We Are Having Problems in Thailand

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  1. I am Thai. This VDO almost make me cry. Yes, those peopler need a lot of help. Glad that we have you in Thailand. Wishing you a speedy recover. So that we can enjoy your VDOs. Drive safe…😍

  2. Don’t apologize for the realness. I might not be your target demographic (I’m 74), but as much as I enjoy the speed and girls, the people and the country are the most fascinating aspect. Old man advice: find a pretty teacher and learn more Thai. (You could subtitle english.)

  3. Dude based on what you said about your ankle and how it still causes you pain weeks later, especially baring weight, indicates to me a possible fracture. Even a small crack in a bone will cause you pain. Get that “sh_t” checked out…xrays !

  4. Chad, the only way the ankle will heal is to stay off it ( every step is hitting it with 150 plus pounds) It is going to be almost impossible for some one like you.

  5. I’d be curious about how their healthcare system works, etc. As someone who made orthopaedic braces in the past, it really is a lot more labour/skill than materials. Yes there’s things that can be bought off the shelf, but with their inexpensive labour costs… wouldn’t expect it to cost much. Wonder how their regulations are? As someone who was never certified, I can make custom insoles… but can’t legally make custom orthopaedic insoles. Wonder if they would have these restrictions. It would be interesting to see the cost difference.

  6. the cases and deaths are lies. they cant keep the control without the fear. the only pandemic is corruption. even in india people are filming in the streets exposing the media lies. dont get jabbed dont take tests and dont where masks. this all ends when enough people rise up and say no.

  7. I’m glad to see Cafe Del Sunshine was still open! That’s one of my favorites breakfast places on the island!

  8. Don’t worry man, just have to get through that 75th wave and you’ll be all set. They might start to relax things after the 50th wave though. Of course then there’s the “new version” that’s coming next year. So probably best to just stay inside for the next few decades, at least that’s what government’s will say.

  9. Yeh I was staying round the corner from lonely beach last year? Eating in the exact place 😁 hopefally it all get back 2 normal the end of this year 🙏🏼

  10. Glad for the video and that you weren’t hurt too badly. Just take it easy and get back to 100%. Its awesome that you want to help the people of Thailand.

  11. One of the only Thai islands 🏝 I haven’t visited. Hope your ankle gets better 👣
    I’ll have to vlog about this one later this year.

  12. Brother can you explain how to get health insurance or international health insurance and how does it work. Thank you. Be safe

  13. Take it easy man. Rest and recuperate.

    Even if you make videos of you talking in your apartment about been quarantined, I would still watch.

  14. That hilux at 3:05 was about to make the daily traffic death toll higher than “the situation’s” 555
    Islanders drive like they are doing laps around their tiny islands…

  15. Chad, Take care, as best you can . Thank you for helping out the businesses. The look on that lady’s face was so shocked and humble. Very kind of you . God bless you 🙏🏻

  16. Feel better bro, feel your pain! Good on ya for spreading the wealth! Love that Island! Hope to meet for one of those sunset beers someday! ✌️😁🇨🇦

  17. Dear Chad, first of all, get well soon…
    Now we see, it can happen all of us, in a second.

    Great that you support the people in Thailand.
    I don’t want to be “the wise guy” but realize, the people behind “the situation” , are the people who are starving the world. Not only Thailand, every country…No exception

  18. Chad you’re missing the mark if you think you can only make “good news” videos. What people want is authenticity and I think you bring that. Two content suggestions:

    1. Consider looking into the development of electric cars and bikes in Thailand. I’ve always thought the worst things about Thailand are the noise and the fumes. Electric vehicles could revolutionize Thailand by reducing both. And they are a prime candidate for solar. So that would be interesting.

    2. Consider some guest co-hosts or companions. You can’t continue to be a one-man show forever. You’re going to crack.

  19. First of all this is one of best videos you made , second of all i think you should visic clinic again for more examination of your ankle and third of all you should talk more about the situation for me it is new normal and i still would watch your videos even i would donate some money to help other people but i can not because of situation even we here in EU ( Slovenia ) are hit hard financialy so you should first be healthy and safe and get well and than start recording new videos and making tours…

    Well be safe and see you in next video

  20. Dude, take it from a 20 year adult athlete and more years coaching. When they say ice, don’t do it once or twice like most people and think that is all you need. Keep using your leg reasonably and after the exercise, ice that shit. Don’t put the Ice directly on your skin, but have something thin between the ice and your skin, you want cold but no freezer burn…. lol

  21. Hi Chad sorry to hear about your ankle. I sure sympathize because I had a low speed accident 2 up on Koh Chang once. There is a piece of the road between the port and white sands beach where a creek flows over the tar seal amongst a tight windy bit. Anyhow the road is actually slimy/mossy there. When we dropped the bike my girlfriend fell on me and used her giant handbag as a rubbing barrier between her and the road. I managed to save the bike by using my knee, calf, ankle, shoulder and wrist as wear protectors. It didn’t help having the extra weight of the bike and my girlfriend on me. Anyhow the joys of iodine……

  22. That was a great tip Chad I’m sure the woman appreciated it but I’m sure there were some older folk who can’t work who would have been more needy.
    Re your ankle I can sympathise with you there I had a leg bump before Christmas went to bed & self medicated 3 days latter it was infected & it took 2 months to heal, so listen to the Dr’s and try to keep off it & keep it elevated.
    Stay safe & look forward to future videos

  23. I want to know more information about Thailand’s “SITUATION” like this video. Delivered by you and not the news channel. Appreciate your personal thoughts on current events for Thailand! Thank you CB!

  24. Probably one of the videos I’ve wanted to watch. Here in the UK we can travel to country’s like Israel or Iceland with little trouble. Anywhere else and you need to take more tests.

    I’ve even had double vacinnes, it means nothing.

