1. If you want to help save Linus BBQ, donate here ► https://www.gofundme.com/f/savelinusbbq
    Reaching 3 million subscribers wouldn’t have been possible without your incredible love and support. We also exceeded our own Gofundme goal and the least we could do was pay it forward and do something for the community. Thank you for believing in our lifelong mission of bridging social and cultural gaps. We are on this journey together so help us become the biggest new channel on YouTube. Let’s hope that we can film a follow-up celebration video with Linus if they can survive this. Stay safe, and as always, stay curious!

  2. sucks that google demonetizes channels like this because they cover sensitive topics while not being innapropriate or silly while many youtube channels get away with producing literal porn

  3. This is why I love Asian Boss. Despite your struggles, you guys still give back to your community and provide amazing insight into Asian culture and news, good job 🤝💜

  4. I loved the episodes involving Linus BBQ, so I hope they can make it through. But Stephen, how’s your remaining staff?? Have they slept lately? Are you showing them you value them with actions, not just words?

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