1. the truth is, koreans will never date americans unless they are pretty/handsome or will offer to bring them to america and give greencards.

  2. Considering how different Indian Culture (and South Asia as a whole), it would be very interesting to see what it’s dating a South Asian.

  3. I think Americans aren’t looked at as seriously because Koreans think it’s only temporary (they aren’t living there permanently, even with visas). And the stereotypes go both ways, their ideas of what an American is, is the same as an American who travels and wants to date because of K-dramas. Korea is still very much an homogeneous country, so most of their ideas on foreigners in general comes from media.

  4. Korea is a completely different country from the US, so even if Kdramas portray it in an ideal way, don’t forget their mentality and culture WILL cause a shock, just like any other Eastern culture would.
    Now knowing that, go ahead and buy your plane ticket. The food’s too good to be missing out on😌

  5. As a Korean American man who lived in both countries, the problem is usually either language or Korean parents. 양국에서 모두 살아본 한국계 미국인 남성으로서 볼때 주로 문제가 되는것은 언어 아니면 한국인 부모입니다.

  6. It’s funny how y’all think when majority of foreigners go to Korea they think it’s gonna be a k drama no that’s just a fantasy they know it’s not reality! They go to Korea and contribute and work like everybody else or go to school like everybody else !

  7. The world is strange. Most people go to Korea because they want to date a Korean and think that is normal. When they arrive in Korea and a Korean wants to date because they are foreigners, they feel dehumanized.

  8. Look I don’t know about Korea but what the girl(the one with the black mask and open hair) said it’s actually true here in India. Usually the media or the movies only depict American women as wild and crazy, It has actually become a stereotype about them. If you would ask people on the streets of India, most of them would say that they expect American women to be crazy and moody.

  9. There was no example there but it’s definitely different for a brother! Biggest thing to remember is not everyone is the same. Like for example my fiancé is not like the majority. There will be culture shock if you just watch the news or tvs/drama and not see documentaries, vlogs and so on.

  10. Korean women aren’t fond of black men… Speaking from experience , when talking about Americans koreans think of white Hollywood men

  11. Everyone goes on and on for 20 minutes about how judgmental Koreans are and how much they fetishize Americans….. then “what has your dating experience taught you?”
    “Koreans are open”…….k.

  12. I dont understand why should any country people date with any other country people, at the same level as they date with their own people, unless they are too dumb to not see the cultural differences. Yes, occasionally Individually there are always exceptions. The world, yet culturally is not still a too harmonious place to live at the same level and with same comforts anywhere. 👍

  13. I am an American ,I lived in Korea for 4 yrs, Korea women are fun and hot, they use us to learn English thou, alot of stereotypes thou, and am black!

  14. The black girl with purple mask is correct ! They do ask those questions and it’s scary cause in America u don’t ask those types of questions! But if they’re open minded you should show them that’s not the way too go if not then cut that shi off !

  15. Unfortunately, many expats and international students get approached by the wrong people. It usually takes a long time to meet and then develop a friendship with a reliable person.

  16. Sad, Korean liberate from Japanese from colony more than 2 centuries, also use Korean as comfort women. US divide South Korea aka democracy to go to war with the North Korea both are American scapegoat. Korea still divided the South Korea is colonised by USA. What i don’t understand tvd logic to subjugated to white imperialism agsknst it own Korean fof the interest of the perpetrator.

  17. It sounds like, from what I gathered from these particular interviews, that Black women are fetishized, more than anything else. The White men and women seemed to have better luck. I’m not saying that for every person, that opinion is based on this video, and many of the same stories that I’ve heard. Really makes me sad that that’s the perception of Black women there.

  18. As an American guy, I recently dated a girl from Korea for over a year (broke off in March). We met in Singapore on exchange and she happened to be coming to the U.S. afterwards for an internship. Although it ended, I do have to say that it was a really good time in my life and there wasn’t too much culture clash for us. In terms of culture, maybe the biggest thing was that she tried to push me really hard to succeed and put a bit too much pressure on me. She was a good person though. And when it comes to language barriers, I have been studying Korean since before I met her and her English was perfect.

