What Do You Really Think? Thailand Needs To Open Soon! Railey Beach Krabi Thailand

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  1. I just saw on the Thai News that general tourist visas are not likely before March or April next year. It’s going to be the STV visa and 60 day visas only until then. Let’s just hope the government helps everyone hang on until then! I don’t know if I will make it until then to get back, but I will return!

    They also announced that the time will let the get the second terminal finished (and safe!) at the Bangkok Airport by then!

  2. I just retired from NATO as a Canadian rep. Before I left they are talking about our border with the US reopening 2022-2023. This is ounce the first wave of human trials have been done on the population. In reality, our group that I worked with think 2023-24.

  3. yeah the opening up….. hate to be the one making that decision anywhere in the world atm,,,,, Thailand cannot afford to stay closed much longer, but to have a free for all open up before the rest of the world is sorted too… Thailand cant afford that either:( but as soon as the Light goes green 🙂 I am there:) and I will be, In the House of Gods where no mongrels preach, sippin Singha beer on Pattaya beach:) Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love ME mak mak. 🙂 mmh although Krabi is always worth the trip, since I am going that far 🙂

  4. Hi guys. too late at night now to watch but sure looking forward to watching fabulous Railay tmuro with my girlfriend and some beers. We love Railay and you guys will make us crave to be back, i,m sure. ;-]. Thanks for all your vlogs.

  5. I tried so hard to forget MTV’s first video…thanks for the reminder. Haha
    This is a very interesting laid back place. This is great traveling with the You Tube All Stars ! Thank you

  6. Every country needs to open up, especially in Asia where impact has been so much less – but most of the decision makers are weak and dare not be the first to do something different.

    Biden will make a big show of doing the exact opposite of Trump.

    Sweden, Belarus, Japan – is there anywhere else showing any positive signs?

    UK is a total loss

  7. “All the Mexicans” make the Thai food in Texas!? C,mon Chuck. I am from Texas. I know better. There are some amazing Thai restaurants in Austin, Houston, Dallas etc. I like your vids because you are from the same state BUT you actually take time to assimilate and appreciate Thai culture. I’ll keep watching your awesome videos (like this one) but they are much better when it’s just you two and you don’t have the hillbilly influence around you. Just a suggestion. Keep on keeping on, buddy. Always look forward to your content. Lots of love from the west coast of the USA.

  8. Chuck you should have kept following the path to the other side of the peninsula. There are restaurants, hotels, and an amazing beach with rock climbing.

  9. And the Thai Government say it would be 2QT before it opens next year to tourist but the question is how many can survive that long and thats if things works out.

  10. Good morning Chuck and Paige, the rest of the crew. I made to Thailand November 28th and now in Quarantine. Will be finished with quarantine on the December 13th. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.

  11. Looks like the perfect place to go,sneak into the bush somewhere and set up my repo US Issue jungle hammock

    Oh,the very 1st MTV video was The Buggles’ – Video Killed the Radio Star,who couldn’t remember that ironic song on a video channel…lol…..
    Oh,if I’d just watched a few more seconds before typing…lol
    Back before they had to make everything PC,can’t play Dire Straits – Money for Nothing across the air without cutting it up now….

  12. Glad you said wait for the vaccine… Thailand has largely escaped Covid… Covid would rip through Thailand with hundreds of thousands of deaths… the medical services would quickly be overwhelmed… we are only a few weeks to a few months from a vaccine… better closed and alive than open and dead.

  13. Az you said a vaccine will help a bit, but unfortunately many like me won’t Take a vaccine, until its been tested over a few year’s, no vaccine has come this quick in the history of vaccines, the government here in Australia will make you sign for it, because of short or permanent side affects, that tells me how confident the Governments are,

  14. Looks like a great trip, watched the news, says I can not get to Chiang Mai until 2nd quarter, 😤
    Using my other YouTube account, my Frank McGarry is closed.
    Wife is pissed. US numbers are ridiculously inflated
    Stay safe, keep enjoying life

  15. It is so weird and sad seeing Railay Beach that empty, I actually left after an hour because it was so busy you couldn’t walk down the Main Street. You guys seem to be having a great time, thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  16. Great video Chuck👍
    Even though I was there I woke up to your video laughing feeling good about life😀
    We had an great time😊

  17. Chuck, your video footage of the boat ride was superb! I just love the opening too by the way 5555555. Makes me happy to see this ongoing colaboration! CHEERS!

