Video Postcard; At the Fruit Merkado – Dumaguete

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    1. @prairie mark Thanks for the replies, I do expect that I will eventually end up marrying in a church but it’s also good to know that there are other options.  

    2. @Paul John Civil services are very common if conditions are not right to be accepted by the church.  It is common to have a civil service first and a church ceremony later.  However if a couple are not married in the church then they are not eligible for communion if they are living together and that is a big deal for a Catholic. 

  1. i loved the fruit that i got when i was there… some of it was ugly but tasted sooooo good. other stuff was pretty and was not to good (star fruit) lansonas and rombutan where good to eat but have a short season. 

  2. Nice, on my way back just after 2 months from leaving. One way ticket now cost the same as my round trip ticket. Making sure i have my “throw away” ticket also. Enjoy.

  3. mmmmm missing fresh mango now I love that stuff. 

    Very wise to let her handle the buying I remember watching my girl there rip into a seller when they quoted me a high price and suddenly I am paying half or less for everything lol

    1. @K Williams This is my first posting.
      ” AirAsia to Kota Kinabalu (BKI) for as little as 1539.00PHP ($36USD) depends on when you fly. ” 
      I didn’t bash anything or anyone. It plainly lists the carrier. But Since you want to take that attitude we could start with stop being so candy ass sensitive and do a little research on your own since you obviously have access to the web.

    2. @vonhuben I didn’t use Air Asia to get the quote! Maybe that is why I am not getting the amount that you are. Now that I know to use Air Asia I will probably get the same pricing you do. Wouldn’t it be better to make a suggestion as to what airline to use than to bash for using the wrong one. It just makes life a little more pleasant.

    3. If you get it about 2 months in advance, AirAsia from Clark to Malaysia is as low as $28.  But not if you book only a few weeks ahead.

    4. @K Williams
      I just ran it online at Air Asia a one way ticket seating October 15th. Origin as MNL and destination as Kota Kinabalu 1539,00PHP All in. I don’t see how you’re getting 250US???. You give a name, a phone number and an email address for your confirmation. I went through to the end of the process (short of paying) and the price did not change.

    5. I have to have the throwaway ticket prior to entering the Philippines. If I purchase this ticket online, while I an still in the USA, it is $250. So, how can I get the $36.00 option, while still in the USA???

  4. My filipina honey or my step-son are very good at picking fruits that are ripe and sweet.    They can tell when a melon is ready to eat by various ways…thumping, color, stem appearance…not sure how they do it but they can pick good ones.  

  5. What machine do you use to make smoothies, I will be leaving to go to PH very soon and I have a ninja blender for fruit smoothies. I freeze my fruit first and add water to the ninja. But I will sell it and buy a new one when I get there.

    1. It’s a small blender that the container acts as both blender and tall glass.  Good for one person or two, but for more a large blender would be better.  I like the one I have, got it for about 600p at the mall.  🙂

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