Walkaround of Liquid Dive Resort, Dauin, Negros Oriental, the Philippines

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  1. I’ve given up television and now just have a steady stream of Thailand and Philippines bloggers plugged directly into the TV set. These include Ned, Kyle Kukles, Kumamoto Duwat, Filipino Peepee, Asperger’s Adam over at Hollister Trainer, it’s me Sai, Thailand Rodney, David Buttplug Bond, Nikki Maboobies David’s girlfriend, Chung und Paige, ahhhhhhhhhh so many others

  2. Is your online Filipina honest with you or is she playing u for a fool?
    First off, if u met her online and she HASN’T given u her FB account u have to get her full name and just search for it. 99,99 % she has one. Have her turn off/deactivate or delete her dating app profile (& keep checking this every week, since most will reactivate it or just block u there instead of deactivating it).

    If she ISN’T taking your calls immediately, having ample time to talk with you, answering your messages etc, video chatting regularly, friending u on her FB account AND KEEPING her dating profile(s) deactivated she is not for real, has a local bf already and/or are talking with multiple ‘online boyfriends’ while telling you that she’s only yours. I.e. she is collecting money transfers and gifts and more.

  3. I have been checking out Mexico since early March, while other countries are locked out. Havenโ€™t seen you 3 for awhile but must say Zoey is continually growing up and getting so pretty ! Bless you all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  4. Hey Ned I like the video and I can’t wait to come back but now my wife has finally got her American visa and I also got 10 year green card for her so she can work when she comes here and I can’t wait to come back there maybe I will come and say what’s up one day I was just wondering if you knew anything about anybody that traveled recently from the Philippines to America and if there is anything I should know to tell my wife when she flies here June 8th

  5. you never answered why Zoey doesnt speak and at her age she should be on the grass crawling around.. not always being carried.. you want her to learn to walk dont you?

  6. all caught up on prior videos. yup, vaccines are a good thing, and hopefully PH will open up soon, vacation is in order for me… tc

  7. After spending 3+ months online on social media trying out the dating apps/websites down there I have to say that girls with 1-2 k followers and more just are online waaaay too much, and they do it to hustle, sell, bustle and scam money out of you – if they met you online and not in rl… there’s just an incessant stream of messages of u must send money help me NOW or I will die tomorrow, or my mom got in an accident or whatever. Always a new reason not to go to work and earn a living the common way really. ๐Ÿ˜

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