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  1. You would think some understanding or compassion be given to these fouriners that are up on the 36 mounth visa but’s only a money grab nothing but endless paperwork to fill out costing time stress and more peso its not there fault they can’t leave then return ..Compassion meaning “Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others” Philippines has alot to learn

  2. Interesting video but those that cannot do a visa run at present are in a serious situation as you cannot apply for extended stay after first application has been granted, they risk deportation,and as many countries don’t allow people who have been residing in the Philippines to return to there chosen home country…

  3. Im married but I was on a tourist visa. It expired. JRC. Filled a motion of reconsideration for me. They made a request for me to extend my time and allow me to file a 13 A. Im now a perm .residence . They SAVED me!!! If not I would have been forced to leave .!!! I would have lost my home and family. I cant afford to live in America and support my family here….. Thank You JRC. They can be TRUSTED !!!!!

  4. oh thank you so much very informative. We have been stressed about our visa. We filed last November 2020 for the overstay and motion for reconsideration because i have a medical issue which is diabetes and Psoriasis arthritis. I am not fit to travel as my Doctor said. We live in Legaspi City Albay and i don’t want to travel even to Manila so we filed here in Legaspi Immigration Up till this day we haven’t got an answer yet. We advised to wait.

  5. My (tourist visa) 3 years is up in March year 2022, does this mean that i can file a request for an additional 6 months through the Manila B.I. office?

  6. Great video Rod really good information I’m lucky for me my family background is Filipino my parents are from here in the Philippines and I’m a Filipino citizen so I can stay here for as long as I want

  7. Hey Rod getting of subject here but it is interesting.So my Phillippene GF gonna send me through your opinion? Not to offend.itrs free and legal.

  8. It’s just my opinion but if it’s very pricey just to leave & you can’t get back in either then many who have already overstayed there 36 months will do nothing for now.

  9. JRC and other similar services are not only for special circumstances, but make any issues dealing with visas or other passport issues much easier to handle. Otherwise, one could find themselves running around trying to get everything they need or even traveling back and forth to Manila trying to handle those issues. The services are well worth the additional costs since it could save you so much more if you fall into one of those administration loops. Just make sure you get with one of these services well before your due date so you don’t have to worry about getting booted from the country and get stuck with fines, as well as being restricted on when you could return.
    Dealing with your country passport might be a whole other problem though, so don’t forget, if you need to renew your passport to do so well in advance. That should allow at least a few extra months to handle any of those problems that might pop up.

  10. So in general if you are a tourist on the 36 months period there is no way to get an real extension especially if they do not issue Special Retirement Visa at the moment.

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