantly men and from what I have read, everyone seems to wish you well and happiness, including myself, why not you seem to be a nice guy who deserves that probably. But…hehehe, you really made me chuckle at 1:08 of this video when you said you are going to give it one more shot. Hahaha, please Henry, one more shot really, just one more?  I have known many guys who, like yourself, have to be with somebody. They just have to be. They cannot be single for very long and there is nothing wrong with that. I can understand, as humans we are social creatures so it is natural for us to want companionship. It just made me laugh when you said “one more shot”. Intellectually and if you are honest with yourself, I think you know you will probably continue looking and dating until you find somebody with whom you are compatible and to whom you want to commit. Otherwise my friend, your move to the Phils would have been made parially in vain. Therefore like everyone else, I wish you the best of luck and much happiness. In the mean time I will continue following your search and watching all your great videos.

    Adios y buenas suerte Senor Enrique.

    1. @Jon M ned and michelle are very cool people, i count them as good friends.  ‘popz’ on the other hand has repeatedly been very snide and petty in his remarks about me so, i have little respect for him at all.

  18. oh so if we dont see any more videos for a while we will know why. all good enjoy yourself in the philippines. this morning i left my car out of the garage overnight n the windows all froze up so i got warm water to wash away the ice this morning which made me 10 mins late for work i guess you wont have that problem where you are lol

  19. Henry, thank you for being who your are, don’t change well, stay honest, because it’s not only your life that speaks to us out here it’s the way you do things and when you share you are actually teaching us in a very unique way, your a kinda life coach who’s playing the game and at the same time teaching us how to play it

  20. I know it is tough to find that one special Filipina. I hope the best for you. I have been married for twelve years now and my wife is from Davao City. Good luck.

  21. I’m happy about this news but I hope you will still keep the videos coming. If you have the time hahaha. Your living the dream, that’s all I can say!

  22. Hi all, One hour documentary on Bitish TV tonite , Mon 18 8 14 at 22 hours BST GMT+1 hr) on Channel 4 called “My online Bride” re men searching internet & covers ladies from Ukraine & Thailand with no reference to Philippines ladies in programm info..Not certain if this will be broadcast live online at Channel 4 website or replay ONLY & the video may be posted on You Tube at a later date.

  23. You know Henry…I asked my Filipina wife about this idea of moving in with a 20 year old girl you never met, and she said no way is that behavior acceptable. What she said then, was anyone with that age disparity isn’t looking for a wife…he wants a servant or a maid. She said the people in provinces Will be laughing behind your back. Oh well! Couple of your commentators…bluestar and mskrookies are right on the money. Listen to them!

    1. @gsproc55  Everything you have said is absolutely true–I am impressed that you knew very well the real game of young Filipinas (particularly in their 20s); of course, Filipina women won’t admit their true agenda in front of their target foreigners. I am a Filipina, lives in Cebu City, Phil., and after reading most of the postings here, there is some kind of guilty feeling that motivated me to react. I realized that there are guys here who still don’t know about some hidden agenda of young Filipinas, targeting old foreigners. In order for an old, wrinkly, and big belly foreigners to be desirable by young Filipinas, particularly in their 20s, you must have a fat wallet, as that is the major criteria; as long as you have that, young Filipinas can ignore all other flaws you may have (old age, wrinkles, stained teeth, out-of-shape, not so good looking). So, to all older foreign men who believe that a young Filipina is really in love with you, “IT IS A BIG JOKE”; all Filipinos knew this. Also, if an older foreign boyfriend cannot provide the financial necessities–that his young Filipina gf is quietly expecting–a young Filipina gf will just hang on, until she finds a better foreigner who has more to offer than her current old-foreigner boyfriend. 

    2. @gsproc55 you really need to meet more happily married expats.  they are with younger wives and never been happier in their life, and this after more than 10 years of marriage.  to paint with such a broad brush that no age-gap relationship could be about anything but money tells me either you have only had bad experiences and are now jaded, or you just don’t get out much to meet happily married expats.   you even have a simple view of guys who drink in the ph.  they are all out to drown their sorrows over a miserable, delusional marriage?  not even close.  you need to visit the beer garden at moalboal where the guys meet each night to drink while their wives hang out together and everyone’s having a great evening together.  when it comes to age-gap relationships and drinkers, you just don’t have a clue.

    3. @William Cargile that is what ‘some’ guys are looking for.  not me.  i want a real relationship, someone i connect with.  i don’t want a maid.