    The most obvious problem we ran into was us being judged by other people who couldn’t handle interracial relationships. For example, some people around her accused her of dating me “for the green card”, whereas some people around me accused me of being a “Koreaboo” or having a fetish. That being said, I’d like to remind others that people can happen to date interracially without having fetishes or some ulterior motive! Leave people alone! lol

  19. Well, America was not like what I expected tho. Every country can not be as same as you watched on movie or media. My expectation was exciting, luxury life on Hollywood movie and I ended up same reality where I used to live. Yet, people are even ruder and colder. And first time ever I felt and learnt what racism is, in the US.

  20. this looks so staged. did they basically keep few people’s contacts and called them up to meet at X-intersection to make it seem less staged? shame

  21. When Koreans express their thoughts saying “You have such a small face” to other people, that obviously means that they are complimenting. But in the West, you shouldn’t say anything like that especially if people are fat, skinny, etc. which is insulting. These are the cultural differences that I understood.

  22. Regardless of culture, some people are just ignorant and through that ignorance they might act or say something that they might otherwise not do. It could be from being nervous. Then there’s the whole issue of cultural differences and differences in socio-cultural norms.

  23. I am very glad to be from an extremely diverse area (California). I think it’s harder to exoticize or discriminate any race when you grow up with them all and see them as normal people.

  24. I was able to accompany my husband on a 2 year tour to Korea from ‘04-‘06. I noticed that the enlisted men seemed to marry Koreans at a much higher rate than the officers…I’m not sure why that is. The women were very serious and were very marriage minded.

  25. love the way the girl from NY talks with her hands haha. Sorry to hear she had a crazy for a boyfriend. What the guy from Chicago said is true, higher standards and more judgemental. My confidence and self-esteem recovered and got better when I started dating outside of my race and also when I lived abroad. There is certain casualness to pointing out how someone looks that day, what they’re wearing, skin troubles, etc. Koreans aren’t the only one to do this, but it has felt like it is one of the main things people do.

  26. I would like to experience living in Korea just to be in Korea and amongst the Korean people and culture (just to see what it’s like).

  27. Interracial dating is in fact complicated.
    Guy from the west is most likely gonna be labeled as having yellow fever of some kind when it comes to dating an Asian woman. And similarly, an Asian woman is gonna be perceived as having some type of selfish interest when it comes to dating a guy from the west.
    On the other hand, there are people who like to appreciate and embrace characteristics of their own race (it’s a choice after all). So when they are into co-racial relationship, they are labeled as ignorant or racist even. This type of phenomenon is quite interesting.

  28. If i ever went to Korea, i would be there to observe & learn culture & history, see the landscapes but not date at all, too much drama lol’z. Some of the things the Women said Korean Guys said to them, fair dinkum, i would be offended. Seems like a lot of body shaming & body consciousness, i may respond in a way that would freak them out, i’m an Aussie, if you offend i will defend so no clubs, no pick up joints just travel. Hearing this was mind opening. Thanks for the heads up 😊 Beware or be Aware & be 120% fluent in Korean but pretend you don’t understand, let them reveal their true nature, trust nobody.

  29. I got a phillpina GF and she said in Asia white skin is the most desirable. The tall white blue eyed Caucasian is what a lot of girls aim for. So these white people have a easier time getting a GF or BF than other minorities.

  30. Korea is definitely a place i wouldnt want to visit anytime soon. I’d love to try their local foods but as a southeast asian, i’d get torn to shreds about my looks. Wish their society wasnt so judgmental.

  31. people stereotypically think whole USA as Hollywood which is not true
    how can people generalise 350 million people with web series , sitcoms , pop culture , movies

  32. Open-mindednessness is being open to cultural or people or dating outside your race. From videos I have watched of Black women in Korea when they talk about Korean men put “open-minded” it means you are willing to just be a one-night stand or just friends with benefits. Men are going to be men everywhere like have an open mind of not generalizing all Korean men that will fetish or stereotypes you depending on your race but do look out for signs and make sure to be careful.

  33. 09:25, 12:23 sisters are right.
    Some korean men are OBSESSIVE towards a perfect body and face for them. They are not interested in their personalities or backgrounds.

  34. What’s weird about it????fetish?so Americans don’t have a fetish????😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️I think Americans are at the forefront of fetish in the world!take a look at your porn sites in the US!stay in your countries please!!!!don’t come to Korea at all!

  35. Both Korean guys I dated while I studied in Korea were particular about showering often and also were both confused about getting std tests. I was like…we are not hooking up if you’re not getting tested. It was definitely surprising from my perspective. One guy did actually listen to me and finally understood my point of view on that so that was nice at least. I heard that Korean couples shower before having sex which is interesting. Not sure how true it was, but the showering thing made more sense after hearing that.

