Where To Find the ‘Good Girls’ in the Philippines

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  1. The only things ..not to find a woman in a Bar. Not all of them are nice. 98% out of 100%. Yes, the girls on the Mall are the best one or a waitress in the restaurant. But NOT!!!! in a Bar or Massage parlour. no no no no!!!!

  2. Henry I think you are living  in the right place to find a good girl you just need some patience, it’s not like you are living in Angeles City or something like that, in time the right girl will come your way. I know a lot of the dating websites work well for some and considering where you are living you may give them a shot. There are a lot of good girls on these sites that are looking for the same thing you are.

    1. im not too sure about the dating site girls mate, ive found most of them to have hidden agendas  In my experience they have all been very switched on and witty.  90% of them anyway. 

  3. I’m a widower that was married 31 years to a wonderful Filipina
    from Cavite City. I reentered the dating scene 2 years ago, as a
    widower that is of Irish-Norwegion ancestery on the outside, I’m
    Filipino on the inside & in my heart, I’m planning to return there
    in 4 years for good & live out my life there, my area of choice
    where I want to live in is in the Bicol region provinces of Albay,
    Sorsogon & the island of Masbate. I already have a list of what
    towns I want to live in in those three provinces of choice. I will
    only date Filipina women, and the past 40 years, I have had as
    Girl friends/dates a total of 9 Filipina, one who I was married to
    for 31 years. Being that I’m a widower that was married to a Filipina, nearly all white American women want absolutely nothing
    to do with me whatsoever, they practice bigotry towards American
    men who date & marry non American women of all nationalities
    for no reason.

  4. Henry with me being that I’m a widower that was married 31
    years to a wonderful Filipina woman, I will only date Filipina
    women. When I return there home to the Philippines in 4
    years, if I’m not remarried, I’m seeking a very good Filipina
    who is widowed about 3 to 10 years younger that wants to
    be married again to a widower that wants to be with me for
    her & I.

  5. The simple answer is……..at the open air markets in the Provence. Here you will find girls that have not even been into the city. She is to entrenched in her family and her values are to high to allow herself to be abused by sleazy xpats. She comes to the open market to get what she needs then she returns home. That is her whole life. You just have to be patient and wait there for them to appear.

    1. @Frank Fest if i were willing (right now) to embrace a new relationship, i’d very well do as you suggest.  i need someone i can trust.  someone who is appreciative with solid values.  the merkados just might be where my ‘diamond in the rough’ is hiding.   🙂

  6. Hi Henry, I’ve been watching your videos especially the ones from Cebu. I’m originally from Cebu and never been back almost 13yrs now. I missed my hometown so bad and planning to live there soon. thanks for sharing your videos. Rose

  7. The best and brightest go to Manila. I lived in Puerto Princesa at the age of 28 and I found the dating scene not very good. If you want to find a girl who is middle class Manila is the place to go.

  8. wow life beyond the sea is quite interesting where u featuring my fellow filipinas u want for dating!! im disagree u want other expat saying most of the girls find husband in order to support there family back home!! yap few of them are like that but mostly we are devoted to keep our family !! if u want to find a good girl go find in iloilo city coz in the philippines we call this as a city of love that most of ilonggas girl are loving , soft spoken and caring women!!

    1. @Tessie Jubida it sounds like you misunderstood me.  i didn’t say “most of the girls find husband to support their family”.  i said that most women hanging around the boardwalk are not looking for long-term relationships.

  9. if u r looking for a good girls always to choose educated filipina like they have a degreegraduate of a four years course and i think u wll find them anywhere in the [hilippines luzon, visayas and mindanao =) because fr sure they will not love u for a money because they are educated

  10. The job thing….definitely! If you’re looking for a good girl, you want one that can show she’s responsible. Really doesn’t matter what it is, we don’t usually have our dream jobs. It gives you something to talk about, makes you appreciate the time together more, and you can text here when she’s at work and make her day.

    As for location try Iloilo City….big enough to be comfortable, small enough to feel like a province.

    1. @Browntau yes, that’s the same impression i got of iloilo. kinda conservative and quiet for the most part. not overly developed.

  11. Question is which place is safe to visit, and then patiently look for a good woman.  I prefer a small place where the nature is beautiful and stay there for few months and see if I can find someone nice for a lifetime relationship. Can you please suggest such a place.  Thank you.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines oh, and also bogo or san rafael on the far north end of cebu. or san roque, just north of tagbilara on bohol are small, nice places as well.

    2. @sony jamia many places like that. i would suggest panglao, bohol, consolacion (north of cebu), argao (south of cebu), moalboal is a great small-town yet has a good expat community there.

  12. What brought you to the Philippines, My wife is from Legaspi, in the Bicol Region. We’re thinking about retiring there. We live in Texas now, she is a RN nurse . I have been there twice , legaspi , Boracay, and Manila.