  25. Best part about you chad is there’s no bullshit to your story an travels , genuine genuine genuine.honestly say your parents brought up a fine young man .keep up the great vids cheers from down under

  26. You’re a good dude, Chad. Thanks for the good vibes and vids. You are right. Thai people are some of the kindest on this planet. Hope your ankle heals up quickly.

  27. I love all the videos you do,, but this one touched my hart,, the girl that sold you the food was very aprecciated for the big tip you gave her,,, i would do the same,, lot of bussinesses need help,, and you are great in helping poeple out 👌🏼
    Thank you for what you do,, and i hope you get well with your ankle,, take care

  28. Thank you for yet another awesome video, Chad! Showing us real Thailand with real kindness and always keeping it down to earth. Revisiting Koh Chang since 2015 through your lens has made me smile. We’re all lucky to be a part of your legendary journey!

  29. my brother would like to ask how many months have you lived in Thailand and what things impressed you the most during your stay in Thailand

  30. Not sure if you will ever see this Chad, but I admire your attitude towards Thai people, I visited Ayutthaya a fey years ago when my Mum was poorly and the Thai people were super friendly. as always I love your sincerity.

  31. If nothing is broken in your foot try walk as much you can to rebuild muscles. Preferably on the beach.
    Get well and do no more than you can. Be careful and best of luck

  32. Hi Chad
    Hope your feeling better after your fall, just started watching your vlogs recently and have subscribed also to your channel.
    Glad to see you helping out the locals on your travels through Thailand.
    Been to Thailand 7 times with my wife absolutely love the people and the culture and hopefully return once the situation improves all over the world and we can’t wait to come back hopefully will be there for 6 weeks on our next trip.
    Love your car vlogs, I’m also a car guy and own a 73 Ford Maverick not many here in Australia and my son owns a 73 Mazda RX3.
    Keep up to good work your doing and stay safe.

  33. Thanks for the updated video. Sounds like you won’t be able to do anything for a while longer, but if you get the chance I hope you’ll one day do a video of Chantaburi. In May there’s a fruit festival there that’s real famous in Thailand. Durian, all sorts of other real nice fruits grow in that province because the climate is perfect for them. Hope your ankle improves!

  34. You dont need to worry about the content of this video Chad. It took me away from my same/same everyday stuff, and showed more of the beauty of Thailand. I knew that restaurant was going to bring out some good food, as soon as I saw that Jim Morrison poster on the wall!
    Take care of that ankle Chad…

  35. Chad! Since you have a Mini2 with you, why not go for the Follow Me-shots as your ride your bike? Have some cool aerial shots following you from the air as you ride the islands. Would be dope!

  36. Yeah, a fracture . . . hairline fractures don’t show up on x-rays for a long time. Elevated, Ice, Wrap it, Stay the f off of it . . . and then work through it.

  37. man you are good enough you can make any video even without walking… i really enjoy listening to your comments while you’re driving motorbike…. keep that up its more entertaining than you think 😀

  38. Thanks for giving a damn Chad 🙌. I was worried about your leg it was a pretty good puncture. I was more worried about infection. It may need to be x-rayed to see if there is something floating around in there. As for your videos, you could just fly that drone out of hotel room and I would watch. Be safe buddy 🙏

  39. The problems in India at the moment is really blown out of proportion because you have to remember it has 1.4 billion population, India has only 1500 case’s per one million of population, The US has 100,000 case’s per one million of population, Czechia has 153,000 case’s per one million of population, Estonia has 93,000 case’s per one million of population but nobody is mentioning that. India is only 114th down the list.

  40. i have the same drone… i had a mavic pro and for that i had to make a license to fly in thailand which cost me 7000 bath to fly legally in thailand… with the mavic mini you don’t need that as it’s only 249g… good choice 😉

  41. 10:30 that Re action is Priceless 1 second she stop thinking don’t know even what to think
    and 1 sec she say ja that means Yes in Norwegian or at least it sounded like Ja

    much respect Chad

  42. I can’t wait to get back and help the Thai people. I didn’t expect to
    stay in U S this long but have made a lot of money to bring back to LOS

  43. Man I would love to get back to Thailand as soon as borders are open. They depending on tourism and the current situation is not good, even before because people are already bound to their home country by the governments. I also think that if you can’t eat outside, then order at least the take out to support your favorite restaurants where you would go normally anyway.

  44. Bro, when I was there I use to tip huge to try and help as much as I could. I left Pattaya mid February and I’m hearing that this lock down is probably gonna be as bad as the first one…..it’s all bullshit to be honest with you. I’m in Texas where everything is open and getting better (as far as the situation) every day. There are less and less cases and heard immunity is the key. Just my 2 cents. Stay safe Chad. Maybe after the “situation” is over I’ll make it back to Thailand and we can party lol

  45. Hi Chad, what you did for that waitress got to me. You are a gent and keep doing what your doing. It moved me so much I just went though a bunch of you video’s just to hit the like button. 🙏

  46. You’re simply rock bottom Mr nice guy its awesome to see some generosity towards the local businesses especially in time really of mind blowing from the current situations,get your ankle fixed you hear and do whatever we could to help ,cheers

  47. Keep off that foot mate and well done for the support you give to the thai people. You are truly a decent human being.

  48. Great content. The power of money is giving. Eventually, it all comes back to the generous person when least expected. Non givers find their money eventually drys up! Success can be easy; work for yourself, focus on what you love, work hard, pay yourself first, and give 10% to charity.

  49. Koh Chang looks beautiful.
    Thailand has a population of 69.95 million, California has a population of about 25 million I think.

  50. That’s a decent evo body conversion, I’m presuming they did a cut and shut to get the rear? As the stock cg – ch lancers are completely different

  51. Get well soon and stay safe, dude. May be you could tell a couple of amazing sunset beer stories… You know, change names or whatever, and tell some crazy ass party stories, that no doubt you’ve got plenty of. Anyway, stay up 😎

  52. So funny when you turn around because you thought you saw a car…. I do the exact same thing in Thailand for imports! Ran into a few Skylines, and a few line Civics for sure!

