We got a homeless mother OFF the streets in Hanoi.

2 million vnd donation to Chau Anh’s mother.
She & her daughter used our funding to get a room to stay in for the night.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6

Original video: https://youtu.be/6eF5OdcjtJ8
Meeting in Saigon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSP3G3r4dKY


  1. Thought something was going on with the mother. Could just be exhaustion though from living on the streets and not eating right. I feel for the kid and her.

  2. It’s rather sad that Mom seem a bit defeated and depressed, hopefully she will snap out of it, for the sakes of her child…she’s smart and have lots of potential. Hopefully Mom will accept help. This situation pains me. β˜ΉοΈπŸ€

  3. Nice bit of help, Troy.
    Just a heads up that one’s feelings for the Governments of countries need not apply to the populace of said countries.
    I’m of the opinion that all governments are shit, and most people living under shit government are decent folks. It’s normal IMO to not like China/CCP, but like the Chinese people.
    And 1/2 the world has reason to not like the USA, but it’s the government’s actions, not the populaces.

  4. Nice to hear they got off the streets, please do your best to continue to help them if possible. The mother looks very frail and weak and the young girl needs support. It was nice to see the other lady show concern for the young girl as well!

  5. random girl should not have interrogated the kid without mother’s permission.

    good work Troy. no reason to eat the cost of 2m donation. we trust you.

  6. What an adorable girl! Such a big difference from when you first saw her and her mom in Saigon! She’s more cheerful and definitive more talkative. I think she’s opening out more because that woman is there. Hope to see more of them in the future!

  7. Troy she had every right to be resentful to China. China is trying to take natural resources from Vietnam. You should watch China Uncensored YouTube channel

  8. Dude, looks like you’ve been adopted! That’s totally cool if you’re up to that task, it’s pretty obvious they both need someone’s help long term and not just a handout…

  9. Chau Anh is quite the chatterbox but she is also very cute. The girl that was talking to her seems to have much affection for the little girl.

  10. The girl is not any different from millions of kids in China, they get brainwashed so much that by puberty they lose critical thinking or thinking at all, they just follow whatever the government says. As I saw it myself that’s how bad it is in China. When I studied in China, I had Chinese friends and once I and a Chinese friend were talking and somehow the things turned political and I said we vote to elect a government and we choose our own leaders, she got so confused and she said and I quote” Why? why would you do that? when communism is the best in the world.”

  11. Mom and Daughter are both great and Mom is bearing the tough reality such as the shoe problem.. she is a proud Viet woman and wants her daughter to have a proper life. Mom deserves all the help needed to get her self sufficient with a fresh start and I hope and pray many can give so a huge amount can get Mom self sufficient !!!!! Cam on to all who can give some !!

  12. Going to paypal $114.14 to you in 14 days. No stipulation on usage. Just keep doing charity & venting videos. I feel good watching your stuff.

  13. Hey Troy…. I just saw the other video when u met her in Saigon. Tho it was very dark so it was hard to recognize. The mom seems to have gone thru a lot. She might be suffering thru mental illness or depression. Hope u can find out more about her story.

  14. The mother seemed out of it. The little girl was rather precocious, but I guess she was the one taking care of her mother, instead of vice versa. I would think a small child being on the street like that is not safe.

  15. Its sad to see 21st century when technology rules the place and that some poor bloke is sleeping on the streets especially when so young…

  16. ….Well……Troy…….a random, caring girl…..pretty too…(wink wink nudge nudge) …[email protected]:50 some social media data relayed….but was it exchanged? Don’t tell me she’s married. Maybe karma is setting something up here…

  17. Was the room just for one night?? Hey you got to chill out with the kid watching cartoons…she’s a kid an when else does she get to act like one! The lady from the pharmacy was very good with the kid, got her to open up a little. I hope that we get a follow up on these two real soon please. As always young man respect!

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