    1. @Josef Parreno i’ve dated two filipinas (not at same time. ha!) who worked at a call center. both had very good english and were great conversationalists. definitely a plus, but so many other factors to consider as well. 🙂

    2. The working girls at a telephone support services company are usually well educated, they come in different age ranges because telephones support companies is practically the bread and butter for a lot of workers in the philippines. It is the thriving sector of the philippines. You will find business major graduates, marketing and so forth so they will come educated and some are still single. Anyway, it is a good place to get to know some girls who are worthwhile. E.g convergys, teletech. I would so totally fake apply there…

    3. @Josef Parreno i only passed through there for about 30 minutes in a taxi, so i can’t really say i’ve seen bacolod. i hope to soon though. 🙂

  13. hate to say it but if you stay away from the sleazy places manila is full of nice girls working  to help there familys from every island in philippines..but its a lot of looking ..lol

    1. @sv strayfish everywhere it’s like sorting through a stack of hay in search of a needle. some cities just have more hay than others. 🙂

  14. i’m happily married to an angel from visayas (leyte). we’ve been married for 11 years with a beautiful son, three years old and a daughter (coming in july, 2015). life couldn’t be any better. we’re planning to move to the Philippines in 2016.

  15. I went on an Asian Dating site. I spent about 1 year talking to somewhere around 50 – 75 Filipina’s from Luzon to Mindanao (Everywhere in the Pines). Weeding my way through the scammers and one’s that I had nothing in common with. Then I met my Girl on July 5th 2012. A girl I knew from the start was going to be the right one, because she was different than all the others. But I took my time and got to know her. She worked as a waitress in a Canteen earning about 165 pesos (about $4.00 American Money) a day. At the time I didn’t know it but she was spending 50 pesos an hour for about 3 hours a night talking with me on webcam at a Cafe’. Almost her whole day’s pay. She was gambling everything on hopes of finding the right man for her (and a Father for her son). I wasn’t the first, she had talked to several others before we met. She was going to close her Dating site account the day we met because she wanted to stop wasting the money she needed to take care of her son. I knew she had a son because it said so on her Dating site profile and that didn’t bother me at all. What I didn’t know was that her son was sick with Primary Complex Koch’s Disease (a Child’s form of Tuberculosis). She was afraid to tell me about it thinking it would scare me off. But the more I got to know about her and her past I began to fall in Love with her. After her Boss found out she had a foreigner boyfriend she Fired her. Her boss wanted her to stay poor so she could control her. I began to help her financially at this point, including paying for the treatment to cure her son (it was a 6 month treatment process). He is now cured and back in school again. I came to the Philippines in April of 2014 to meet her and her Family and Friends. I was there for 13 days and Loved every minute of my visit. She lives in Mandaluyong so “Yes” you can find a Good Girl even in the City. Originally she was from the Province (Calbayog – Samar), but moved to Metro Manila about 10 years ago. I am currently working on bringing her to the U.S. on a Fiance’ Visa. We’ve been in this LDR now for almost 3 years and our feelings towards each other have only grown stronger. The trick to finding the right one is this… You have to take your time and do the work. If you rush things or settle for a girl too easily you are going to make mistakes. When you find the right one… You will know it. Sorry this was so long, but I wanted you to see what it takes to get a Good Girl from my experience. They are out there, but they are not going to come up and knock on your door… you have to find that “Needle in the Haystack”! Good Luck

    1. Update: She arrived here in the U.S. about 2 weeks ago on May 18th 2017. We are living together with our 2 1/2 year old Daughter who was conceived while I was there visiting her back in 2014. So it took us 3 years of paperwork gathering and money (for the Fiance’ Petition process & the CRBA – Certified Report of Birth Abroad process) to make this happen. Now that she is here with our Baby Girl life is great. It’s been 5 years since the day we first met online and our feelings haven’t changed a bit about each other. Because we have known each other for so long the transition to physically being together was so smooth and comfortable. More paperwork lies ahead. AOS (Adjustment of Status), Permanent Residence and American Citizenship. Her Son is still in the Philippines staying with her older brother’s family. The reason we didn’t Petition for him was because I felt he would struggle in the American school system because his English skills weren’t strong enough. They teach English in the school’s in the Philippines and that’s where all his friends are as well. My Fiance’ had many conversations with her Son about this and he wanted to stay, so that is our temporary solution for that problem. Once my Fiance’/Wife has her American Citizenship it will be much easier to bring him here to reunite with our Family.

    2. Marc S Try and learn English before you respond on here. Your comment is incoherent. Also, stop sending me comments then later deleting them. Let the world see what a Moron you are, Coward.

  16. That always comes from the hypocrite slutty guy, aren’t most, who doesn’t think twice about all his paramours but expects to find a pristine woman out there. Really, you never know. Some women know how to put up a good front. They may not be hookers but they are slutty as hell. Fine a real, honet woman and forget her past if she is good to you….

  17. You ask, “where do you find a good girl”? Well, how about in church. If you can’t find them there, then what hope is there to find one?