  53. Can you post a Venmo ? Would love to help the people of Thailand. You should do vids of tipping big with our donations from the USA.

  54. Don’t worry just get better. I like all your videos but greatly enjoy your scooter travel videos because I plan to travel Thailand on 2 wheels two and really enjoy moto videos.

  55. Hated to see you get hurt! Appreciate your sacrifice for us! Rest up, elevate & ice as recommended. May I suggest you include some of the Thai green herbal rub on your injury. That stuff is the bomb. You know the stuff !

  56. Sorry for what to you chad..thats the worst part in riding a motorcycle 🏍️ but that’s how it goes..take time to recover man.. giving tip’s on a Thai waitress such a good heart ❤️ of you man! More power to your channel.

  57. Hey mate. thank you for the update on whats happening there currently. 2 years ago exactly now we were in Phuket. out thought to everyone there hopefully your ankle is better soon

    Love your video telling it how it is. appreciate the honesty shows the real life and no sugar coating. thats why I like and follow you

  58. Awesome update! Hope the foot gets better. Try to get a cane or a crutch. The more weight you can keep off your injury, the faster it’ll heal.

  59. I rented a moped in 2008 and drove up Doi Suthep in Thailand and drove into a cement ditch. My hand was sore and some Thai people helped me get the bike out of the ditch. I have not ridden a motorbike since then. It’s been taxis, tuck tucks, red trucks ever since. My life and limbs are more important than money and I can afford to be safe. I know it’s fun to ride a bike though.

  60. I’m in California, had my second vaccination 6 weeks ago, and everything is open, except indoor dining is 25-50% capacity or something.

  61. The beauty of video is that when you crashed the scooter you picked it up and walked it off. We had no idea you had injured yourself. You’re a trooper! Then to ride 45 minutes to provide some income to a hard hit business? You’re the Man!!!
    Sunset beers to your recovery and future antics! 🍺🍺

  62. I enjoyed the video. I would love to see you do a drone project with a series of videos covering more area. Not just the hot spots, but show the spaces in between.

    Also good job helping that lady. She will remember that for years to come.

  63. i live in TN….nothing has changed much here..covid is a BS lie…not even real….ashamed it has affected so many stupid people….roflmao

  64. Love bro – Love.

    This “situ” just keeps on giving, over it. It won’t be long and people won’t know what the world was like prior to this nonsense.

    Hope the ankle heals quickly. Cheers mate.

  65. Great video! Love Ko Chang! My favourite island in Thailand. Challenging roads for motorcycle riders. Thanks 🙏

  66. Filming while riding motorbike, nice scenery and smooth roads! Turns camera around facing face! ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!! Damn

  67. Hey Chad, thanks for sharing with us what’s been happening to you! Especially the bad news, I think we actually WANT to hear about your struggles in living and in videos for us in Thailand. It makes us feel even closer to you, even from here in Los Angeles. As a Thai, stuck here, I really appreciate you, your great vlogs and your kind words and actions toward Thai people there. I can’t wait to meet you in person and buy you dinner for that. Please take care and don’t worry if you don’t make video that often these next few weeks. Be safe.

  68. Thanks Chad, been wondering where you’ve been been checking YouTube to see for another video. Take care yourself be careful heal fast work it out see another video when you can thank you Reynaldo Trenton Michigan Michigan

  69. Chad, sorry to hear about the ankle, I had a similar thing happen to me in 2016 in Chiang Mai, ankle was messed for the rest of my trip but man I still made the best of this trip as I could. I hope the situation gets better there. Stay safe man.

  70. Great video, Chad.. again! I was curious if you’ve ever looked into the Insta360 camera for filming. I know you’ve got some great equipment, but it’s another option. P.S. I got a walking boot if you want me to send it to you.

  71. when the normal flu kills people nobody cares. wonder how these new flues compare with old ones like H1N1. could be eye opening.

  72. I’m glad you weren’t too badly injured Chad. You may want to increase your health and accident insurance coverage. I was actually curious about that aspect of a lengthy stay in Thailand. I expect to be spending some time in Indonesia once “the situation” settles down and I can get fully inoculated before traveling. We a have pretty good national health plan in Canada. Traveling outside the country is a completely different story.
    Take care and keep spreading the wealth!

  73. Be careful about your health although I appreciate the continued content you need to be able to also be healthy. Stay off that leg.

  74. Dude. Try to get an x-Ray so you know for sure it’s not broken. If it is broken (tibia or fibula) and you walk on it… well… let’s cross the bridge if we get there. If it hurt for 2 weeks bad enough you couldn’t put weight on it, it sounds like a break.

  75. take care of your ankle chad , just do some chit chats from home for a while dont worry we will watch hey a lot of us are locked up at home so its ok. take care .

  76. Chad, thanks for the effort and good luck with your recuperation. Well done with the financial advise for the Thai people as well. Very cool.

  77. So awesome to spread the wealth with those suffering under ridiculous rules and regulations. All this for a bad flu? Why are we putting up with this charade?

  78. Chad get well man! Take care of that ankle first! Even if it seems better, should still wait until its fully healed incase another accident or something else happens. Love the content and channel! Stay healthy!

  79. An idea for w video: in Bronco Driver magazine there was an article about a guy who restored snd drive’s an original Bronco. Be cool for you to track him down and video it.👌🙏

  80. Bike accidents no matter how small tends to only show the real damage a few hours later after the adrenalin runs out. Take care Chad. And no worries about the subject, people want to hear your story, thats why we are here.

