Video Diary Nov 22, 2014 – Happy and Content

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  1. Hey Henry
    You show a lot of restraint many guy’s would be married buy now. I am looking forward to my first trip to Ph in 2015 -16 . Good to know that if I don’t meet miss right right  right  way it is still OK. 

    1. @steve hansen i suppose it’s partly because of the way i came to the PH.  i came here already in a 2 year relationship with a filipina.  not just online, she would come to calif and live with me every 3 months for 2 months at a time.  so when i first came to the PH, dating was not even on my mind, i was just hoping to be with my g/f as much as possible.  long-story-short.. i didn’t really begin considering anyone else for a relationship until Sept of 2013, when i met jovan, on island of bohol.  so my introduction to the ‘dating pool’ in the PH was delayed long enough for me to kinda get handle on what i was dealing with before jumping into the arena myself.  🙂

  2. I’m still cool with all my ex-gf’s here in the USA, but none of them have ever introduced one of their cute friends to me. I find that so strange and yet I envy your situation. 

    1. @Derrick Washington remember the video i did at the mangroves.. the hot girl in white?  bea introduced me to her as well.  that girl and i had just started dating for a week when she suddenly went back to her old b/f.  but even so, bea did me a solid by giving me the intro.  🙂   btw.. here’s the vid of the one bea hooked me up with;  Quick Video Postcard: Tanjay Mangroves Boardwalk – Negros Oriental

  3. Hi henry thats good then your doing what you want and your happy thats what counts the most, plus tying up the loos ends is always a good thing,im excited about this up coming trip you have planned cant wait for that 🙂 oh and thanks for adding me on yiur fb page nice page by the way,have a good time tonight thanks for the video update 🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines. Hee Henry. Im a new fan from the Netherlands. U provide great informations about the culture and personal life experiences. I hope and pray to come and visit u soon and see this beautyfull country for myself. Greetings from Rick.

    2. @edwinodus no.  i know that thought sounds like it would explain a lot.  but i have offered bea a full, exclusive relationship and she was not motivated.  if she had wanted that, she wouldn’t have passed on it.  so.. we just settle on remaining friends.

    3. @edwinodus by my definition, it’s impossible to be ‘in love’ unless it is mutual.  if only one person is ‘in love’.. it’s kinda pointless. but i do care for her greatly.

  4. I think it’s pretty universal that pretty women don’t stay single for very long. As much as the PH is a marriage-minded culture, I wonder how driven Filipinas are to make babies since marriage and security aren’t strong pre-requisites in many cases. As with other cultures and people of lower socio-economic status, does motherhood for a Filipina provide a more permanent ongoing relationship emotionally than she could ever expect with a man? It almost gives me the impression that being a single lady older than 25 with no kids is more of a stigma than never married with kids.

    1. It’s interesting that a halo-halo mix child brings greater status when other cultures often look down at mixed race kids. A more humane perspective but sad in other respects. I wonder if some of these cultural norms in the PH will keep it from getting more of its people out of poverty.  But then again they have strong extended family ties while we Westerners seek happiness through material things.

    2. @Glenn McGee very good observations.  the thinking here is SO very different.  here, every baby (in or out of wedlock) is a ‘blessing’.  and if it’s a ‘halo-halo’/mix baby from a foreigner, all the more.  one of my ex/gf’s, while still with me, was arranging to get pregnant from another foreigner (without my knowledge) because she wanted a mix-baby.  even after we broke up, her chief goal was to get pregnant from a foreigner within a year, even if the she never saw the father again.  THAT is how prevalent having a child is in this culture.  being without a husband is almost par for the course, people will accept that.. if she has that baby to prove that at one point she DID have a man in her life.  but if a filipina is over 29, single and no kids.. her only way to escape that stigma is if she had devoted her life to education, career and supporting her parents.  only then does she ‘kinda’ get a pass.

  5. Henry, what a real Casanova LOL……those are all hot looking girls Henry and you’re not at all into any of them? Well at least you’re having the time of your life and enjoying it. Good way to travel meeting all kinds of people and friends. Go check out Palawan Henry. You would love that trip for sure. Im going to Baguio tonight to check up on some things there and to pick up some documents then I should be back in metro manila on wednesday. Hope you can visit the main island one day. I’ll take you out for lunch or dinner. Enjoy..

    1. @Roland Tuason ha!  it’s not that i’m not into any of them.  in fact, i still love april very much.  but i also realize she and i had issues we couldn’t get past so, it’s best we not stay together.  i also care a lot for bea.  but i gather she’d rather just be friends and leave it at that ever since our breakup.  meanwhile, plenty of freedom to go where i want, when i want and do what i want.  🙂

  6. Hi Henry , i have q for u you have professional skills in dating like it was even easy for you to date in USA  or it just the Filipino personality is easy to date ….or maybe you are just lucky man my friend   …..thanks for all your videos.