  18. hey do phillpina women date blk American biracial or blk men I have a crush on Asian or phillipines women i think their hot but I’m no fool for just looks & beauty& gold diggers gotta spread more than just jelly on my sandwich got peanutbutter

  19. Even the so called bad girls want nothing more than a secure relationship and will look after you very well. I followed the advice of Philippine friends I worked with before I introduced myself to my future wife via an on line service. Not a great age difference, College educated, from the provinces, never married and no kids, religious, seeking a permanent relationship and from a land owning family. Family Is all important to a Filipina and if you don’t want to start your own seek a partner elsewhere.

    1. +Sacks Sixth Ave. I have seen this happen also. I introduced a friend to my wife’s sister-in-law ten years ago. They married and as he had previously had a vasectomy, no chance of children. I do not know whether she fully realised what this meant when they married. She was twenty, he was forty-seven. She wound up getting pregnant to a workmate and now lives with him and is seeking a divorce. He is now partnered with an older Filipina with grown children, Plenty of Filipinas have “already had there’s” also and are more than happy to marry a foreigner as they have no chance of finding a partner willing to take them on at home.

  20. if your lookin for a beautifull wife that would take care of you an cook for you I believe Cabanatuan or Legazpi (they knows hows to cook good)  but if your lookin for both attractive an cute an can barely cook an knows how to find a job manila is where to go. how I know this? because I was born there an grew up there -^_^-

  21. It would be interesting if you would make a video discussing the Filipino habit of lying. This is the one cultural difference that brought my relationship with a Filipina to an end. Also, you might want to discuss the fact that many Filipina women will deceive a westerner in order to marry him and drain his bank account later. (long term scheme). How can you trust them? I just don’t have the answer.

  22. I think the problem most men have, is them, the man…Before, I date sighted Filipinas, I began to study the culture, the holidays, tradition, food, landscape, music, distance from one town to another, and not just learn how to say, or spell, Maganda, Muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and other sure signs the guy is a moron…I first had to find myself, who I am, what I am, do I really want a nice, or good girl, because if I am like most men, who want a virgin who screws like a whore, what’s the point? I first had to decide, am I willing to bring her back to America, and have her go crazy, wanting everything she sees, wanting to work, to buy everything, because they do…With in 3 years, she will want to work, work as much as she can, and she will send the money home, which in America, if the woman works, she has to support her work, transportation, and so on or buy makeup, this and that, and you will never see her…So, I decided, I needed to train myself to fit in to the Filipino culture and go there, to live, forever…I needed to be able to not beat the crap out of some rude turd, who cut in front of me in line, even pushing me, to the side, because they know, if you cause a scene, you could be deported and will be blacklisted…Pinoys cutting in line and being rude, is how they screw up your future there, and or, it is just how they are…My wife was so shocked at how well I handle things…You have to allow your girl to handle the rudeness of men to her, as well, and she will, unless she feels he is dangerous, but the girls there will go absolutely bazerk on men if they cross them…My wife will go to security, who we know most of them, or she will file a blotter at the barangay, but you the foreigner, the enemy, needs to be patient, not make nasty comments, and just get use to the rudeness there, as the men demand respect, but show none…Remember, they don’t get it. they don’t understand…So, if you know, how the game is played there, ride it out, go slow, and let the guys be rude, because you pounding on a short, 95 to 110 pound guy, an adult, who looks like a 12 year old little boy, means nothing and could get you hurt since he will go home and bring with him 6 more, who will beat you..There is no fairness there, you have few rights, so don’t go around yelling, I know my rights, or tell someone would you like a fish sandwich..You are just being a bully…And, if you get in a fight, watch for guns and knives, fight fast tough, and make it count, just get it over with, and move on, toss him under a bus, and go…Me, most of the time, I just look at everyone as little kids, I am lolo, and not expect anything intellectual out of them, because what makes the Philippines so relaxed and wonderful, is this childish way of life…It is their country, and you are there as a guest, so act like one, forever, even if you have duel citizenship and have been there for 20 years…You will gain more respect by others, like security, barangay, and the public, if you show professionalism, super good respect for your girl, value and protect and respect all women, and just be a real man, not a pig…In short, when in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do, just be better than them..They already know, you are who you are, but don’t show them your weakness, it makes us all look bad…If you can do this, you will find a good woman, just toss a rock…Next big thing is, you need to find your town…You were not born in the Philippines, did not go to school there, did not grow up there, did not live and breath the place for over 25 years, so you need to study the country well, visit towns, cities and province, and find your town, and fall in love with that town, first…Because, loving the town, it part of loving the girl..If you do not fall in love with the city, the town, the mall, the restaurants, the merchants, the weather, if you not love the town, you will not find the girl you will love, because she is that town…They fit in, they know, they lived there, so it is a part of them…Girls in Dasmarinas, are super different than girls just a few miles away in Malino, Emus, Makati, Salang, if I spelled it right, or even closer, General Trias, all very different girls, skin colors and ways of life…Men who only think there is a difference in girls, from Manila and cebu, yes, you are correct, but what about Talisay, Toledo, Lapo lapo? Pasig, or Marikina, and let me tell you, girls in places like Caloocan and Tando, just stay away, too hard to find a good one…And the town, will also dictate the level of corruption, how obvious it is, how it will affect you, how far do you want to live from Manila and Cebu, to be able to renew your visa? I will not name names, but some towns are higher in drug crimes, gangs, terrorist movements, so you need to love the town first, see it from all sides, get to know it, before you can love a girl in that town, because if you hate the town, she will grow to hate you…Also, find a town with hospital, not hospital, but hospitals, good ones, and towns with 2 nice malls, not one, where is the water department? pay utilities at the mall, or in town? You need to love the town that is perfect for you, then you will find a good woman

