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New restrictions keep me from traveling back to my home of Kamala Phuket.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. You might want to think about going back before they make it a requirement to have Vaccine or 14 day quarantine…now it’s just get the test and your good..

  2. Sadly Rob what is happening in Thailand and other Pacific and South East Asian countries is only the beginning. I don;t mean to sound harsh but statistically it is now a fact. Since India’s surge it is happening everywhere. The danger now isn’t just Corona-19 but all of the variant viruses that are coming from Covid-19. I’m still waiting to get back to Thailand after going for years until my last trip was cancelled two days before departure in March 2020. I live in Australia where finally we are in a good position and even have a travel hub with New Zealand with no quarantine required! Despite this the Australian government announced yesterday that there will be no international travel until ‘at least’ the middle of 2022! That’s more than a year away! And even if we can travel overseas where would we go that currently is Covid safe? The world is in an incredibly unpredictable place right now and the rules from both governments (as well as this virus) keep changing on an almost daily basis! I’ve been vaccinated and vaccination is Australia (while it has been a cock up in it’s rolling out) is free. Testing here is not only free but is carried out everyday in the ten’s of thousands. That’s why we are at the point where we can travel freely interstate and to New Zealand freely. But that can change in a heart beat and then we go back to square one. This virus has turned not to be just a problem for 2020. Anyway enough said and my thoughts go out to you and all Thai’s. Stay safe my friend and thanks for sharing!

  3. 4887 Covid today it’s getting a foothold hope they stamp it out soon. Just got back from Korat to Rayong one Red Zone to another Red Zone.
    Take care Rob be safe

  4. It’s just opening up where I currently live (The Netherlands) after being in a lock down since October. Its been a loooooong 7 months believe me. I would advise you to make plans on the worst case scenario for the time being as this thing seems to have gotten a foothold there. If you want to spend a few months where you are, then stay put. Are you prepared for that? if not have a plan B. Most of all HAVE a plan that you know that you can make work.

  5. Do you still pay rent for the place you normally live at in Phuket? Can understand your reasoning for not returning right now though.

  6. Useless bum – buy beer, watch netflix – that is the plan of american adult jobless man, living since 5 years in Thailand on donations from people!!!

  7. WTF is happening to Thailand, the place has gone insane. 2 week quarantine to enter Phuket and petty rules that I’ve been reading about.

  8. Thai Logic….
    Unlock that Pandora’s box and maybe…just maybe you’ll find the answers….
    Nahhh…just joking …it will never happenπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. If I were you, I would go back to Phuket and bear the pain of quarantine and cost as it looks like a new wave is beginning to sweep through Thailand. The situation may be even worse later .Better to be back safely home to fight this pandemic.

  10. I really sympathise with your situation. Don’t let the boredom get to you.. Keep healthy. Take care.
    I’m still happy with my life in Pattaya, but not being able to swim in condo pool, or at beach, is really annoying.

  11. FYI: covid is not going away….it will mutate and respread …just like the flu…this whole started with a self isolation for a couple of weeks…a year into they are still saying a few more weeks….

  12. I got out of quarantine last week and I’m wondering wtf I’m doing here. Lmao. When I booked my trip there were very few restrictions… Obviously now many restrictions. You still doing collabs? I remember seeing something on your website back in the day…. Renting a motorbike tomorrow so I’ll be mobile.. In Bangkok for now…

  13. Same tactics around the world to get people vaccinated: blackmailing the population with lock-downs or test requirements and quarantines.
    Those of us who can will resist like there is no tomorrow, by not testing, not vaccinating, and not allowing tracing of any kind

  14. I think July is too soon. Maybe July next year. Unfortunately the worst is yet to come for Thailand. Vaccines are the only solution. Give us an update on vaccine shots thereπŸ‘πŸΌ

  15. Hi, Rob, you sounded pissed off and understandably so but you have made your decision n.ow time to make the best of it. Do you have your scooter with you if not rent one and tour the area I’m sure there will be things to see in nature. Don’t just sit it out in front of the tv get out and about. Do you have friends there? if not your a likeable guy won’t take you long to get to know the locals. This has now been taken to the international court in the Hague and they are accusing Governments of Genocide
    There is a large international movement of lawyers and doctors who are behind this court case. We are under attack.

  16. Another scheme…open up 1st July as a sandbox destination when most workers have gone back to the province, how are they going to get to herd immunity by then…..all along, this talk about opening up has been to appease the tourism industry, they must have realised this by now.

