1. With the rise in extremism, India is slowly falling below unfortunately
    Edit: Mumbai is actually a city with better and open minded people with forward thinking, you would find worse replies in other places.
    Also, only the boomer old man was mad lol.

  2. Can you please make videos about these, AB?

    Japaneses’ thought on Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Japaneses/Koreans’ thought on a proposal to build a tunnel from Busan to Fukuoka

    Indonesians’ thought on FPI attack on polices

    Taiwaneses’ thought on UN

    Indonesians/Koreans’ reaction on a Korean company that destroy Papuan jungles

    Germans’ opinion on Thai king in Germany

    Malaysians and Frenches’ opinion on Mahathir Mohammad’s tweet to support terrorism in France

  3. *This is happening in my country*
    And yet our media chose to show about our politicians building sacred groves for Cows instead of real matters like this!!!

  4. I’ve always wondered what language they choose when they’re interviewing someone in india. Do they ask what language they prefer or just go with whatever

  5. I understand why they’re upset but this is a work of fiction. It’s trending on social networking site according to these interviews but there’s no need to get so upset about a work of fiction. This isn’t a documentary.

  6. Anything the giant media companies and the government can do to separate the population and distract from a general strike, or anything else the people should be uniting for….

  7. The media needs to learn that no matter what you do, you shouldn’t try and use religion as a way to add spice to a show.

    It’s a line you shouldn’t cross since it’s part of other people’s culture and something like this shouldn’t be overlooked, since it’s very severe against these people’s religious customs.

  8. I don’t understand why Netflix should be the one facing the backlash in all this when they are simply the platform that hosts the content. If they wanted to voice their opposition, shouldn’t they be targeting the filmmakers instead? This is similar to the Cuties controversy where Netflix hosted a film that apparently featured the sexualization of young girls and people were attacking Netflix instead of the writers.

  9. Your talking about inter religion marriage
    When here inter cast marriage
    Is more like a crime in most of area
    Most of them killed by their family or not considered them as family

  10. The issue is not about interfaith marriage.. it’s about marrying someone with the agenda of conversion…I mean if you marry a different religion person it’s not necessary to convert them right..let them be what they are…forcing someone to convert because they can’t marry you if they are not muslim isn’t right… I’m glad there’s no concept of conversion in any Veda or other books of Hinduism

  11. I’m not even Indian, but stop trying to convert anyone u marry to Islam, stop spreading ur cancerous ideology everywhere u go and touch, why don’t you convert to Hinduism?

  12. 10:53
    I don’t agree with that girl
    Yes in urban areas it is easy to marry another person who is from another cast
    But in rular area it is not

  13. why boycott netflix?.. why not the movie itself?.. the whole netflix doesn’t shoulder your problem. its like cursing all people in the world because one person hate you. lol..

  14. There’s no problem in interfaith marriages
    Sikhs , Hindu , Jains , Buddhists ,Christians have no problem …
    There is always a rift between Hindu and Muslim here
    That’s why it’s called love “jihad” because it’s a Arabic/Urdu word specifically used to show that it’s for the Muslims
    As they believe Muslims have an expansionistic mindset

  15. Personally, I don’t understand the controversy, I think because I’m very ignorant when it comes to religion but I’ve never seen anything wrong or a problem with two people in love that practice different faiths. My family is all born and raised in Southern Vietnam, immigrated to the States following the Viet War and we are all Buddist. My uncle married my auntie who is born and raised in Northern Vietnam and is Catholic. My cousins were raised as both Buddhist and Catholic. They would both go with their mom and grandparents to church on the weekends and every now and then they would come with their dad and us to go to temples. My family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, are all very religious in their own respective faiths, but they don’t really care who practices what specific faith, they care more about the family itself, such as unity in family, no bad blood or fights within the family kinda thing.

  16. actually if someone *willing* to convert to another religion not forcefully by Muslim. Islam never taught Muslim by forcing another religion to converting. 😌 open minded pls

  17. A lot of people in the comments are viewing it from a utopian, liberal mindset.. which is the general view of Asian Boss..

    Personally, I am a centrist.. so I understand that it would be great (some say correct) that religion doesn’t matter in love.. but we’d have to understand, at least half the world is conservative (with very justifiable reasons), so the discomfort in interfaith unions is truly understandable (esp. considering the Hindu-Muslim history of conflicts in India).