    1. +Sacks Sixth Ave. I think I said that, but with a broader brush, trying to include all men and all pinays…Having studied the culture, for a crazy long time and I still am, and living in the Philippines, I think I stated it well…You are talking about what I call, The Genuine True Blue Filipina, which is dieing here, just as the good foreigner, who once ruled the land of romantic nature, loving and kind man, who made us all look good, now making us all look bad…The Filipina, is going to look or seem savvy, as you said, only because they were born and raised there…I will never be as streetwise as my wife, who is 27 years old and i am 59…I am still use to a civilized community and teamwork, community spirit, but when we live in the Philippines, it is a rude wakening…But you are correct, I super agree…I am super blessed to live in Cavite with a growing kano population and they are all great…None of them want to make the Philippines, just like home, they love it just the way it is, but loving it the way it is does take practice…BUT AS i SAID, YOU CAN FIND A GOOD WOMAN, ANYWHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, BUT YOU FIRST NEED TO FIND A GOOD MAN, WITHIN, OR BETTER PUT, TO FIND A GOOD WOMAN, YOU NEED TO LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF YOURSELF, BECAUSE YOU WILL FIND A GOOD WOMAN AND SOON BE DUMPED AND YOUR BLOOD KIDS LIVING IN POVERTY, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE TO THEM NONE….God bless

  23. You have some great advice. I saw a video of yours I am trying to find again. It was about marrying a Filipina and living there or bringing them back to the west. I want to share it with my friend.

  24. Heyy,everyone,i have a relationship with a Philipinay for about 3 years by now,and i met her trough a friend who has dated her sister. A lonely shy girl from just 30yrs young,pretty neat and lovely,she was asking my friend weither he had a wellknown person to date and want to live with her too. He thought of me and asked me,if i wanted to have a talk with her. Coz i was feeling lonely too and searching a good woman,and it was a coincidence to find her trough him. We talked and we chatted for a long time and i asked her to be my Valentina. And she said YES !! So,a lonesome shy girl from the Rizal was no longer a lonely shy person anymore who rather laughed to date a person like me. And both we were in love. Her sis is married to my friend and i visited my girl/woman for the second time in november 2015. I hope she will be my wife in a few years and hopefully also have some kids with her too to settle and have work for her and spend my life around till death. So,thats the story,hope you will find yours too and have a blast lovelife too.

    1. after working in the US for 8 years, and saw the lifestyle of american’s. I still choose my country, cost of living is way different. I can earn dollars then spend it in Phils. That kind of idea is only for those girls who is ignorant, which most likely never been in other places. There are some american’s who were ignorant too. Well, obviously ignorance are pretty much everywhere.

    2. +darktoothxo it’s a common misconception that ALL filipinas who marry a foreigner want to go to his home country. many do, granted. but much like the OFW situation, they would really rather be near their parents and homeland for the most part. if i were to make a generalization, i’d say it’s more “city girls” (cebu/manila) who have the ambitions to go overseas. many of them are already living independently of their parents to work in the city, away from the province. meanwhile, most province girls would prefer to maintain their close family ties and stay in the PH.

  25. there are a-lot of things to look at in the zodiac if anyone comes across a good Astrologer in the Philippines plz let me know… as i think its a valuable matchmaker tool…

  26. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines My name is Jv and I enjoyed watching your video. I came by way of a growing interest I have in meeting Filipina girls. Not really interested in girls who have hidden agendas and motivations, but rather good girls that have a sincere desire to meet a foreigner such as myself. You touched on the Mall girls, Province girls, City girls all perfectly explained. One area of interest to me would be in the Church, as a Christian this is important to me, because it means that my search is narrow is scope. I value a girl who follows a moral compass and if she is active in the church or ministry then there is a good chance of finding a good girls. I covet your opinion or if you have gathered information particular to the church that you can share, I would appreciate. I just retired and looking to explore the outer boundaries. Thanks again.

    1. +Jv Vargas no ‘need’ to learn tagalog (or visayan) since most filipinas speak enough english to communicate. i’ve only learned a few words and short phrases myself.