  24. After listening to this sgment of your life, I was inwardly wondering “why” someone would travel the 8 hours to be with you…It is not that I think you are not a great guy, but it is the skeptic in me that says that she seems to be too good to be true…Of course, maybe she is.  Also, can you describe her a little more before we actually meet her ?

  25. I sent you a message earlier but I think it deleted, I just started watching your videos yesterday, I’ve been to the Phils 7x since 2009 with the latest for Sinulog 2014. I’ve been to a few places in Mindanao but each time I have been to Cebu City. I love it but fear it will become too big.After reading about different places, I have thought that Dumaguete sounded like a perfect place for me, college town, right on the water, airport, and only 100,000 pop. BTW I have an old GF who lives in Bogo City now but is from San Remingio. Beautiful place north end of Cebu, nice flat ground mostly agri land so no jungle. From the brief look I got Dumaguete looks very nice. as I’m sure you are aware, some places can be absolutely horrific there, but you gotta have an open mind. I really look forward to my next trip, which will be the 1st I’ll get paid for(retirement). Please tell me how you manage to overstay the now 30 day visit?Do you get visa before you leave home , at immigration, or later???  Like you I too fell in love with That Country.

  26. Brother Henry, I hate to be that perverbial cold shower, but I gots to look out for my main man! So, a few things: If she is a model, this involves lots of travel. She needs to be near either Manila or Cebu for that, due to the logistics and expense of getting back from the provice to the big city in a timely manner. Models get late “call-outs” from time to time.

    She is way to young for a serious relationship. No matter how true her intentions, she just doesn’t have the life experience.

    If you do play house with a woman you don’t know, as a foreigner, always have an “escape plan” in case things don’t work out. We have no rights and no way of getting any justice. If something goes really sideways, you need to be prepared to go and fast. I’m sure you’re well aware of the “problems” that can come your way when you try to remove a Pinay from what was your apartment.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 all good things to keep in mind.  but with older women, it’s often “life experience” (ie; baggage) that is the actual problem.  it all comes down to the actual individual standing in front of you.  i know 35 year olds who are terrible mothers, irresponsible and haven’t learned any common sense at their age.

  27. There’s one thing in life that I’ve learn is that giving advice to a man in a relationship is futile. All one can say realistically is Good Luck and Wish You the Best.

    1. @Ronald Armstrong yep.  some lessons are learned the hard way.  each man has to calculate what risks he’s willing to take.

  28. Thanks gsproc55…you said it plainly and clearly. We care for Henry, and want to see him happy. I hope Reekay won’t be offended by what we are saying, but as I expect as you already know…the last place to find what he’s looking for is in certain specific provinces. Oh well…thanks bluestar, mskrookies , and gsproc55….You are honest guys, willing to tell the truth, even when it ends the friendship.

  29. Hi again Henry. Been reading the comments of your followers. Ahh the things people say and how they say them. It’s the proverbial “opinions are like…”, you know. Lol. Some people give what they think is good advice because they are concerned for you,  some want to criticize because they are offended for whatever reason and others just like to “hear” themselves talk.

    People like to read about your adventures and travels. They like the info about activities, things to see and do, foods, customs, tips and recommendations on making an easier transition to living in the Phils. All good stuff and not much about which anyone can criticize but when you speak about your feelings and intentions, oh my, lol. I get the impression that fortunately your skin is relatively thick, good thing.

    Like many people, I have the bad habit of often giving unsolicited advice but also, I know people are going to do what they want to do. Best wishes and good luck to you friend.

    Keep the good videos coming. I’ll be watching yours and Ned’s. Yes he and Michell appear to be nice people, she seems so guiless and sweet. Happy for them.

    Take care.

  30. Vides are great Henry, why not embed vids out to your blog so people can pick them up via SEO, RSS, and then you can push email subs. It’s easy to get lost on YT.

  31. If you do not take risk, you get no where.  Life is a risk, just have to weigh ur options which sounds like you have done so very well.  There is no sure thing 

  32. Best of luck to you Henry.. I have a good feeling.. You seem to want to have a committed relationship and this woman obviously does or she would not be altering her life so quickly. There will be much more pressure for her then you as she has so much more to loose and or gain. It is important to realize that the playing field is not even. This is not to say there is anything unfair just uneven. It will be difficult for her not to pressure you and try and gauge your willingness to commit and move forward and I know this may scare you off some as you definitely do not want to move too fast. I am not saying stop thinking and being careful but also do not be too sensitive to the scary side of relationships; commitment and sacrifice. Good luck and I hope to meet you in a few weeks when I arrive there in Dumaguete. Maybe I will be in time for the wedding LOL…

  33. Henry good luck. I hope everything goes well. Been enjoying your video blogs for over a year. Very articulate and informative. Also watching the blogs of Ned and Michelle. He said has met you. Anyway keep up the good work and information.