  18. In context of the show love between two people of different religion should not be questioned in my opinion, but the kissing scene infront of the temple was questionable as Hindu religion doesn’t allow such acts.

  19. Anyone else who thinks that taking down the Tanishq ad was stupid? Also why did they they take down an anti pollution ad? People have become way too sensitive. This would not have happened 2-3 years ago. Makes me very sad.

  20. I’m Somali and I 100% agree with the Hindu government on this notion. Conversion should not forced on or even promoted to people. If you don’t love someone enough to tolerate them having a diffrent god than you, then you shouldn’t be marrying them at all. Periodt. Point. Blank.

    If Muslim men wanna have Muslim wives and children, then they should just stick to the poor women that were indoctrinated into their faith from a very young age and leave other people’s daughters alone. Also, if Muslims can forbid their women from marrying non-Muslim men, then Hindus have every right to do the same and prevent THEIR women from marrying outside of their faith. So, lets stop being hypocrites and learn to coexist with other people. 🙄

  21. The whole “they’re taking our women” line of conservative thinking…it is so VERY petty and extremely sexist. It is kinda sad to see people being sympathetic to that kind of rhetoric.

  22. i never wanted religion put together in a movie. cause nothing come from it. this is someone believe u can argue to much bias. “for your religion is your religion ,for mine is mine”.

  23. Am I too old school to think, I’m proud of my religion even though it’s minority community! Can’t even think of a better half from a different caste or creed!

  24. I am up for interfaith marriage but i am totally against forceful conversion.👍.Many people in India specially from Hindu community are against interfaith marriages because of forceful conversion.👍.

  25. Religions have always been one of the downfall of mankind. Being controlled by some invisible image that man himself created. Why boycott Netflix? Instead boycott the source of writers and directors and producers who created the film. In my opinion a temple or church is build by man brick by brick it had No power. It’s the Religion leaders people inside it that say it’s godly. WAKE UP. ⏰

  26. As someone who comes from an interfaith family, it’s very freeing. I choose what I believe based on my morals and values and am not forced into a religion. I can think for myself and look at things objectively

  27. Can a hindu boy kiss a muslims girl inside a mosque..?!!!!And if you are a Muslim and you see this particular scene is promoting through movie.Will you not oppose it..?!!Answer me.!

  28. Reason 1 : The other party has been forced to convert into Islam, even when a hindu/Cristian man marries a Muslim man.
    Reason 2 : They literally teach muslim kids that bringing someone into their religion is gateway to heaven. And marriage is used as a key, unfortunately.
    Reason 3 : The government is a Right wing nutjob who blew this out of proportion.

  29. In Indonesia, movies that romanticize Muslim person who gets married a nonMuslim then that nonMuslim converts into Muslim, are usually very tacky movies and badly-scripted. Those movies are only used to lure hardline Muslim conservative audiences.

  30. It’s all because of who’s in power, when u come into power using people’s sentiments then u have to constantly prick it in order to remain in power……
    Interfaith had never been such an issue in India but this new wave of extremism has made people in majority feel threatened…. Lol
    What the psychologist said was right, either all inclusive or not at all inclusive, is what we have which will be decided in coming 5 yrs….

  31. Is there a report which suggests it’s always Hindu girls and muslim boys? If it is close to 50-50 great news otherwise love jihad or not there is definitely some problem there

  32. 10:05 she is crying inside while saying it became she knows current situation in India.
    Around 100s of rape happening everyday in India not the problem nor politicians talking about it but they argue and making new laws about interfaith love which is hardly seen

  33. In reality if the audience are more Asian than they won’t understand the situation as they don’t know what religion is, and they will make their own ideologies.

  34. Tbh, I don’t like Indians. They don’t like their own race, won’t allow Indians marry a difference race and also religion. I mean, do they think they’re gold? To hell with all this nonsense cuz I’m tired of seeing India everywhere.

  35. I love how they contrast the opinions coming from the young generation to the older generation. This shows there’s still this traditional curse where the older generation teaching what shouldn’t be changed and adapted during this time of how the younger generation gives different perspectives or oppose their beliefs. It’s quite hard to basically destroy someone’s perspective but the first thing to do is to widen the possibility of changes as time goes by.