    2. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thank you for your reply and insights. I couldn’t agree with you more on the subject of going in the church with the sinister objective to swipe a good girl from the church. The attempt or relationship success over time would be futile in my opinion, if it is not divinely appointed by God himself. Yes I’m a devoted Christian, serving in the ministry and non-denominational. I liked that you offer the recommendations of which types of churches are best suited. I have in fact heard of Iglesia Ni Cristo. In this regard I use tight discretion, I myself prefer the smaller church setting where you get to know who is who. I chuckled when you described your experiences when you walked in some of the churches, because I can see the imagery in my own head. While it is disappointing to know that there are Christians willing to serve both Lord and the world, sadly this is an reality of the church laidy today. I do have one question, how important or not it is to learn Tagalog as it relates to dating there? I truly appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share. I hope to plan a series of short trips soon, but not before reading over your LifeBeyondTheSea page. 🙂

    3. +Jv Vargas i’ll give you my view on church-girls, which i know some will not agree with but, oh well. in general i’d say, “Yes”.. finding a girl in church is a good place to start and far better than any online dating service or KTV bar. but my original advice still holds, “Go slow. Verify who she is.” I’m not at liberty to go into great detail, but suffice it to say that the few times i did wander into a church here in the PH, i was surprised who i recognized there. (i knew where they spent their weekends.) another issue to keep in mind with church girls is that i’d recommend either a non-denominational church or catholic church as the primary places to look. if you do a google search on the Iglesia Ni Cristo (which is very big in the PH) you will find some interesting reading from those who have left their church. i’ll leave it to you to research why. you mentioned being a christian so i’d say looking at a church is a good idea. but in general i tell men who are NOT into “church” to not go looking to steal a good woman from the church. and by that i mean discouraging her faith or attendance over time. a successful relationship is two people going the same direction. ‘stealing’ a good woman to turn her away from her faith is not a cool thing at all.

  27. nice video.. focusing on what many viewers interested in. in my experience, I find SM Dept store good prescreen for girls. They drug and STD test, and only hire unmarried girls with no kids.

  28. TIP: If you are colleagues at work, or if you are classmates in university, you are in a good position to meet good girls! If you are a tourist and are here looking for your future wife, you might not have the access nor the credentials to meet the good girl. The Filipino men know this; that’s why they work hard to be properly employed and presentable to the girl’s parents and family–yes, this is the Asian way! Generally, the elderly expat would just find himself becoming user-friendly and bitter, much to his dismay.

  29. Q: why are there no decent beaches i.e. Hawaii, Tahiti, etc.? Most vids I see if there is a beach, it’s dark sand, small area, polluted…hard to tell. Maybe the nice beaches are in the rich part of the PI where they get nice things vs the poor areas (joke). Really like your vids, straight to the point info. Thanks.

    1. lots of nice beaches. dumaluan beach on bohol is fantastic and not in a ‘tourist’ trap. super cheap and beautiful beach. clear, shallow water, very warm.

  30. Even older women are having a real bad time in finding men younger or older than themselves. Most men are looking for younger women. Its too bad.

  31. Think about this, before you should think about to get in a relationship with a filipina: Imagine, that in the philippines all the Woman get a good job, and earn a good salary (money) with this job, so they could do things, that all we western countrys do, spending money with not much problems, then ask yourself: if they have this good job and good life, Are they then looking for a foreigner of 50 years of age or older to getting in a relationship? I say: no, maybe a vieuw, the situation, why they want a foreigner, is : STATUS, they improve themself and ther family, notice this: When you marry a Filippina, you marry NOT only HER, but also ther FAMILY. Most of the time they expect that you also suppoert ther family in ther needs there. So, is it real love they give you? maybe it could grow to real love, but most of this woman wants a foreigner to getting a better life for themselfs and ther family. But , filippina woman are attractive, they are pritty, and the philippines is a great country, but you should think at this, and maybe talk it over , before the relationship with the pilippina you met, should get serious, talk about HER EXPECTATIONS. That conversation could maybe provide you to get into something, you do not want. otherwise, pilippina woman are caring, and lovely, warmhearted, i married one myself so i know, but get to learn eitch other first, and talk about these expectations, so it is clear for the 2 of you what to expect. Note: There is NO DIVORCE in the philippines. hope to get you some info on this way, and its not ment negative, only to inform you.

  32. “Ah.. what a good guy you are Reekay.!! always looking out for us ex-pats..or would be ex-pats.
    The answer to the question of where do you go to find a good girl Filippina..is illusive at best…and one of which I’m pretty sure all us single ex pat guys would really love answered?
    However, I once overheard an elderly gentleman at a bus stop, remark that “finding a good woman, is like watching a clock ticking on your wall at home”.
    In other words,..if a guy is constantly looking..time will appear to be moving very slowly…and nothing much will have seemed to have happened..this can cause disillusionment..
    However, Its been my experience, that when I’ve least expected it ..and in the most unlikely of places…and also when I’m in least able postion to do much about it…my princess has suddenly appeared. No body..even with the most accurate predictive Crystal ball can tell you..who..when or where she will be.