  81. my gf and i have been trying to travel in thailand as much as we can just to help out some people here. were both lucky enough to not have our jobs affected by covid, and we just love to travel in thailand anyway. were just waiting for the travel ban to get lifted so we can head south to some islands for a long weekend.

  82. Come visit Idaho . we don’t wear masks and we are fine. We are not increasing . Old people need it vaccines are abundant with who want them. and Ive had several ankle issue. Ibuprofen and ice every day. It will stay week for a long long time.

  83. Give and it shall be given.. God bless from communist Canada. Today a preacher got arrested for holding a church service.. Wish I was in Thailand now.. Get better bro..

  84. Get well chad! Your such a great inspiration for me in all you do with content creation. Do you need a license to fly a drone over there?

  85. Hope you get well soon. What a cool place ! Gonna try and visit there some day its beautiful. Rite now good ole Michigan’s gonna have to do.

  86. The situation in Malaysia isn’t any better either with the recent implement of the MCO 3.0 (Movement Control Order, it’s basically lockdown but our government doesn’t call it lockdown). It sucks but that’s the only way to slow down the spread of the “situation”.

  87. No No Chad, not at all im just glad your safe bro 😆 been wondering where you had gone. Id also heard about the “situation” Get well and heal and smash out the video’s later. Kind regards Ben from NZ

  88. Hi Chad, That was a solid you did for that waitress. You are a man of good character and this keeps me coming back. Try to stay off that ankle. Ice it and get a massage to get some blood circulating through it. Also as soon as you can start to build up strength in it. If you don’t then it will haunt you in the future at the worst time. Again, Thank You for being a good person!

  89. Chad just do what you can , you probably brused the bone or a good sprain
    Ice and keep it elevated
    And a couple of cold beers will fix anything
    Head up and keep going 😍😍👍👍

  90. Do get an X-Ray and professional medical advice. If you broke something you do not want it to mend out of its correct place. You may have torn ligaments that also need correct treatment.

  91. sucks about your ankle, but honestly when i see a video where youre on a motorbike it reminds me of the days when you first started, it suits you to vlog on a bike.

  92. Hey Chad, while you’re on Koh Chang you have to check out Annie P’s American Diner almost opposite Koh Chang Gym. Sloppy Joes and other uniquely American food. At the start of Klong Prau. Ted the Irish guy you met at Rudy Tuesday bar.

  93. Visit the temples around the island, ask the monks for oil to put on your ankle. If you find a temple that makes it, you’ll be amazed.

  94. Chad, be very careful with your leg and getting a infection in it! This is the tropics, and infections here can get out of hand very quickly! My Thai wife is a pharmacist, and if you need to talk with her, you can call me, and you can consult with her on the best medicines you can get over here! Shoot me a email, and I can give you my phone#! Her sister is a registered nurse, and has many friends in BKK in the medical field, and can refer you to them also! Take care!

  95. the keeping the foot up and iced down is probably to get the swelling down and stop further internal bleeding / swelling , if you know someone that can massage well they can now that the bloodvessels are knitted closed carefully try to spread the swelling a bit away from youre ankle and bandage it up a little tighter it should make it more mobile and a little eazier to walk on it , spreading the swelling will likely reduce the time the the swelling will get absorbed too

    i was thinking about visiting thailand in december around christmas and newyear , looks like its still iffy though , not only because of the covid situation but allso because a lot of travel agencies are going belly up , flights are canceled and the money payed for the booking is getting harder to get back
    i could book a hotel in thailand online but who will say the hotel is still there in december or if i be able to get there , i probably wait untill next year (might be extra busy by then as i guess a lot of other tourists are thinking the same way)

  96. Wow I clicked the subscribe button immediately after you paid the bill, that was really generous of you. All thru was wondering about ur ankle, have you had an X-ray …three weeks in a long time to still be in much pain, take care of yourself.

  97. You are a grateful person to Thai people and the country of Thailand. I’m humble to see your kindness toward the waitress and the kind words toward the country. I’m a right away became a new subscriber to your channel. Full of RESPECT to you from Calgary, Canada. I hope to be able to run into you in Thailand on post-Covid era.

  98. I honestly love watching every video make. I’ve been on since like month 2 for and it never ever gets old. We Love what you provide for us what you do for the the locals

  99. You just made a very touching vid chad. it really touch me when it gets to 10:35. Keep doing what you are creating and we the fans will always appreciate what you do chad!! Also, I wish for you a speedy recovery dude!! Love from Myanmar, a country that is so near to Thai.

  100. Good luck finding content, it is good that you are showing the situation, the economy must be almost at a standstill.
    For your ankle, get some COMFREY ointment, it will heal in no time. Just don’t put it on broken skin.
    Love the vids. Pretty girls and cars, how could you go wrong. 🙂

  101. I’m curious how much does it cost you to live and eat in a month’s time over there and what is the difference between their money and the USA here too

  102. I first stayed at lonely beach way back in 2004. I was 20 years old. Loved it! I can see a lot has changed over the last 17 years way more developed. I went back there in 2008 and it had developed somewhat more but I’m sure it’s developed by tons since 2008.

  103. What a nice thing to do. Chad, Do you think businesses might start recovering by late summer early fall? I guess it is all situation dependent.

  104. Did you get it X-rayed or they just looked at it? 3 weeks downtime for a crush injury is too long. It could also be a ligament injury. Having it casted to keep it stable would help it heal faster.

  105. Wow Chad
    Your the Man. I bet the restaurant you had lunch at was super happy you stopped. You made the ladies day made even her week.👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  106. Very cool of you man to help them like that you made that lady’s day bro giving her 1000bht that will help her and family for a while ……….Good job Chad bro !!!

  107. Sorry about your injury but also props to you for supporting the local economy and also encouraging others to support. This video really changed the way I view your channel and I’ll support by subscribing and liking.