  34. Henry if you were marrierd  to  pinay would you buy a house in Dumaguete what can you get for a million million an a hafe or would you buty in bohol

  35. Dont go in with any expectations.  Just be yourself that may take a few days and she should also but then dont listen to me cause Im on my 3rd marriage… 

  36. gsproc55, you are exactly right!!!

    Everything you have said is absolutely true–I am impressed that you knew very well the real game of young Filipinas (particularly in their 20s); of course, Filipina women won’t admit their true agenda in front of their target foreigners. I am a Filipina, lives in Cebu City, Phil., and after reading most of the postings here, there is some kind of guilty feeling that motivated me to react. I realized that there are guys here who still don’t know about some hidden agenda of young Filipinas, targeting old foreigners. In order for an old, wrinkly, and big belly foreigners to be desirable by young Filipinas, particularly in their 20s, you must have a fat wallet, as that is the major criteria; as long as you have that, young Filipinas can ignore all other flaws you may have (old age, wrinkles, stained teeth, out-of-shape, not so good looking). So, to all older foreign men who believe that a young Filipina is really in love with you, “IT IS A BIG JOKE”; all Filipinos knew this. Also, if an older foreign boyfriend cannot provide the financial necessities–that his young Filipina gf is quietly expecting–a young Filipina gf will just hang on, until she finds a better foreigner who has more to offer than her current old-foreigner boyfriend. 

  37. Hey Henry, Good luck man. I know what you mean, and I have given up several times but nothing in my character lets me quit until I reach my goal. Nothing worth having is easy. 

  38. hi henry have you tried wondering south of dumaguette city..especially Zamboaguita.. theres a huge flea market down there..i think every wednesday or thursday(Malatapay Flea market)..that’s about 40 kilometers from dumaguette city…my home town is Siaton it’s 50 kilometers from dumaguette…i’m sure you will like the view in the southern part of dumaguette city..

    1. @Raul Gajilomo i just passed through Zamboaguita a few days ago on a road trip to Bayawan. beautiful ride out there.. amazing scenery.

  39. Enrique, Enrique, Enrique…No matter what you do in life (And I don’t care if you wish to go and help Mother Theresa…) there will be 9 out of 10 people that will call you a fool. One will support. You are a grown man. Do what makes you happy and enjoy.The many haters out there have not lived in the Philippines or have only visited. Every woman wants a “security blanket” of some sort…be it financially or emotionally or both. ***For all of you out there a sour look on your face at that statement…I did not say all women. There always exceptions that prove the rule.

  40. Good for you! I like how you can be a little cynical about women, but are still willing and ready to take the risk of being in love with the right woman.

  41. I am an old goat of 58 and my wife is very beautiful at 39 now. We have been married for 7 years and she is as faithful as anyone I have ever met. I know lots of American men married to young beautiful filipinas and they are happy. Of  course there are exceptions but for the most part all is good. I say get on the train and ride it to whee ever it takes you and enjoy all the good and forget about the bad. I’m with you Henry!

  42. Hi Henry, I saw that you were traveling around and reporting back on what you see. I like your vlogs they are nice for me to see. My Lola lives in Cebu so its nice for me to see some more of the Islands. Anyhow I just wanted to ask you and any of your buddies what golf clubs are there in the Visayas. I hope to go to college on a golf scholarship in the future but I would love to know about golf in the Philippines Then maybe when I visit with my Moms family I could play some golf too.
    I know your busy traveling so any time you get a spare minute and if you want to, Let me know. ps My family are all following your travels its like our own little show. In a good way.  Alara

    1. Hi Henry,
      Thanks anyway. Hopefully some of your buddies may know more. I will go checkout the ones you mentioned, but honestly It really needs to be in Cebu as that’s where I will be staying. I just watched the surfboard guy and he seemed like a nice guy.It was interesting to see a skilled Filipino doing his thing.

    2. @Alara Golf i don’t know much about golf, except miniature golf.  🙂   but maybe any golfers here on the channel could give you a better idea of what’s available here in the PH.  i only know there is a golf course on Mactan and another in Moalboal outskirts.