  17. I’ve found that if you mix vodka with tomato juice it tastes just like V-8. Well not really but after the second one, who gives a shit lol

  18. Is that the same Area outside of BKK that you stayed at when you first arrived to Thailand way back when? Hope you have fun up there Rob and sorry about the situation in Phuket

  19. I appreciate that your channel shares both the good and the bad, versus always trying to put on a glamorous or upbeat image. Much needed authenticity without necessarily over-sharing…

  20. Good idea to stay put buddy ! It is not just the 30-50k wasted on 14 day quarantine….If you are asymptomatic you wouldn’t know it till they hit you with the rapid covid test (not that reliable either) Test positive for that & you may find yourself with a much much bigger expense…Have you seen what they charge some folks? Crazy! Good Luck & enjoy right where you are πŸ˜‰

  21. Population 70 million. Less than 1,000 deaths. Under reported? Ok, 10,000 deaths. About 1 seventh of one percent. About the same for most countries…one fourth or so. So I am still wondering why economies have been destroyed and lives ruined.

  22. Rob….what I like about your channel compared to the other endless farang vlogers…is that your’s is straight forward honest no bull shit talk. I appreciate that no end.

  23. All you need is a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival for domestic flights. No quarantine required.
    Not an option for cheap Charlie’s but if you want to go to the island of Phuket now you will just have to do it

  24. Dude. Stop being so cheap. It doesn’t cost 30k THB to get a Covid test. It costs 4K THB. You’re a joke dude. Coming from a Thai and a farang.

  25. Figured you weren’t coming back anytime soon. Why else buy a swamp cooler? Is Fern staying with you. Are you coming back if and when she does?

  26. The USA had around 585,000 deaths from covid-19 with a population of 331 million. Thailand population is around 69 million people. Thailand has only had 518 covid-19 deaths.
    If Thailand’s 69 million population numbers were simular to the USA, Thailand would have had to have lost around 124,000 (Deaths) people to Covid-19. Yet Thailand has only 518 deaths! So, this is why I believe that you are worrying just way too much Rob! You just wouldn’t believe what we have been through in the USA, or what England, France, Italy, Germany, India, Etc.. So, please πŸ™ feel blessed!

  27. Honestly you might as well just go back. Even if you are not in quarantine what else is there to do? We don’t want another ‘India’ here so it’s better to lock it down now regardless.

  28. 4000 cases a day is nothing compared to America, most states gets 10000 plus, They can try to control it but really they need to stop shutting down the economy.

  29. I’m currently in Pattaya and got a little lucky with asq so only had to do 7 days but I got in before May 6th. I wouldn’t want to do 14 days. Unfortunately for me I also got in the day they shut the bars down so there isn’t much to do.

    I’d like to be optimistic but I don’t think they’ll reopen Phuket on July 1st, even for those of us that are vaccinated. Realistically it’ll maybe be in the 4th quarter of this year. I was really sad to see Pattaya so empty.

  30. Rob, when you are walking and talking, the picture is bouncing around so much that’s it’s becoming too hard to watch. Either get a stabilizer for the camera or do the talking while sitting down.

  31. Did you say, you are now living in Nakhon Pathom? If so, that was my wife’s home town. We bought a new 4br home there, in a gated community, four years ago. After only 6 months, wanting to move, we put the house up for sale. Even though we have family/friends nearby. there is nothing to do!. Uninteresting flatland, if there is a breeze, you smell the adjacent pig farms! Nakhom Pathom is a nice, working class, bigger city, with all the stores, many great folks, but not for a retired Chicagoan!

  32. The main thing to look at when attempting to predict Thailand’s reopening plans is “Number of Vaccinations” rather than “Number of Cases”. Vaccinations are far more important now than number of cases. Thailand’s current COVID outbreak reveals that trying to keep COVID out of your country is simply not possible (North Korea even has it!). However, countries that are currently experiencing major vaccination initiatives are revealing that vaccinations tremendously reduce the threat from COVID. USA, country experiencing more cases and deaths than any other country, started vaccinating people back in February and just announced a few days ago that those vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or socially distance. Things are quickly going back to normal in the USA. Vaccinations are the key to reopening Thailand. Not number of current COVID cases. Lets hope that “Number Vaccinated” starts rising quickly in the next couple of months.

  33. 99. 9 percent of cases are just positive tests, 93 percent of those ate false positive. If Thailand is anything like the UK has been with the ridiculous fear news and people jumping out of the way, then it’s finished as a tourist destination. Ps. It is all bs anyway to bring in world control or its citizens with Universal Basic Income and ID cards. That’s the end game.

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