  108. wow bro… I started with the walking street video a couple years a go… and I’ve been a subscriber since… and honestly man… Thank you for the content you create and for the people you help along the way…. I don’t know how to spell it .. but the way it sounds is… CUP N CUP…. (Thank you) … 🙏🏻

  109. Chad Bro: Your heart is in a good place, and I totally agree with your recommendation that people with the means should travel to as many hard-hit spots around Thailand as possible and spend liberally. That said, when a strapping fellow like yourself gives a Yuge tip to a lass who is alone in a restaurant in Thailand, that could be misconstrued as an overture (at best) or a loss of face for her boyfiend/hubby who is secretly watching you from the kitchen (at worst). Word to the wise!

  110. Hope your ankle gets better. Your generosity will be repaid in good karma that was a great act of kindness to the lady at the restaurant, good on you my friend.

  111. Hey Chad just luv your channel mate, real content & don’t ever hold back on the day to day ups & downs cause that’s how life travels. Sounds to me like the Buddhism is rubbing off on you my friend. I first went to Thailand in 1979 as a young man & it had a big impact on me, you know I’ve never lived there but have visited that many times I’ve lost count & have always felt it to be a very welcoming place. If you keep your nose clean & don’t do anything stupid, it’s always a positive experience. Thanks again Chad & keep up the great work 🙏🙏🙏👍

  112. Man keep up Rest awhile we can wait for you I love your video and all things you do show us crazy cars and adventures and cool things in Thailand and I feel sorry for you hurting your ankle have a rest and we will all have a good time when you feel better 🥺🥺🥺

  113. dude, do try to be patient with that ankle. Those and maybe shoulders are the most complex joints we got and they take months++, not days/weeks. We’ll be here! Cheers brother:)

  114. Take 10 days off Chad and rest at home; call it in with a live stream from a pool once or twice and a car garage video. Aspiring Doctor’s orders, lol. For your ankle I recommend you elevate it, Ice and compress it, take shark cartilage pill and other inflammatory meds. Also, take a break from the beers; detox will boost your immune system.

  115. Hey chad, so happy to be back again. I missed your videos. Even if you only make videos of riding on those lovely roads, it’s so much exciting, keep up. U r great mannnn

  116. Get well soon man and thanks for all the help you’re doing to such amazing people living in the country i love the most in the world !!! Respect man !!!

  117. RICE is what’s needed Rest. Rest and protect the  or sore area. … Ice. Cold will reduce pain and swelling. … Compression. Compression, or wrapping the  or sore area with an elastic bandage (such as an Ace wrap), will help decrease swelling. … Elevation

  118. @CB Media (Chad), dude I just subscribed simply because of your gesture at the restaurant! As a person that has visited Thailand many times, I can attest to the things that you say and show about the Thai people and their country!

  119. Yo CB… just stay safe and take care of yourself. I was About to fly back in a few months but as you said it . And not a fan of the 2 week quarantine thing but we’ll see how things progress.
    God speed to your healing.

  120. Awesome response ! She was so thankful for what you did. Good job!!!! That’s what it is about, treating others with respect and kindness!

  121. why did you go to a clinic? a clinic can’t take an x-ray. “they dont think its fractured” because they have no way to know if it is or not.

  122. A brilliant 13-minute video by YouTuber “CoronaVirus Plushie” sums up all the elements involved with the PCR test scamdemic.

  123. Chad, Consider Aetna Platinum inpatient health insurance 2 Million or 5 million plan. You are young and really that insurance is accepted with little to no hassle at the better hospitals. Even if you go to a non-network hospital the insurance department of the hospitals give you the paperwork, you submit the paperwork and twice a month the Thai insurance companies make a direct deposit into your Thai bank account. Don’t risk going to a lame clinic or crowded government hospital when you can get first class health care with your Aetna card. Pay one year in advance, you have the money.

  124. Wow that was some generous tip, she sure is not going to forget you, you will be the talk of Koh Chang.I was there just before Songkran and stayed way down on the bottom end of the island, bliss, super quiet, cheap comfortable little bungalow on the beach and a super restaurant just there.

  125. That’s what I like about this guy, he genuinely cares, he doesn’t just make videos for views but he also try to bring sunshine in the lives of others.
    You have a good heart mate and you are helping the less fortunate this is the perfect way of saying thank you to these people who welcome you everywhere you go.
    Keep on doing whatever you are doing, take care my friend and have a beer!

  126. Ever one else just takes home from there Asian holiday the inside leg..burnt on the motor bike exhaust pipe…Not Chad..he has go that 1 step further for all his watch’s .. ( great fall video ..Ur lucky more was not broken or injured) U have any photos of the Ankle ..interested to see how swollen it is ..cheers mate ..great to watch and take a few minutes Away from back in WESTERN working 6am to 6 pm world

  127. Here is some new news… Starting next year, or maybe the end of this year. My Thai Brother-in-law just told me that the Thai-GOV that is planing two new tests for your visa, Immigration is planing a Covid-19 and a drug test… Thai immigration Dept is working on this.


  129. I feel for you Chad, hope you keep looking after yourself. We can surely wait and see whatever you can do. Take care and do stay safe……

  130. Get well soon brother. I know what pain is. Been in it 24-7 for almost 20 years now. Best advice I can give is keep moving and stretch it out everyday. Thanks for the video and giving to others.

  131. Think about how many km you have driven in Thailand 🙏There are many who are unable to use up a tank of petrol before they are plastered from the hips down to the big toe .. 😉😳😊

  132. Love your vids. I’ll be supporting you no matter what. Would love to show you my real EVO sometime too. 😂 That was super nice what you did for that lady. You’re a fine young man. Take care of yourself brother.

  133. @ Chad of CB Media,

    You have Guts going about the “Business Of YouTube w/Subscribers”. Your Health is a lot more Important than to Ruin your Ankle. Sometimes the Main Stars of YouTube think, that it is a “Must To Put Out” Up-Loaded Videos while putting your Health At-Risk.

