What is This? Lost in Chumpon Thailand ชุมพร

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  1. I agree – pyjamas are not cool in a restaurant. Joy & I had the same Google Maps “secondary roads” miscue when we left your place last month (Oct.) . Ended up on a dirt road and then it was time for me to “RECALCULATE” , hahaha. Thanks for the timing-belt-light tip. Good luck with the weight loss competition. Try a weighted hula-hoop …. they put water in a 2″ black plastic waterline and clamp it in a circle. ….for 15 minutes a day 🙂

  2. hi there from Sunny South Africa …..Thailand reminds me SA in so many ways …Thailand is definitely more beautiful forsure. I love the content thank you guys

  3. James blew past 1k and now over 2k thanks to everyone and his great content. I personally don’t have a problem with the pajamas I have even seen some real cuties in them (and some not so much lol), Sadtaw (stink) bean grows on a type of mimosa(?) tree, my Indonesian neighbor in south Florida had a tree and would cook with them or just grill them in their husk, I didn’t know about stinky gas but it makes your pee smell if you eat many of them, they have a good taste in my opinion. Thanks for sharing another beautiful day in paradise, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. I remember fondly the NewYear fairs that start 2weeks before the NewYear and sometimes extend to 2weeks after the NewYear.
    There are G-rated family-oriented ones with fair games and lots of street food… and there are adult-rated ones with strip tease, gambling and plenty of bouncers with AK47s slung.
    Quite surreal.
    I went to an adult-rated NY fair at the base of Phu Chi Fa. To think such activities happen way up north, in the misty mountains.
    Amazing Thailand indeed.

  5. Chuck, I predict your chanel will reach 100K soon because you’re doing a great job. It’s always fun and informative and I’m Thai watching you from Los Angeles. I agree with the pajamas things, it’s very odd and I don’t get it. It would never fly here 🙂

  6. I’d rather take the back roads,much better views even though it may get a lil bumpy or slick…lol

    I hate those Garmin and other units.I’ve seen them lead people to many times off-course etc.
    I’ll look at a map (Thailand probably doesn’t have printed maps,or not many) or google maps (can save areas on Android,Iphone/pad via SD card or some vehicles that have VMS vehicle map service).

  7. Alot of people just watch the videos they don’t understand by subscribing, thumbs up!! notification on, will help you financially And you deserve compensation I would say you make great videos Chuck love you

  8. I lost a kilo laughing at Paige saying “you gonna lose!” 555. That 1000thb I paid her is working out. BTW Joe I bribed Gift too. That pajama thing is 100%…its a huge trend here. Woot woot 1,000 subs for everyone! Best trip all year! Can’t wait till we roll again!!

  9. Hey Chuck, why dont you multipy that by 10 and give it to a good charity that doesnt have the livestyle that you have, id say 1 week of your holidays would feed a lot of the less unfortunate

  10. Hi chuck and page, we are still watching all your videos, and we LOVE all of them so keep it up cheers from mick and donna in Australia 🙏👍👍👍👍👍🍻🍹

  11. Great video as always Chuck. Well this was the end of the roll for us but not the last time. We will see you again hopefully for New Year’s take care enjoy the whole trip with all you all and until next time😉

  12. I heard from serveral people in Thailand saying not to trust the GPS Navigator so much at late evening or night time. All lot of times, at night or late evening, it will navigate you to temples with graveyard. LoL

  13. Don’t feel bad about checking in and out, at least your not going into a full lock down on resteraunts, bars an such for a second time in a year. Numbers in my province in Canada are not in control what so ever. So do the best you can with what you got and enjoy every day you can.

  14. Hi, I feel kind of sad when I see the empty places , but feel happy that you start a trip in the Land that I like so much “I mean Phuket ”
    Wish you go on successfully and stay healthy 💙

  15. Very Cool Chuck….the big 60K subs has arrived, luckily it’s not your age….hahaha, .you must have a big party and a live stream, so we can all celebrate together on the success of your channel, after all we are all part of your success, wish I could be in Thailand now, Regards and stay safe.

  16. Hi Chuck and Paige – I have been watching your vids for a few years now and I always love your content – I hope to retire in Thailand in 2021 – keep up the great work.
    All the best – Paul

  17. Hey chuck, really enjoying your trip. I know you gained some weight but would love to see you pig out on seafood (fried shrimp) at the market.

  18. Hi Chuck, I’m subscribed on my Phone and iPad but I usually watch on my smart tv and I haven`t signed in on the tv. Maybe thats why you get less like`s from the 50% you talked about in this video. I`m Canadian but married to a Norwegian and living in the Land of Northern lights now 😳🤔😁 Good luck on the bet !

  19. Hey Chuck Paige another great video tLking to James yesterday said yiur bike going to get some pain and with your bet I bet your 90 k hurt but felt Wesome also rooting for yeah Chris!

  20. I know you do Chuck, I remember last christmas all you did for the local school and the community, it was only a bit of banter (plus I was hungry watching you all eating) I always follow your vlogs, keep em coming

  21. That’s good information about the Garmin. Sometimes you have to be smarter then the GPS. I used one in Arizona and I swear it tried to take me to a place that looked like the movie The Hills Have Eyes as a short cut. No thanks.

  22. Good for you, “throw down the gauntlet”. I think Joe will put up the best fight, but the winners is going to be “Chocolate Man”, he’s got the young companion. C.J. has to fight the wife, and kids, he’ll never win, but you never know……. Now comes Paige, she might whip you into shape, pear is a shape, right.

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