  36. Welp I’m just in for the food man cause food is my relationship lol… Damn now I I’m starving just from that… Welp great vid guys… Oh can you guys do local homemade food bro I want to make some korean food… I’ve only gotten to Korean barbecue that’s it but I need more of them lol

  37. Have you done any interviews with foreigns/expats outside of metro areas? I feel that the life of an expat in the countryside is very different from expats who live in major cities. I think it would be very helpful for those who plan to come here but might have trouble finding information about living outside major cities.

  38. What dating in Korea taught me is that dating becomes healthier and more genuine when you see each person as an individual and not as a culture or a country.

  39. To go further, should talk to mixed families living in Korea.
    I’m Korean, married to a Puerto Rican, and let me tell you all the annoying stares I got from people in the subways when we were dating.

  40. I would like the girl with the purple mask to tell me her stories 😂 the Carolina accent was like wow 🤣 how tall is the reporter??? 😳 koreans like americans generally, if any of those people with the exact same looks are from another country it could differ, that shows that sometimes they fetishize the relations. Korea is a fun country overall, i would recommend everyone to visit the country, you would love it 😄

  41. I will speak as a Korean. Korea is a homogeneous, conservative country so many people do not prefer dating w foreigners. It is changing but until now, it was. So people who were eager to date with foreigners are usually weird people who just wants to have sexual relationship with foreigners. So I think the interviewer’s experiences are shocking. I never encountered those weird koreans in my life.

  42. Guys at 12:00 she said Burger King and I figured that was the end of the story but then she said “AS I WAS EATING A HAMBURGER” 😭😭😭

  43. Predicts: white men get Korean women, black people, white women, have harder time, foreigners expect K-pop style country.

    Reads comments, guesses mostly confirmed.

  44. Being an Asian-American male I hear tales of my Asian sisters being fetishsized, so its interesting when white women act so surprised when it happens.

  45. I think Asian boss should stop treating S.Korea as a land of only kpop and kdramas and try to see it as a developed country that has much more to offer!!!…it’s weird how they link every topic of every interview they do in Korea to kpop and kdramas as if this country was nothing before.

  46. Could you try to do some videos with expats in Vietnam? I’d love to see that as I will (hopefully) be moving to Vietnam within the next year or so. Thanks!

  47. I think there’s layers to this though. Notice how the white participants here are already married to Koreans (which means that are accepted by their Korean in laws) or in serious relationships compare to the darker skinned participants….I think nationality is less important and ethnicity is more relevant. Koreans have definitely opened up to dating and marrying white people, seriously, but are still more on the fence with others…I feel this channel has already made similar videos like this and haven’t actually just made a video about how different *ethnicities* experience dating. Not nationalities. Because there’s a big difference.

  48. Cultures with less migrants tend to be more critical towards foreigners. That’s natural and Asia has a long way to go there; some more (China), some less.

  49. 12:20 I was born in raised in the US and I heard that too about American girls. It’s a shame I never dated American girls to find that out for myself.

  50. Reporter: “So, have you done anything that shocked your korean partner?

    Lady: ” I took a shower once everyday…. It freaked him out”


  51. Omg what they say is so important! If you ever live in south east asia and decide to date someone there you will encounter such people

  52. My ex is Irish and he was attracted to me because I’m from another country. Before me he dated a Russian, two Germans and now is dating an Italian. I think he does It because he thinks that it’s temporary and if he messes up we are more likely to leave, so he doesn’t have to face us in the future.

  53. I really like how Asian Boss is going back to its old roots. Not that the big pieces were a bad thing, but casual street interviews are a breath of fresh air

  54. This are American liberals selling thier girls to disrupt peaceful korean culture
    Probably they are from Chicago, ny or majority dems runs city.ha3

  55. they think i am korean, but i am Japanese. i had few relationship with foreigners living in korea, latinas are the best. followed by the Italians

  56. Funniest thing for me is when korean girls bring up their period all the time cause they are usually shy, Like you ask them what’s up and they are like : feeling down cause my period just started . Always feel kinda speechless

  57. Only once a day shower? I’m not Korean and I find this I dunno how to put it to not sound rude, but hygiene is super important. I was as many times I need….after and before work, before sleep…

  58. What does dating mean? Sleeping together for a season? If thats is the case then most people of all cultures are open to date people from different cultures. A committed relationship is different.