  43. Henry, first be positive you’re a positive kind of guy just look at it as an adventure and go for it meeting a girl does not mean it is the one just think of the Possibilities that s all keep an open mind don’t create higher expectation in your mind or you might get burn. l believe in things happen for a reason circumstances may bring two people together good luck.

    1. Henry, this is just an example, I think it “may help for you to make an observation about a woman learn from her behaviors at the same time because you are in a different environment most of whom you meet will most likely be close to their family ties that you will just have to make an adjustments. It may help them learn about your lifestyle if you open to them its the only way they will understand you, and who you are, what your needs are? I really hope you find your loving companion same way Jack Northrup has.

    2. If you get hurt now again, you will be hurting tomorrow, you will still be hurting next week, for a month, few months or even a year or two but does it mean just because your hurting now does it mean your life had ended if so then you don’t deserve another chance. It sounds a little harsh but it is reality sorry about that. Question is do you have the ability to rise above pain and sorrow? Can you measure yourself higher above the rest? It is life true test and many test. It is a constant struggle to reach higher bliss. I ask myself is there a price for doing so what do we get out of it? So far I think we gain learning experienced and be proud of what we can achieve spiritually I take pleasure of rising above the norm some  people kill themselves for not overcoming overwhelming feelings like movie stars they have a hard time struggling to keep their sanity alive. It is sad people have great gift of talents yet they fail to grasp how wonderful life can be specially when you have someone to share it with. Henry, if you read this I don’t know what you get out of it if there is any? But I followed your video long enough for me to say you know what this man deserve a good woman just like anybody else. So, I look forward to your new videos I like them they are neat.

    3. Yes Henry, man I can only tell you I’m on my third marriage I have 3 children in total from both previous failed marriages but it did not stop me from having third marriage hopefully my last if not I will keep on searching for love and companionship luckily both my ex’s have good financial means and in need of little maintenance from me. This time on my third marriage since both of us have been divorced before we no longer have the need for children. If my marriage fail again I will never stop searching for another till I reach the end of my road life I think is not about how we fail its about how we keep going we must have the drive to live and accept failure to move on. All this time I have learned that pain,  misery and failure of relationship does not stay with you it does go away if you just learn to let go so for me I have figured out that even rocks crumbles in time. So I think you should go and meet as many a women as you can someone will always come along. I can’t prove it to you if you don’t believe it you should prove it to yourself.

    4. @filip thai good advice.  i’m trying to keep my hopes and expectations in check.  i’ll be updating in a few hours on the situation.  

  44. Henry I am wondering what it is like to live thier
    I am a female, I know it is usually men or couples who go out their.
    Are their any older single women who go out thier, I am looking for
    a cheaper place to live then the very cold New York area  I
    came to California and found it to be too expensive costing more
    then where I am from.  Florida is cheaper then where I live but
    not cheap enough, I would be homeless so I am looking over
    seas to find something cheap like $200. a month rent. In india
    they have tuk tuk cab like 3 wheel vehicles do they have those
    in South East Asia? They are only $5000. new in India for a 
    new tuk tuk 3 wheel vehicles.  They would be above a bike but
    below a car with protection from rain.  Anyway what is the expat
    community like and do women come?  Thank You In Advance
    Love Your Videos.   Margaret

    1. @Margaret Cabral i do see expat women here, but not many.  maybe only because they prefer to be near family/friends/network in their home-country.  ??  but cost of living is lower and for about $1,600+/month,  a single person could easily live just about anywhere in the PH.  with some frugal living, maybe at $1,200.

  45. To Other Subcribers 
    I am a female whos a widow so I am single
    I am wondering if women come alone to these
    expat communities. 
    What is it like living their?
    It is cold and too expensive to live here
    and it is too costly to live in FL or CA and
    forget HI  these places are wonderful but
    only rich Americans afford to move to any
    of these 3 and FL the cheapest is still too
    costly for me.
    I can’t take this cold anymore and what is it
    like their and what is the weather like.
    I thinking of getting a tuk tuk 3 wheel vehicle
    that I understand is $5,000. new so I should be
    able to get something used for much less.
    Are apartment rentals about $200. a month?
    Thank You In Advance   Margaret

  46. One suggestion, don’t listen to negative feedbacks! Live your life the way you want it! Hope everything works out well with you and this girl! GOD BLESS!

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