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  1. Hey Rod! Good video. Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda! There is a reason we can’t go back. The second choice may be worse. LOL Thanks for sharing! God Bless

  2. If u buy top end new appliances here u need to remember that if u relocate for whatever reason you will be lucky to get a few pesos if anything on a resale. Girls here are rather fast, easy to meet & good ones are around w/a little looking. If u arrive here already with a honey or one soon upon arrival I agree that yur travel/exploring desires may become much more difficult if not derailed.

  3. Another great Video as always keep them coming. To the Viewers I am one of them that managed to get out of the Philippines after 5 months of lockdown. We will not consider going back until the virus is in the history books. We just can’t take the harsh lockdowns and the politics that went with it

  4. Good video Rod. I never try to spend someone else’s money but I think you did well in your first two months. You need a base to start with. I myself require a vehicle anywhere I’m going to be for more than a few days. I would expect to bleed money if I moved across town, much less 7k miles.

    Retirement is out of the question for me. I own oil producing property that I manage myself which requires a special temperament.

    I still intend to travel. I spent 10 days looking around Mactan/Cebu with my fiancée and 2 staff. I have plans to take the group to KL to get that first stamp in the staff’s passports. I really feel bad about them working as girl friday/assistant/factotum for 3 years. I offered to send one to school for accounting but they declined. I guess it’s for the best that they are working for me because they still have a job and get paid house sitting for me. They were invaluable as a interface with the culture in the beginning. I would recommend that you don’t need a GF immediately but it doesn’t hurt to have a helper to ease some of the shock. It was one of my first plans that I scrapped but I dusted it off and it worked well. My 2 cents.

  5. Hello Rod. It goes without saying, no girlfriend no problem. I’m very comfortable living in this culture. It’s one of those occasions where the sum is greater than the parts.The world class diving is what draws me here. Pandemic notwithstanding, the overall experience has been good. Thanks again for being a solid source of information….Cheers !!!

  6. I’ve been looking into Vietnam and Cambodia as well, both look interesting. Cambodia seems very inexpensive and still undeveloped which is a big draw for me. … I would be very interested in your observations and opinions should you make it over there.

  7. I sure do enjoy watching your videos Rod. It keeps me focused on what I want to do. All the beautiful women there make it easy to distract me from what I want to do.

  8. Love your videos Rod. Watching them just enforces my wanting to be there. I really, really hope that things will change soon so I can come. Having sold everything I’ve been living with my brother and his wife now. All this money and nothing to spend it on. Haha I’m ready to travel.

  9. The fastest way to get everything back to 80% is a good spit test that has a solution that shows if your positive for the virus but it has to be 100% reliable

  10. Nice thought provoking video Rod. All of my life I have travelled, and rarely gone anywhere more than once or twice, but since discovering the Philippines and loving the people and the place, in addition to meeting a couple of girlfriends, I have now been there probably ten times or more. I have still managed to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia, which are easy trips from the Philippines. Some were with my gf, and some solo, which as you rightly said is much easier with less complications. I’m quite happy to travel alone, it’s easy to meet people to talk to, or more. As soon as things open up, I will travel to some new places, I never get tired of doing that. I don’t have that many years left to waste them, and I don’t want any regrets. Take care Rod.

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