    To the YouTube Community, Please Stop Doing This Type Of Ethics & Mannerism, in order to Support your Scientific Hypothesis or Wagered Subject/Topic. People’s Lives Matter. This is why U.S. have the Law to Support their State’s’ Constitution known as “The Sanctuary Act”.

  134. Hey Chad,

    I’m flying into Thailand for the first time in 3 weeks and I’m going to stay for 3 months. I look forward to exploring some of these now-quiet spots that you’ve shown.

    Thanks! And I wish you a speedy recovery.

  135. You’re definitely good at making the best of the situation. I’m trying to make content in Bangkok right now without a busted up ankle and I’m finding it near impossible. Quality work as always!

  136. Lockdowns don’t work. Ask Sweden and conservative American states that are fully open. Less cases due to people being outside and active.

  137. 12 day dirt bike trip starts tomorrow. Bangkok – Khao Kho – Nan – Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai – Bangkok. Let me know if I can scout anything for ya. Recover well.

  138. When I saw your ankle in the video with your fall, I worried it would be worse than it looked. Just take care of it, like you are doing, your ankle will thank you 10 years from now ;).

  139. So true about the never ending noise. I was shocked by the quietness of my city Amsterdam after a half year Thailand. Crazy 😆

  140. I had a friend from the uk refer Thailand to a third world shit hole. I’ve lived in hat yai nearly 7 years and yet have to see what he disgracefully described Thailand. I gave him both barrels as well. He sits in his back yard drinking beer and watching a second rate football club , who’s the mug eh

  141. Good Stuff Chad I have not chimed in for a long time but very glad that you are on the mend blessings that you are on your continued quest to do what you can in times like this

  142. dude, these explainer vids come in handy… once in a while. now we know why we’re not getting to see thailand. didnt know about the rise in covid there. but its the same in my country. not as bad, but we just had a giant uptick in cases and deaths. we’re just under india in terms of cases and deaths.

    i find in strange why third world are now getting this sudden hit. its weird. cause it seems a lot of countries just getting the same effect, around the same time.

    but i would not now about thailand covid uptick if it wasnt for this vid.

  143. You ever noticed that if you mess with China you accidentally come with a real bad covert since one of our presidents with Chinese what do you call that bio text or whatever you call those guys mess with all kinds of viruses and now we have this now they can do this stuff about giving you shots that can’t be the greatest ones for you if they’re not homeopathic’ and their DNA, There genetic what is written in that code you know wow?

  144. Let me correct u – Thailands current death rate from Covid19 is about 20 people a day and the numbers of traffic death – from motor bike only is one every 30 minutes – that’s round figures 48 deaths per day 365 days a year,
    By the way – if u want to avoid motor bike accidents it’s a good advice to stay ON the road instead offroad.

  145. I love Thailand and I like you and you videos too. Every death cause of the pandemic is sad. 382 deaths so far though is not even comparable to countries in Europe or Americas. The 277 traffic deaths during songhkran is a lot lower than usual but still very sad.

  146. hurt, riding a moped, shooting a video and talking and still catches an evo parked in the dark under a cover….you Sir are a hawk

  147. you will hear construction, weedeaters and cocks….at that point you know you said the wrong think…. lmao… your expression was epic. Thank you for the video and I hope you feel better soon.

  148. You really should take some time out and rest your ankle, otherwise it will more than likely make things way worse further down the line. Take a couple weeks off, lay on a beach somewhere with your foot in the air, get some nice Thai lady to bring you drinks, fuck it, film it and make a film out of it.

  149. Hey Chad…love your channel. California and Thailand are not even close in terms of population. Thailand has almost double the number of people. (Thailand 70 million, California 37 million) So your Covid numbers

  150. I am a former Olympic Coach and lifelong skateboarder. You needs to rehab your ankle. Clinics don’t know shit. When you wake up in the mornings, it will be worse, it gets better as the day goes on. You need to ice it 3x a day of course. But “band” therapy is what you need. Resistance bands, rubber bands. Find a local gymnastics studio, trampolines and shit or maybe a local track field school. They might have bands. If you cant find them, you can make them with used bicycle innertubes. Get the bands, rehab the ankle. Get well mate. Cheers, Ill be in Indo soon from Texas

  151. Thanks for the honest update — I don’t think it is bad to have “negative” news about the situation — many of us watch your channel and others (RWFY) to see how things are there and try to plan our return — so real news is helpful to us. Take care of your ankle!

  152. Whoever disliked this video is a heartless piece of 💩. Chad went out of his way injuries and all to make someone’s day and bring some joy to an area that is devastated by the pandemic business closures. As a fellow Georgian, thank you Chad for showing what we call southern hospitality and grace to Thailand!! God Speed brother!! ✌

  153. Honestly you are probably the first customer in ages and the huge tip she thought you had rocks in your head but really she needs it as no telling how long this is going to last.

  154. Awesome way to help out someone struggling through the current situation! You not only made her day/week, but there is probably someone she cares for that will also benefit from your generosity, way to go!

  155. I wish I was there to travel around and help out the locals too. God Bless you for you supporting the local people! AND My CB Media shirt finally arrived! Yay! Thanks again!

  156. 00:26 – Doesn’t look that bad? Several years ago, I literally watched a YouTube motorcycle vlogger lay his bike down in a manner not much more dramatic than that. It took place in a secluded location and it took a long time for emergency services to arrive – or anyone for that matter. Though they eventually were attended to, they succumbed to their injuries within the next week or two. That’s correct. They were gone. ‘Twas quite a shock. It’s good to see that this particular YouTuber is still carrying on, however troubled they may be.

