We take Lan & Co Tuat to a convenience store

and pay for their medication.
Thanks to ALEX VUONG.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6


  1. Bro, i watching you long time, try to add eng subtitles if you have it, and if you can, this help you developed your chanel, i mean not just text on the screen, subtitles help youtube to understand what about this video.wish you good luck from Russia)

  2. You have a big heart Alex Vuong, thanks for being so generous and caring. Thanks also of course to Troy for making all of these kind acts possible. 🙏

  3. If you get an AC, get a window unit. They are much more efficient than the portable ones. If they don’t already have LED lighting, LED bulbs will help with their electric bill.

  4. these are the people that needs help i see how humble these people are very well deserving and you can tell they dont go to the supermarket much when they not even pick up a basket

  5. Great video Troy god bless you and your donors. The young skinny girl has such a bright beautiful smile even w/ her poor health conditions is able to still smile. Amazing how humble and unmaterialistic most all of your people you help are. They just dream to have some. of the things simple folks can afford once in a while to just live one day as equals to the average citizen.

  6. They could have probably used some cooking oil, soy sauce and Sesame Oil to go with the SHRIMPS along with some vegetables for the stir-fry !!!

  7. I don’t think an Air Condition will help them. It will cost a lot of money on electricity every month. There is lower electric one, but those also consume a lot of electricity too, cost lot of money every month because in Vietnam its so hot that it always must be on. They can use a fan for now until they have enough money to actually own one.

    Right now I think they need a refrigerator and lots of foods that can last them many many months. I feel horrible for that girl, she is so skinny and look very malnourished. I hope she can feel better with a full meal everyday.

  8. They don’t really want allot of help. They’re so used to doing their own thing they didn’t even think about Troy being there. I would think they would want fresh stuff instead of frozen.

  9. @ 1:20 you can see she was hurt just by the guy bumping her while walking. Still, she keeps smiling.
    Troy’s right, in that the video isn’t as much fun for me when there’s not exuberant spending on everything in sight, but a video like this is awesome in that it shows people in need, still taking others into consideration.
    Thanks to Troy, Alex Voung/Vuong and family (It’s spelled differently @ 0:42 and the show notes) and everyone who’s donated in the past to help these good folks. Y’all are top notch.

  10. I’M IN! Any other viewers want to help support their air conditioner and electricity bill? LAN deserves some comfort during the warmer months. Troy, please put this plan in motion and I will send another donation.

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