  59. In SK, most Koreans only get with Foreigners for the sex. Interracial relationships don’t last long at all. However it’s a completely different story for Koreans abroad (e.g. Korean Americans). Also recently there’s this thing now in Korea & Japan where foreigners are seen as “the losers/outcasts” of their country. I’m guessing this is because of Koreaboos & Weaboos but I might be wrong.

  60. Also, are guys planning on bringing Sam Okyere back? He’s been cancelled by Koreans and is seeming to struggle to get back on his feet. No one in the entertainment industry seems to be helping him out and he’s been left to shrivel up and die. I’d like to see how he is and for him to get a chance to explain himself and for Koreans to get a chance to try understand him and forgive him. I actually feel like he should get a chance to work for Asian Boss

  61. I dated a fare share of Korean girls and oh boy.. I’m not sure if I would recommend it. At least if you are looking for something serious. For casual its great.

  62. There are so many stereotypes on both sides.. I am sure that you will do the opposite and ask men what it’s like to date a non Korean and you will hear so many of the stereotypes of foreign woman. I really love the lady with the red mask, so full of self esteem and strong

  63. I think Americans should understand they can’t expect to apply North American dating culture to Korea and get the same/similar result. As an American, I think my compatriots have a myopic understanding of courtship in other countries–little do most of them know “dating” (where 2 virtual strangers meet up alone for dinner or coffee) was/is not even a concept that exists in many developed countries, including those in Europe. If you really think about it, the American way is bizarre. In contrast, the Old World version of meeting a romantic partner through an existing network of friends and colleagues (so you meet a person you could more easily trust and whose reputation others can vouch for) increases the chance of a successful pairing.

  64. Plz also make a video on Palestine sufferings…and Israel oppression..🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸❤❤❤

  65. 이 영상이 절대 걷 외모만 보고 국제 결혼 하지 말아야 하는 이유 입니다 적어도 국제 결혼을 하겠다면 얼만큼 상대방 배려자가 나의 문화에 관심이 있고 잘 이해를 하는지 고려를 해야만 합니다 그래야 미래에 나와 주변에 모두가 편 합니다 <3

  66. I love Asian Boss but sometimes I feel your content is too much linked with America. Maybe that is me but can you make some content with Europeans?

  67. Idk if it’s the modern Kdramas I watch, but they didn’t make dating korean guys seem any more interesting just made being a young adult in Korea seem cool, getting food with your friend group the outfits, the tiny apts…the attractive aspects of the korean guy could be found in any guy who dresses well, is chivalrous, is territorial, and will treat his gf like a baby lol

  68. I live in Korea. As a foreign woman. Been told I was ugly so much. Super hard to date. Been stood up about 10 times in a year. Told that foreigners are too hairy or too smelly. I got persuaded into cosmetic procedures by someone i was dating as they were ashamed of me. I have had to start therapy due to the damage inflicted.

  69. Well I guess it’s just gonna be for koreans “do you have a fat bank account? Branded clothes? Are you good looking?” the usual superficial stuff that for them is important, not the sentiments or the values in the relationship like normal people, looking for trust, love, understanding, etc… They are so sad. And I feel lucky to be born somewherelse, cuz the worst is that they don’t even realize what they are missing!

  70. Open minded in korea means DTF? If someone in the Philippines asks you if you’re open minded, you can be 90% sure it’s a sales pitch for multilevel networking.

  71. So American women in Korea get treated like Korean women in America? What I got from this video is that men are whack.

    I remember one of my friends (in the US) got asked by a Black dude she met if she had a sideways vagina lol wtf??

  72. Love how we talk only about AMERICANS as if they are the only foreigners in Korea and how guys are so fascinated by Americans 🙄 Again guys, everything revolves around America, the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

    If I open the other video about international students in Korea and yall show only americans again – not watching another video again.

  73. Also, miss girl, that married a Korean guy:
    1. Not you being white trying to invalidate how people say Koreans are insensitive and disrespectful towards foreigners, just because you lucked out?
    2. Not you also talking about how your situation with your in-laws is so perfect and they accepted you immediately, just because you lucked out and just because you are white?

    Do you see the difference in the experience between her and the black girl that was talking about that creepy dude asking about the “colour of her breasts”.

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