  157. Chad you are my favorite vlogger on you tube….You are not just entertaining ,you are clearly a caring and compassionate guy..
    I heard you state don’t trust CNN, BBC etc….Thailand’s mainstream media is no exception…So when you here reports about deaths from the “situation” don’t trust them…Research doctors who are censored by you tube..A good one is Dr Andrew Kaufman…You were learn how fraudulent the PCR test is…How they are reclassifying deaths as the caused by the “situation”
    How viruses have never successfully been proven to exist according to Koch’s postulates…All these tactics by these criminal governments is a crime against humanity…..

  158. If allowed to persist, these government reactions to ‘covid’ will trigger a massive reset (aka The Great Reset) and it will have a much more significant impact on everyone’s lives than a virus with a 99+% survival rate. 
    One of the only good things about covid it shows who can think and who can’t.
    Many are, and will struggle with cognitive dissonance of realising that what they believe just isn’t so.   It’s like another version of “Yeah but my girl’s different”

  159. I’ve just watched this after yesterday’s Bangkok ‘pay it forward’ video from ‘Retired Working For You’. It must be dusty here – got something in my eyes 😪😪

    Keep helping them, Chad.

  160. Sorry to hear about your ankle, hope you’re feeling better real soon. At 7:39 on your vid, I recognized it as almost the exact spot that I fish-tailed on a lorry’s leaking oil slick and somersaulted into that ditch, that was in Dec 2007, there were no trees or foliage then and it feels like yesterday. That was a very decent and generous gesture 😊 Stay Safe. 👍😎

  161. My wife and I spent 6 weeks in lonely beach and loved it, and we were in our late 40s, just a really chilled place with loads of lovely Thais and visitors.
    So sad to see the place now, I hope it recovers soon, I will be back.

  162. Your fine Chad. Just keep it real. That’s what we expect from you. Just take it a day at a time. Screw the YouTube snobs and haters.

  163. All those CCPcovid facts you are pushing have been proven to be 97.7% false…false positives, false hospitalizations and false deaths.

  164. I think Vietnam, and Cambodia are noisier, but I don’t think Thai’s are happy unless all 5 senses are being overwhelmed :D.

    Beautiful peaceful beachside, better add a 1000 speaker techo music feature, turned up to 11.

    Beautiful forest viewpoint, better add a tipper truck with muffler delete, and a convoy of Honda Waves with straight pipes,

  165. thank you for being a great example of humanity an example we all should be following please keep the great videos coming i am here until the end man

  166. Hardship happening during this pandemic situation really is an eye opener when CB Media provide us with such content .
    Be grateful what we have . Not everyone is as fortunate and well off

  167. That’s real nice tha you do what you do. I’m a little reluctant to to travel to other countries. I’m just not sure of the crime rate but Thai sounds good!

  168. Yeah we got r own sh*t we don’t want to about ur sh*t, u r so real man,
    . But we really do want to know. Appreciate ur generosity and attitude. Take care and heal up.

  169. Sir I love your style. You paid 5x more than the price of that meal. I did similar when I as there. Its not a ton of money for us but really really helps them as they are struggling. Tip my hat to you.

  170. I like that you keep it real, we all feel like you are our friend so don’t feel like you can’t share anything. I like all the videos good and bad. Just like everyone in the world sometimes shit gets bad.

  171. Here’s to a quick (ankle) recovery Chad….and the situation….it is what it is, so no probs you telling us about stuff (it’s real and topical without being over the top). Fab gesture re restaurant lady. My heart hurts to see their struggle….and as covered by others, one of the absolute main reasons people love Thailand: THE PEOPLE!!! Like you, I am and continue to be forever grateful every time I reconnect.Thailand for that and other reasons has a piece of my heart. Be well dude. 🙏🍺

  172. Can I suggest something? I think it will help with the title of your video. Try and talk WITHOUT moving and waving your arms and hands. I mean, just try talking and walking at first. Walk and talk and don’t use your hands. Once you get that down really really good? Then try talking and riding a bicycle. Concentrate on not taking your hands off the handlebars!!!!!! This is incredibly important. I mean I wouldn’t even think about videoing while practicing this stuff. You really should do this for a long long time. When you have mastered not waving and using your hands to talk with on your bicycle…maybe…just maybe you can try a scooter.

  173. In so far as your bike accident, you pretty much got what you deserved. Riding with a hall helmet? 50% of the head impacts you suffer will be in areas unprotected by the helmet. Short sleeve t-shirt? The road rash you suffer on your arms can be painful and debilitating. No gloves? Humans instinctively reach out with their hands while falling so you will tear them up. Shorts? See comments on arms. Could not see your feet, assume you are wearing athletic shoes, worse case flipflops. Wholly inadequate for riding. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. After gear do you understand that you go where you look, counter steering, progressive front brake pressure, light to lighter rear brake, what do you do if the front wheel locks up, or the rear? Crashing a 300 lb two wheel vehicle is just as serious as ones weighing 900 lbs.

  174. Dude, I feel your pain with the ankle.. I had a slip and it was mis-diagnosed for four months before actually needing surgery to close the fracture properly with metal work. I’m not saying you need it but better to get x-rays to be 100% – Now almost three years post surgery I still suffer later discomfort.

  175. LOL we had a Motorbike taxi accident a few days ago in Phi Phi Island. Also hurt ankle, finger, underarm… next days few other sore things… neck, hip…. was all ok tho.

  176. It’s midnight here but someone’s chopping onions. Hey, wait a minute – I live alone… That really hit me in the feels at 10:38 … wow… Also made me hungry for Thai fresh rolls. Get well soon.

  177. I watch your videos to see how it is everyday, so if it deals with an injury…… so be it. I wish it wasn’t the case, and I hope you get better soon, but it’s life, and life happens. Show it, and let us know how you are dealing with it. I (we) don’t want countless videos on the same injury, but I (we, I think) want to know how it is there in Thailand. Thank you and Get well soon!