  33. Yes we know , find a good girl that’s away from the city ,has a job,not on cell all time , loves family, yup it’s just like anyplace in the world lol

    Don’t drink or smoke.
    Looking for a Christian Worker type.
    My pastor met his wife in the Philippines while in the Marines . He adopted her 2 kids and they had 3 more…5 altogether.
    Looking for 35-55 y.o. WIDOWED. HEARD YOUR COMMENTS ON DIVORCEES!! Kids OK.

  35. That poor doggie had a broken leg!

    I’ve met a few Pinay on line, such as FB. I get a feeling they’re money oriented, as they’re so young! I’m 70 and have had a 20 yr old and a 31 yr old say they’re interested. Both are employed, etc. But… really? I’m going to father a kid at my age?

    Some have told me I have to go there first, then see whom I meet in a mall, etc.

    Your thoughts?

  36. My opinion defeats the purpose of goin to the Philippines wers theres too many foreigners.. go there for the culture and filipino people .less foreign the better.most provinces in Philippines. Spot the white guy . Few here n there. I like to see decent expats . Not ones whos make a fool of themselves and treat the pinoys not as good as they should . Which iv seen first hand there. Respect the country and people wer ur visiting . Or stay away . I hav freinds living in Philippines from the U.S hawaii sweden and they are top guys . And filipinas like happy go lucky decent men no drunks. No bad tempered . So the good girls are in normal jobs not bars . And bought up in good family simple and filipino hospitality second to none

  37. if you’ll pay her $300 a month, she’ll drop that job, cause it pays half as much. But she’ll try to get you to spend 3-4x that much on food, travel, etc.

  38. You always have a good Video , it is a Man’s best bet to find a woman who has a Job and makes her own money , it’s important for a woman to “Contribute” something financially . She will appreciate what it takes to make the Marriage survive from a financial view and in the end if it doesn’t work she is still going to work . Women from the Philippines are Awesome .

  39. I found a “good” girl who refuses or can’t grow up!After a very bad marriage to a local guy who left her when she was pregnant..she is some what trapped taking care of her father with one of her brothers.I realise the family obligation but this 37 year old was literally sneaking around scared her father and family would find out about us.(online only so far) I told her to let them know about us that it would be harder later for them to accept me and question why she was hiding me.Well sure enough after 2 months the family found out about her and I and now they monitor her phone calls,and has told her I am lying to her about my feelings!One of her sisters has told me what Ann (not her real name) needs the most is “help with finances” I was shocked! I told her that all Ann had asked for was my support and to promise to not abandon her and treat her bad like her ex did.No response from sister when I said this.Oh, did I say that one of her brothers disabled Ann’s FB page so we cant share hardly anything..pics ,chats etc.I really dont understand.The one sister insists I have to “prove” my intentions.hmmm Sounds like the movie “Meet the Parents” Where is Ben Stiller? Whats a guy to do? Just give up on this one?

  40. Over sea workers are good. That is where I found my now Filipina wife and we have been married for almost 12 years now. She is a very good woman

  41. The Convent/nunnery is a good start to look for good..submissive and probably guaranteed virgins in the Philippines and are not interested in money unless some local horny seminarians have beaten you to them…just a suggestion

  42. Love your videos & outlook. Its a shame you can’t come right out and say what you feel because of the backlash you’ll receive and negative comments. Too bad I’m in Dasmarinas Cavite.
    I’d like to have a San Miguel with you someday.

  43. I’m Indian with a less strict parents. I studied in the Philippines From elementary then went to U.S For herself high school, went back to India then decided to revisit Philippines now with my boyfriend I posted it on social media friends pretty knows about everything And let’s be realistic here, let’s forget about the rich girls being mean in movies. The rich ones are less interested with money (NOT ALL) but most rich Filipinos I know are never even interesting in money and instead their talents in any kinds of arts kind of careers. I’m not saying all the poor people are after money, but you can trust some just do make sure they have their own jobs and NEVER ASK FOR YOUR MONEY. MY EX TEACHER HERSELF BACK FROM ELEMENTARY, ALMOST SCAMMED MY BOYFRIEND NOW THAT IM AN ADULT AFTER COLLEGE, I was happy she wanted to be friends with me and knowing about my friends and boyfriend. After me being a weak student back in school and I became wiser in life that I focused on my strength for a career, I thought she was becoming a fan of me but later she told my boyfriend that she lost her job and she has hard times raising her sick children that she also needs to raise money for their schools that they are recently not studying and medical needs, and since I still can remember where she lives, I came to investigate my self if it’s true or not and it’s a LIE her children are completely fine studying she has a car, I saw her from a far without showing I’m there. I also I asked and old friend from elementary that I had searched from Facebook told her about it and she interacted with that teacher pretended she does not knows anything about my current life that includes not knowing about the lovelife by not mentioning about any of it. And guess what? She was invited for a trip in 7 towns in the Philippines because she’s happy that one of her child passed his/her exam. (Since she secretly recorded everything I really heard everything) she pretended to warn her about children getting easily sick this days due to dengue and the ex teacher responded that don’t worry her children are fine and did bacunas(injection) for anti-illness(I forgot what she exactly said) my boyfriend aslo listened and all together we reported her to the cops we showed all her scamming message to my boyfriend and her voice record. We got her arrested. I don’t understand why our other elementary classmates from Facebook were angry about it, when they heard about it, when it’s obviously her fault…. but atleast she get arrested that means she knows herself she’s wrong and will learn her lesson. By the way her car is reported stolen, someone recognized the car, it was not even her’s. She’s not rich and those money she was gonna use for the trip was proved belonged to her long distance white boyfriend, that the cops find from her Facebook chat. She had no choice but to admit that the money she was going to use to travel was the same money that man gave her, that in the chat she said it’s for her children. EDIT: AND JEFF IS RIGHT ONLY GO FOR COMPLETELY SINGLE ONES.