  18. I spent 10 days at Bens House, Ao Nang last year in November. 5 minute drive from you. Spent 8/10 evenings at a restaurant just a few minutes walk from your hotel watching the greatest sunsets and having fantastic Thai suppers. I always loved how clear and calm the sea was. Looks like someone sprang a leak. You have one of the greatest beaches to yourself. Jealous l am. Last November it was crazy full. So dead. Such a shame. I loved the rock formations. I would stare and marvel at them for hours when I was there. I always find when I have tacos, there is never enough room for everything. Looks like everyone had a great evening. Looking forward to next video Chuck.

  19. FYI vaccines in the USA starting mid December 2020 with the medical est first and then the most vulnerable next and so on the CDC says that all of the USA will be vaccinated by June… this is truly amazing and i hope other countries will follow suit.. L.A Rob just wanted to give you that update… Our pathway back to normal could not come to soon thanks to the greatest minds in the phrma industry we will start in December to put this virus behind us… L.A Rob

  20. Thank you guys very much for watching and commenting. It’s difficult to reply to all the comments we are still on the road. From some of the Hidden comments that I am seeing I see I have touched the sensitivity button of quite a few. If you like the video please don’t forget to click the like button. The rest of you have already found the other one haha hope everybody has a great day. Stay positive and smile.

  21. Yea, my old lady is so jealous she hates everything including me. When you’re disabled and in pain all the time it is easy to hate I guess.👍👍👍👍👍

  22. I love the water just scared of sharks 🦈 being in the Navy I was alright with being in the water until 1976 and became deathly afraid of sharks 🦈

  23. Chuck i am definitely hooked on your channel. I keep saying I watch too much and should stop. By the next day I need to watch again. I like your friends but like yours best. Wish you and Paige well.

  24. Great memories of Railay! The guy makes awesome pizza in that brick oven. Past that little lagoon are a bunch of alleys/walkways leading to the other side of Railay. Along the way beautiful hotels and on the other side hillside bungalows overlooking the bay. Beautiful.. And just past the lagoon the famous Bang Bang Bar. Friend and great guy Teerasak the owner.

  25. Oh, gotta go to The Longtail Boat Restaurant. Of all things owned by a great Italian guy. Best, freshest seafood. Awesome lobster, snapper. And gotta have the desert tray!

  26. great video as always, funny the guys on camera, taking your advise on the camera, taking time keeping it steady, hope Too is better now, stay safe guys

  27. I have spent a lot of time in Ao Nang and Railay beach. It is one of my favorite spots in Thailand. I thank you all
    for letting me live vicariously through you and your friends while I wait patiently for the Land of smiles to open up for
    us in western Canada to return.

  28. WOW, what a beautiful place and super excellent videos Chuck, really enjoyed this Vlog£966. You audience got a little out of control but you know what they say, if you lose control of you audience then just get a new one!

  29. Flip flops bust again 555…. I think 1 of your travel buddies was wearing a North Face hat?… Ask him about the quality and where you can buy some decent flip flops

  30. Hi, are all your friends ex-military in this video? everyone seems so fit 🙂 . Also will you be travelling to Koh-Lanta from Krabi? We just covered earlier this year during our visit to Krabi, was very beautiful!!


  32. Loved Railay… Viewpoint is nice.. don’t go up if its been raining.. very slippery. I spent 2 hours coming down on my hands and knees because impossible to stand up on feet with the slippery mud

  33. Hahaha – – looks like you “VLOGERS” and families are having a great time. Beautiful. I love the shot of the woman holding her foot over the boat leaking water 🙂 I think you might have had fewer thumbs down if you had saved that opening sequence (the other guys “mooning” your camera) to add to the end . Hey we all need to decompress. ENJOY . Cheers.

  34. I hope if you get a boat tour you get to see Phra Nang Cave Beach on Railey! One of the most beautiful spots in Thailand in my opinion! We ate at Crazy Gringos last year when we were in Ao Nong and planned again while we were there last week but original restaurant was closed! I called their phone because facebook showed them being open but no answer. A couple hours later the owner called me back and told us that they were at The Beach now! Unfortunately we already made other plans but talked to him for a few minutes, very nice gentleman! Tex Mex was very good too!

  35. You missed going to The Caves on the other side from where you were Chuck. I think it’s call Phra Nang Beach. It’s amazing. That’s where they do the climbing on the beach. Maybe when you go back.

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