Video Postcard: ‘Hola’ From Puerto Nuevo, Mexico!

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  1. could have been the 6pack, could have been the wiskey, might of been the gin, might have been two four six or ten but look at the mess im in……..

  2. I’ve watched all your videos Henry. It has been very fun to listen to you reflect on your first hand experience in the Philippines.

    Is a buying a condominium with small deposit and loan and leasing it out for rent a decent money maker in Cebu? Some condo’s there for $70,000 Australia Dollars but I am not sure if I could get the tenants.

    1. i’m not too informed on the whole condo market. i do know that rents are cheap in general in the PH, not sure if it would turn a profit or just cut down your cost to buy it on the monthly.  i’ll keep my ears open for info though.

  3. Henry, fun thing I have been looking at retire in mexico videos for a few days now when this video pop up. I am big fan of your PI videos. Question, who has better looking ladies the Phils or mexico??

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