  44. Most filapina girls from other parts of the Philippines will tell you dumaguete girls are trouble… I can attest to this. My first Filipina girlfriend was a dumaguete girl that was already engaged to another American that was scamming multiple guys for money until her k1 was approved.

    1. 3 of my best g/f’s i met in dumaguete. it all depends on where a guy is looking. the ones cruising the boardwalk and Whynot are likely the ones giving the good ones a bad reputation for duma.

  45. Also my current filapina who is my fiancee is a good girl from cagayan de oro. And from video chatting with her when she’s with friends, family, or even just out in public, most girls from CDO seem to be pretty good girls. Then again CDO is the city of golden friendship.

  46. I met one who’s a waitress in ormoc leyte province…seems very poor but good heart I can’t wait to meet her…can u tell me about the area if u can

  47. Best website for Pinay’s……Try christianfilipina.com. (Can be expensive to join). Most are honest, loyal, faithful and religious lady’s – without the BS!! Of course there are going to be some “scammers” looking for the DUMB foreigner…. but, I would say about 80-90% are the REAL DEAL!! I have been checking them out for about 3 months now!! ALWAYS do your research – Trust NO one!! I have also lived in the Phils…..I may go back – when the “right Pinay” appears for me, personally!!

  48. It’s not really hard to find a good filipina. Maybe you attract the wrong ones. Hahaha! It depends on where your exposure is and how you present yourself.

  49. I lived there for 2 years and i agree with you about finding a lady who has work, because there more educated and responsible and less likely to be after your money. As you say they work long hours, so be patient with them.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thank you for your reply. I really like your videos and you are very wise. I wish more expats would be as sensible as you. Some expats can be judgmental, thinking of single women as bad women because their husbands left them.
      Happy New Year to you and your family. God bless!

    2. what most expats define as a “good girl” is a woman who would make a good wife. also called a, “keeper”. a woman who is loving, faithful, trustworthy and affectionate. she might have kids or not have kids, that has nothing to do with it. so, no.. a single-mother is not a ‘bad girl’. she is a woman who trusted the wrong man earlier in her life.

  50. Not on an Asian Dating Site ..I knew I was being scammed but it simply never occurred to me that the photo/lady I was messaging just never existed …Was she a robot ? Who was writing those replies to me. Now having realised the truth I have 680 credits and do not know what to do with them..Of course I just happened to choose the wrong site ( with the letters AC ?) Beautiful photos and sexy one liners designed to ensure your credits are devoured ..in my case through messaging…Anyway I hope to land in Cebu in July for a long term stay and just hope I can find a good companion ..Lets face it its just luck.In my case do I stay on Mactan or Bohol
    or some other Island because I just do not know .Funny Lapu Lapu City just keeps appearing in my mind? LOve all of Reekays videos .Ron NZ

    1. it’s SO much better to meet filipinas in-person rather than online. it could be while purchasing something at the store, waiting in a line, walking through the mall.. but in-person is where you meet the women who are being productive with their day. online, it’s just such a meat-market for scams that it’s hard to find the very few who are sincere about a relationship.

