Video Diary; Interesting People’s Lives in the Philippines

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi , im jay , from Australia , I’m using however a lot of the exotic girls i like seem to be fake ! I have come at 4 already , when you ask them to go to internet cafe to show their profile on cam they come up with excuse like no time or cost .Like you say its only 75 cents an hr  to go online ? then i tell them that it is standard these days to use webcam , esp if your looking for a international man. 

  1. I can’t believe those lady boys…Always getting their fun…In their own ways..God!  No lady boys fer me,.  thanks… I’d rather accupied my own mind..

    1. @Grant Bedard Could be many reasons like, a sense of belonging , a life style, feeling insecure or could be in search of chracteristics like,  David Bowe or Boy George from the band culture club since, they were the veterans of the 70’s and 80’s,.  but if you would see Boy George now his nothing like, a cross dresser at all and  getting into cosmetic surgeries to transform completely is a bit extreme. We humans go far beyond to defy the odds..To me, I have nothing againts it as long as they don’t hurt anyone Infact, I finded a lot easy to tolerate them rather than a matcho musle head, egocentric, and  violent man.. I also, find them not very judgemental to anyone..rather, they are open minded people like, nothing to hide. I would accept them as human beings as long as they are respectful and has courtesy to others as well.. After all, who am I to judge them.. We even have gay pride celebrations here in Minneapolis MN, coming up also, known as GLBT pride celebration and that’s when all them really comes out off the closets to participate in the parade like, what they have in Amsterdam.. It amazed me, of the confidence they have in public cuz,  they wear nothing but tongs, skeevees, and leather straps undies during the parade and all day throughout the celebration.. I could never, ever have that kinda confidence in public like, that.. I would be so, embarrassed.. So, embarrassed I will no longer exist in the community.. I tell ya,..!  but to them is like, a walk in the park  though. LOL  And  I love them for that honest!   I mean, I love and respect them for the kinda confidence they show that even all types of judgements from anyone will not stop them from being themselves.. That just tells me, that they are just resilients to any types of judgements and negativities in this world.. And for that,..they are amazing people…They could teach me, a thing or two about feeling confident…And over come any types of insecurities..

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Ladyboy is a bit extreme to me…I mean, real freak of nature stuff…I have nothing againts their life style no. Just don’t get me wrong.  Here in the  state they are automatically considered as transgender,.. Meaning,  they have been to cosmetic tranformations..Infact,.! I know some who’s not even gay and at the same time his trans and cross dresser.. Yep! looking like, drag queen..Remember !   I said, his not gay at all,.  but a person living two persona.. And I thought it always something to do with being gay,.. That really trip me, out though.!  .for real.   Kinda reminds of of that serial killer from the movie Silence of the Lambs starring Judy Foster and Anthony Hopkins or was that lady Agent Clarice Starline  played by Julianne Moore?

    3. in the states, i hardly ever in 49 years ran into ‘shemales’ (as we call them there).  but once i arrived in the PH, i ran into a ladyboy my first 3 hours I arrived.  What I’ve found is that they are by and large very friendly and fun people.  Overall most are respectful and in a great mood.  Almost every Filipina (real-girl) I’ve met here has a ladyboy either in their family or circle of friends so.. it just becomes a regular thing in the PH.  To me, there’s no reason to hold back the same respect and friendship, or at least courtesy as I’d give to anyone else.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. They do what they do because they have to.  But still it amazes me that that many people can make a life as well as they do for as many as they do.  The Island where my wifes house is measures 6 miles by 4 miles and has 450,000 folks on it. (Mactan Island)

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Well, I don’t care what they do privately, and I’ve also never treated gays disrespectfully, but I’d still be reluctant to do more than smile, and say hi.

  3. Hey Brother Henry, I was going to ask you HOW did you know they were lady-boys.  BUT, I’m afraid you’ll answer me, so never mind  LOL!

    Let us know if you see anything “interesting” at the disco.

  4. its like seeing a pretty woman from afar we can only draw conclusions from our own ideas of her.   until you get to know her and she becomes a multi-layered person(good and bad).
    philippines is like that and i like that you’re making the effort to go out there and meet people instead of being the judgemental person from the outside.
    make happy memories and i love your videos.  i’ll make some when i go on vacay back home soon. 

  5. Thanks for another great video. As a Filipino- American I feel like I am learning more about my country by you sharing your experiences on You Tube. Thank you Henry.

  6. You have a big advantage of blending in there Henry- with your Latino
    ethnicity, and your black hair and eyes, you could easily pass for a
    Filipino person. If you spoke Tagalog fluently-who would know the

    1. With my sunglasses on, I’ve had local Filipinos begin speaking to me in Visayan.  But once I speak, they know I’m a foreigner.  ha!  But in a crowd, maybe only my clothes and mannerisms give me away.  For the most part, I don’t stick out like a tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed white guy.  Even I can spot those guys in the mall from 300 feet away.  ha!

