What Happened To Foreigner Joe? Thai Girl Gift & Foreigner Joe Highlights

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  1. In This video I explain what happened to Foreigner Joe and why I no longer post videos on the Foreigner Joe Channel. I also share some highlights from the Thai Girl Gift & Foreigner Joe Channel. Please consider subscribing to our new combined channel. Link to the Thai Girl Gift & Foreigner channel below. Our content covers a wide variety of topics including travel, food, real life stories, informational videos, homes, condos and land for sale or rent and much more.

    Link to Thai Girl Gift $ Foreigner Joe YouTube Channel

    Link to our video “No More Foreigner Joe”

  2. Subscribed. Glad to see you guys are still having fun and doing good in the mists of everything that is going on in the world right now. Cheers!

  3. Joe, I have a repost request… Can you repost some of the videos on the German guy that built the Prefab house? I think he was German… Leased land, kit home….? Thanks buddy!

  4. Thanks, Joe. There are a couple there I’ve missed and will go back when I have time to watch.
    Subscribed, Liked, and Shared via Twitter (@ThaiVlogger) where I promote channels like yours and Gift’s.

  5. Homes are a much better value per dollar vs condo’s. That being said as a foreigner there is always a risk should your relationship fail.

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