    1. @AHMED Cass in the usa, i was ‘average’ in the dating realm.  but the base reality is that it’s really a comparison of apples and mangoes when it comes to dating.  the dynamics in play here in the PH are so vastly different than most western cultures.  most people will first notice the poverty/money incentive as women here seek a husband with security.. and any foreigner represents security to a woman in the PH.  yes, ‘some’ filipinas marry ‘only’ for money.  but the truth is almost all women from every country has financial security at the top of her list when dating a man.  and the usa is no exception.  further, older men are seen as more mature and knowledgeable than a 19 year old rice farmer’s filipino son who never left his island or finished 10th grade.  so.. again, filipinas are attracted to that.  the ‘naysayers’ will tell you it’s all superficial and love has zero to do with it.  but they ignore the countless happily married expats with filipino wives that are enjoying the best years of their life.  so.. to answer your question;  the most i have going for me are a strong sense of courtesy and i can usually make a woman laugh.  aside from that, everything in the PH is already leaning in our favor to make us the desirable choice.

  7. Ya Henry, taking stock and keeping inventory. Nice way to put it. Judging by your pics I would say it’s a nice problem to have. you go rock the board walk tonight and have a grand time.

    1. @Anthony M Macias Sr upon review.. that ‘taking stock’ didn’t quite come out as i intended.  ha!  i’ve been taking stock of the whole situation.. the curve of events over the last year and, the women who have come and gone during that time are a part of that.  a time for everything.  and good experiences along the way.  🙂

    1. @PalJoey1957 or.. some new contender.  🙂  but, actually, bea and i had our time and i think we’ll just stay good friends.  plenty of other guys after her so i won’t keep her to myself.  she deserves someone who can commit with the kids included.

  8. Thanks for the update of your life there in Dumaguete. I miss strolling at the boardwalk when seeing this video. Making new friends is good. Hope you had a great time with Maria. Btw she looks pretty 🙂 Take care, Henry.

  9. Glenn… Fillipina’s are very much into family and babies.. They see these babies as a way to beable to survive when they get to old to work.. as it is the duty of the children to take care of the aged parents… since there idea of a retirement plan is nonexistent in the Philippines…

  10. Since you brought up happy and content,  some one else brought that up to me Here were my thoughts on it.
    Thanks, , but I don’t seek contentment, I just experience the journey, that’s what the journey is about its like that cold blast of fresh air on a beautiful December morning. To just find contentment is like defining a final time in our life a state of homeostasis. Ill settle for wherever the journey or adventure the quest takes me.

    1. @Master Hughes good thoughts.  for me, contentment is being thankful for what i have and what goodness comes my way.  i don’t strive for it and i don’t fret over it’s timing.  i just enjoy.  🙂

  11. Who’s the MAN Heennnnnnnry!  Don’t they have ugly women in PI?  No-wonder you are not sleeping, and who would want to sleep?  But,… how does that song go?… “If you want to live a happy life make an ugly woman your wife”  I’d rather be unhappy.

    1. @Josh Stapp ha!  i hear ya’.  i suppose what people may not realize is that what i share online is only the tip of the iceberg.  i see and meet so many beautiful women it’s like swimming in an ocean of amazing women every day.  just tonight i went for dinner at a resto.  i saw a beautiful, tall filipina so i introduced myself, gave her my number and may meet with her later this week.  if anything, it takes effort to AVOID meeting beautiful women.  so i just take it as it comes and enjoy the journey.  🙂

  12. come on, Henry!  don’t play hard to get… Maria seems to be your nicest catch so far… 🙂
    Also, hearing that you ve been staying indoor… low libido, etc…  when was the last time you had a checkup?  do you have medical  insurance?  whatz the cost of a decent med plan over there?  cheers!

    1. @Syd Ray ha!  not trying to play hard to get.. but i’m just not wanting anything serious right now.  as for low libido, no chance of that.  i’ve been staying home but i have a few filipinas i can call for satisfaction as the need arises.  🙂

    1. @Danny Ocean oddly enough, since most of these are ex/gf’s, i only see them maybe once a week, if that.  they have other suitors or b/f’s now.  maria is the only new one i just met.  she’s single, no b/f.  but even then she works 72hours/week so i only see her on thursdays.  

    1. @Danny Ocean well, from july (2012) until march (2013) i was in a relationship, so i didn’t date on account of i had planned to marry that filipina.  after that march is when i began dating for fun.  then i got serious when i met jovan, in september (2013) and was faithful to her until we broke up in march (2014).  then, in may of 2014, i met april and again.. was only with her until end of july.  so… actually, i haven’t really been “single and unattached” very long here in the PH.  🙂


  14. Sir this is the time to expect the unexpected. Some one told me once do not look for love but love will find you when least expected. We all know that you have your margins you are trying to stay in. But you never know you may walk past your soul mate tonight and not even know it. Good luck

  15. Glad your content . Hope you are able to get your projects done . It seems that you have a lot of options in the Philippines . I don’t just mean with women , I mean what you wanna do . Things here in the states are getting so limited on what you can do . Mainly because everything is expensive to do . Later

    1. @pmags1331 yes, anytime i jump on my motorbike to ride off somewhere, with the whole day to do ‘whatever’, i get a sense of that freedom that i didn’t have back home in calif.

  16. No sleep in the PI!  I remember those days.  Henry, that is the way it is suppose to be,  The hell with sleep as you body will take charge one day to obtain enough sleep.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines wow thanks! when will you upload a new video? your pokemon go video was my first one and i was able to catch up on so many of your old videos. haha i learned a lot.

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