  7. Learning the culture is a process; you’re making progress but there’s a lot left to learn. Understand that it works, and that the people are happy. Finding out why might take a while.

    I’ve been here quite a bit longer than you have and can’t imagine living anywhere else. If you’re ever in the Metro Manila area, drop me a line and I’ll invite you to join us for some food and a nice chat.

    1. It would take a lifetime to see everything. I’m constantly amazed by the people, the places, and the culture. I feel very fortunate to have found Paradise here.

      It’s easy to feel that the situation that many Filipinos live in is a hardship. I’d like to offer a counter argument, but I’ll just offer that when you see videos of the poor living in slums, you might note that they’re wearing good and clean clothing and smiling.

      When you discover the reason for that your world will change. Money is useful, but wealth isn’t measured in dollars. Getting free of those southern California attitudes isn’t easy, but once you do, you’ll find Paradise.

      PS: I’m from California, too. 

    2. Sounds awesome, thanks for the invite.  And yes, I believe there is more there than meets the eye.  Myself, I wonder that I’d have the same hope despite being put in the same situation as most Filipinos have, with their love for life, music and family despite hardships.  Still so much to explore and discover here.

    1. It’s much calmer than Cebu.. 100%.  I don’t think much about crime here although I take standard precautions.  But when I’m in Cebu.. I’m kinda on ‘high alert’ when in the city.

  8. I’m glad you are enjoying Moalboal. I wish that other people would do things to make other peoples lives better. I have been to the non tourist financially challenged areas in Mexico and the Philippines.  So many people take things for granted like clean running water; electricity;  access to basic or good medical care and the vast offerings that other countries have.  I hope others will watch your videos and others videos to appreciate what they have and have not.  For me it was very sad to young kids to sell fruits and pencils when they should be in school.  The world is full of injustices and I hope that the Philippines will demand social services and a new deal for their country. The country should invest in them so they could build their infrastructure; agriculture and get people to work… 🙂

  9. Thank you too for sharing your videos, story, journey; exploration, troubles, excitement and life with us. Do your family and friends watch your videos from Mexico and S. California watch as well?

  10. I love watching you, adjust and understand how things really are in the Philippines. I have 10 years now. I remember your first post until now, a lot of changes. all for the better.. thumbs up 

  11. like your videos, they help me a lot, at the end of the month I will arrive in Manila, my English is not so good so I wish I can find a Spanish speaking person to guide me Im planing to see if I can live overther, Hope to find you somewhere …lol. my fly is for the 29 th. of April. thanks again for your videos.

  12. good points made. everywhere I went in the Philippines I see just how much harder life is for the every day person there. at one hotel I stayed at there was a girl I would think was 9 working every day 6 am serving coffee and 6 pm sweeping rooms. I remember thinking how her family must be hard pressed and cant afford for her to take the time for school.She cut her hand one day and they had no first aid kit so I used my travel one to patch her up and give her a dab of antibiotic cream for the wound. she was so happy and it was translated to me that she said something like “foreigners are so giving” 

  13. And that is exactly what people like us crave… to meet new people, see how they really live, see real places and have new genuine experiences (good, bad and even ugly).  We have all jetted into some place for a week, got drunk at the pool, done the tourist bus trip and then back on the plane.  I don’t want to do that anymore and I’ll bet just about all of your subscribers are looking for (or already having) the same thoughts.

  14. Hey Henry….Any idea how I could go about receiving my retired pay directly to a financial institution in the Philippines if I decide to move there?  I suppose I could always get my in-law whose a long term financial banker to hook me up.

  15. That was a great video.  Yes. as tourist many do not absorb into the culture.  For me what is the point of traveling if you do not do this.  But everyone has their own reasons for travel and I respect that.   Elton John made a great song about that called  Holiday Inn.  

  16. Reekay, you have some choices that have nothing to do with PI society or lack of. what is spiritual that is not evil. God simply is and is a rewarder of those that seek Him. I’m just hoping for more of those serendipitous…..OMG did I just use that word?

  17. I only started following your videos about a month ago and so far I think this is your deepest, most meaningful and introspective take of your newfound life in the Philippines. You knew there would be cultural differences and having to live in a whole different world, you’ve adapted really well and understand fully what the Filipino culture is about with its quirks and unique characteristics (good and bad). You’ve learned to embrace life as it is in the Philippines. I’m very impressed with your keen observations and open mindedness. You are laying the path for people like me who wish to one day come back to my native land. Thank you!

  18. Well enreeka,awesome info can we find out about Marina’s rent and vacation homes in Vietnam I see your fond of that type of stuff

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