  178. good video as always =)

    you should head down to klong kloi and check out Sii Tha ( four pipes ) where fresh water comes down from the mountains and make small pools you can splash around in.

    there are some resturants there and just a lovley spot to hang out =)

  179. Happy to hear you say that, whenever I write a review that’s my recommendation. Spend and tip to help them feed their families.

  180. Chad , as you operate alone and all of us are hooked on to your content , so you have to be very very careful and operate safely for yourself and us .

  181. Hey Chad, is your NordVPN link still working/paying you? It’s time for me to renew but it feels like it’s been a while since you’ve done a video with them. Anywho, glad you’re ok and on the mend, take care of yourself and we’ll see you when we can.

  182. Very awesome of you to leave her a great tip. I am new to your channel so please keep doing what I can’t (at least not yet). Take care of yourself and be careful!!!

  183. Sorry to hear about your ankle and other “situation “. I admire that you’re willing to help that hard hit country.
    Keep up your genuine and generous attitude.
    I’ve watched all of your videos.
    Keep them coming.

  184. Thank you for your video. Hope you will get well soon.
    I would give my right arm to be in Thailand. But I know that nothing is like it was.

  185. Get well soon ♥️
    ( I’m not a doctor but I still think that after 3 weeks pain you should go to the mainland and get a x-ray. Might not that ancle is broken but could f.ex be rupture of ligament)
    Sweet how you gave the 1000 Bath 😍

  186. Youre my hero Chad! Such a beautiful gesture. I miss Thailand & the Thai people. Waiting patiently in Vietnam to go back to my other home in Chiang Mai. stay safe.

  187. Props and love brother. Your video inspired me me to send some cash to some of my old girlfriends I haven’t been able visit over the last year. They are all very appreciative and it will help them and their families.

  188. Hi Chad, really sorry to hear that you you are in pain. Please don’t pressure yourself to produce videos until you are better. We love your videos and you are a very kind caring person. Hope you get better soon and I really hope to meet you one day when I come to live in Thailand. I love fast bikes cars waterskiing and boats. I would have been in Thailand already but Covid messed my plans. Thanks again for all your great videos.

  189. Legit brought tears to my eyes when the lady realized you didn’t want any change. I feel sorry for people whose lives and income has been disrupted by Covid.

  190. It is noisy there because the people there actually have to work and do something for a living. They dont’ have all this welfare like the USA does. They actually work for a living. Wages are low but so are taxes.

  191. So glad to see you supporting local businesses Chad and I hope everyone has been trying to support the locally owned restaurants in their area. It’s something my family and I have been trying to do by eating out two or three times per week, including at some of the local bars that serve food.

  192. blame everything on the stupid governments from all over the world. Covid is the biggest scam in the history of the world. We should not be shutting down anything because of the flu. The world has gotten even more crazy than it was already.

  193. God bless you bro for your kindness even though I’m not even Thai.. great video,great cars and adventure!! Keep that awesome channel rolling!! 😎👉🏾👍🏾🛎

  194. I’ve been to Thailand 3 times, they are truly good people, they ran me down to give me my change…they thought i forgot it…i love the Thai people

  195. you’re a nice guy.
    maybe get a second opinion on your ankle? did they xray it?
    if it is cracked, wearing a boot might help it heal faster.

  196. Get better soon Chad, we all face difficult times but slowly the world will recover. Can’t wait to plan my Thaliand Adventure 🙏🏾

  197. Driving a bike with no protection on what do you think , my friend took the flesh straight of hes foot , it got infected and now lost hes foot months later, that was in Pattaya.

  198. I think it would be nice too see you with 10000 and just go and give random people some money who look like they are struggling I don’t think its being big headed but it will be generous. 👍🍺🍺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸

  199. You do keep your blog real thanks. Australia is not as bad. Aussies r keen to travel. My Son needs to Travel to Thailand ting Tar bar.👍🇦🇺

  200. Been to KC and lonely beach a few times since “the situation” unfolded. As hard as it is there and in so many other tourist places that have been devastated, it is incredible to see how the people cope with it. Keeping a positive mind, sharing and support each other where they can to get through it somehow. Gotta love Thai people. It is our obligation as farangs with income remaining in the country to support them as well.

  201. Good show buddy with you generosity if we all do our bit it makes life a little easier… it don’t solve the problems, but we give someone a better day…. there’s a few where I live not having the best of times so a little extra I can give at least means there is some food and water available that day….

  202. Thailand INTENTIONALLY made the population focus on maintaining ZERO cases. If there was 1…it was some major news announcement. They amped up the paranoia, arguably in the name of Total Control and Submission.

    Instead, they should have taken a measured approach, flattening the curve, not trying to STOP the inevitable at all costs. Now, they have the worst of all outcomes…a busted economy AND the inevitable outbreaks. Nice job👍🏽

  203. I may be new here, but I appreciate knowing how you are and what your situation is like – YOU are fairly essential to this channel! I appreciate you! 🙏

  204. Prue click bate. The way he filmed that 1,000 baht. It’s not our job to help Thais, it’s there job to help themseveles. What charity work is he doing that’s changing Thai people lives, by tipping. Live in Thailand over 10 years. The only way Thailand will change is my kicking out their current regime and the big man in Germany. That Family own the land on that island of that restaurant, there be fine, they have more money than him, but he’s nieve. I find it almost insulting that he’s asumming that the Thais that own a restaurant are somehow poor. Do you know a restaurant or land in Thailand? No, because you can’t as a farang. Never feel sorry for Thais, no need and that’s not what they want. This is the same man that insulted those Forgine families that were murdered on Koh Toa, by calling the murders “accidents”. Shameful media.

  205. California’s Population is 39 Million. Thailand’s Population is 66 Million. Only a difference of 27 Million People……….. A rounding Error in China or India, but it’s not insignificant here.

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