  51. My Reason for registering on three dating sites was to find out how they worked and to see if I could strike a messaging relationship with a lady prior to my going to the Philippines …So that within a few days of landing I could perhaps get advice on what city/ province could interest me in leasing a home as a home base .Then I could start my adventure..Of course I realise I chose the wrong one but thats life ..the others i never actually signed into with credits which was wise cause, apart from one , they are all connected to my initial choice but there is one that actually does looks pretty genuine with a two word name with first letter FC so perhaps that will identify what one I am talking about …It looks like its got a 12 month set rate which would interest me so I could join now? If I arrive in July and settle in I could contact and visit (probably by rental car) some of my already messaged “favourites” who would I am sure advise me and even show me the nice scenic areas that they live in..If an attraction takes place that could be nice but I would initial see it as friendship..
    Now can I ask a question .I would need contact within in the Philippines and with the world by computer and I am not up with the latest technology IE WiFi etc… I have two desktops at home here and use them for watching world news and sport and contacted people..I am presuming that when I get to Mactan/Cebu I will buy a laptop …Does one sign up with an ISP like here in New Zealand or do I buy cards which enable one to download and plan ones journey via Google Earth..I would be lost with no computer..
    Finally back to dating …I do not want to upset anybody but I actually feel very sorry for many of the women listed simply because they take photos via a web cam and they react to it and their photos in the main do not look right…. ..It didn’t work for me so I used the webcam and took a 4 minute video of myself sort of “posing” at the camera and then image sequenced it …and found one? frame that I could use and greyed it so already I am cheating.. As a diabetic health care is a concern also… I am old and letting myself deteriorate in the last 15 or so years …I have lost teeth and my photos told me in order to socialise I need to make myself presentable by getting dental work done to enjoy food and smile again..along with some exercise..I am not sure whether I should get the implant structure done here or wait till i get to the Philippines? …
    Next week I have to continue loading my wheelie bins with belongings to be thrown out..(I will only have a clothes change when I arrive.) plus find out exactly how best to have a pension continuance with regulations here ..Then I can make out a financial document for myself to work out an agenda .ie how much can I allow for a home rental per month …Could I sustain a car rental etc….
    Of course Reekays videos are a god send ..So much important information .in them …I do not intend returning to New Zealand unless I have to ..at this point I believe I can get my pension for 26 weeks (less the special payments ) ..I hope i do not have to come back for a period and go back to retain my pension ….Sorry i have rambled on …Regards Ron NZ

    1. in the PH, there are only 2 actual choices… PLDT or Globe. personally, i found PLDT to be less hassle and better for home internet, while Globe better for mobile wifi on my phone. home service you do a post-paid plan at their office. for mobile wi-fi, you prepay with load and then choose a data plan. they are listed online or you can ask any Globe kiosk at the mall.

  52. good girls are everywhere .. you just have to be good yourself (self respect , standards, using the head & the heart, patience) you cannot find what you are looking for if you yourself is not good…. geez

  53. Whatever you do AVOID CALL CENTER GIRLS! There is an underlying culture of debauchery caused by the high percentage of homosexuals and lesbians. The so called “team building” weekend overnight stays are a sham to justify three days of sex, alcohol, drugs and unbridled partying!

  54. Reekay, can you give me some information about limestone quarries in the Philippines. Where are they, is it possible to buy crushed limestone there. Does anyone make reconstituted blocks there.

  55. Hello Guy im Linda i live here in West Virginia USA, i have Niece to recommend to you her name Mary Grace 27 yrs old she live in my home Manila since 3 yrs old until until present her parent both died, If you’re interested please send me your viber number or whatsapp i will give you her contact. Because i don’t live she marry a womanizer man.

  56. Were not to go..TUAO in the far north.thats itawis tribe…
    Its a rougth place and the gals and …. shall we say not the first choice.
    Many really play around .. even with family members
    Good luck

  57. Take money out of the equation and i wonder how a potential relationship would evolve ? Thinking out loud that its best to keep your fiances closer to home , why show everything to quickly and open yourself up to financial and emotional agony when the opposite is in reach.

  58. Filapina Cupid has all sorts and you must be aware of the lying girl but some are real and I found one quick ly which was lucky but it happened and others like her were domestic servant s in foreign countries
    1 they were responsible
    2 they were hard working
    3 they stayed in a lot so they were less apt to get into trouble
    4 they were appreciative
    The only drawback is that they cannot really meet you very often when under contract.
    But when they got out of their contract and went home, they are available and healthy aside from malnourishment Because their employer will typically starve them.

  59. I got very lucky, very quickly, on Date in Asia. In a month, living back in Texas, I met my Nancy, who lived in Baybay City (which meant all of nothing, to me, except that it isn’t Manila.)

    On the internet, of course, you don’t know what’s real until you find out, but when she left Baybay to meet my midnight arrival at Mactan, that was a clue. She helped me find a place, then a better one cheaper, in Ormoc, and inside two more months, proclaimed herself mine.

    I’ve been here 10 months. I’m staying.

    If you want a Filipina bride, start off honest with her and with yourself, and stay that way. If a Filipina really loves you, she’ll move mountains to make you happy.

  60. This video is exactly why I chose to move Bacolod instead of Dumaguete or Cebu. Every girl I’ve met from Cebu just know the game too well…

  61. I need this man’s advice more than most. Sadly, I missed much of it watching, and wondering about, the three-legged dog in the background.

  62. Hands down the best place to find a good one is in the Middle East. They’re hard working and very humble compared to what you’d find in the Philippines

  63. I found that Luzon women , who are educated and employed, were far more honest than Visayan women, esp the ones who are really poor or have family who have dated westerners. Keep in mind many expats are losers who can’t find a woman to put up with their s*** or, they want a women in her 20’s or 30’s when they, are in their 50’s 60’s

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