  36. I don’t care about any law or interfaith marriage. But if you love any individual (girl/boy) why do you need to change religion for marriage??🤔
    PS: that aunty with pink t-shirt was actually speaking some logical thing though

  37. I have 2 3 friends(Hindu) ( girl friends actually) who got married with muslim guys and they all converted into Islam…So stats say it all
    The thing is I’m not against inter religion marriage but why don’t you follow HINDU-MUSLIM marriage Act, why conversion is needed…?

    I am totally agree with pink t shirt lady here….
    Why didn’t Asian Boss asked the same to muslims?

  38. no need to boycott is the truth, mostly muslim forcefully ask their partners if they want to get marry their partners need to convert their faith to muslim too, it’s happen to the friend of my friend, and luckily the girl decides to end their relationship, faith is not something you can force, it’s happened in our country, it’s a common thing that’s not a taboo

  39. Love jihad wasn’t about marrying someone of different religion. Muslim men members of ruling party have married too hindu women. It’s about lying about religion and cheating someone. Muslim women too can exercise this law if their hindu husbands cheat them.

  40. Hinduism is just a religion that got it basis off of the Babylon system. It’s allegory it’s not true. Islam is a offshoot of Christianity and those two systems are not true as well. India has just been getting tricked as a divide and conquer.

  41. Love jihad is all about force marriage
    No body stops to loving someone ,but telling lies about himself before marriage and,force her to convert after marriage is wrong .if somebody really love someone the he never lie and never try to convert her …

  42. So interesting how there is a clear distinction between different age groups with the answers… The older folks are opposed to inter-faith unions, the younger ones are fine with it. (obviously forced conversions are unacceptable across the board).

    And… Damn what’s with that older guy not wearing a mask and then coughing into the mic??? 😳 I hope they disinfected that thing afterwards! 😬

  43. It is double standard in Islam actually. If Muslim boy can marry non muslim why cannot the girls. There are cases in India were non muslim boys were murdered for in love with Muslim girls. No doubt there is love jihad or whatsoever

  44. The only problem is exclusivist Abrahmic faiths such as xianity & Islam which are prosyletizing fundamentally . As long as inter faith marriages aren’t done with Ill intent of fraudulent conversions it’s fine. Unfortunately, such hasn’t been the case as I mentioned above about funda nature’s. The dharmic faith systems(Buddhism,Sikhism,Hinduism,Jainism etc) must protect themselves from such predatory conversions as India has been at the receiving end be it through evangelical missionaries or Islamist lobby. The reports & history to suffice is clear on that.

  45. Social media trends should not be used to understand how big an issue something is because there are payed IT cells hired to create trends as per the demands of their political masters. While some trends are organic as well, but as a whole, better not to take these social media trends on twitter too seriously, particularly in India.

  46. not my story but something I have heard from a friend of mines mom about her mother i believe and mind you this was years ago when i heard this but. a Christian man (friends mom’s father) marryed a Muslim woman and how he did this he faked conversion and after the marriage, he took his wife and went to England. and now the child they had together ( my friend’s mom ) both the mother and the child was considered dead. to the extended Muslim part of the family. but the mother still follows the faith while the daughter does not. now, this is not saying all Muslim branches are like this and i am missing some details. but it can show how big of a deal it is for these cultures who take faiths very very seriously. and how much it can tear families apart.

  47. In love jihad a muslim priests give sermons in mosques to muslim men to marry girls of other religion, and in allah’s service lies can also be accepted. So they lie about their religion and after wedding they tell their real religion and force the girl to convert to islam otherwise they give divorce. This is Love Jihad.

  48. I’m just saying but India created Pakistan then they put all the Muslims there and not in India. And we can tell the difference of a Hindu culture verses Islam culture. You would rather live in India not Pakistan for a reason and that is mainly religion don’t try and lie

  49. Guide to Indian vocabulary:
    1. Use “Actually”
    2 Use “I think”
    3 Use “you know”
    4 Use ” basically”
    5 Stress on t and speak slowly
    Ready to go👍

  50. Not many people realize that in indian, there has been many reported cases of muslim men either killing or kidnaping hidu women or other women of faith and forcing their reglions on them. This is an actual issue there and makese sense why the people feel that way. Of course youtube censors that stuff since they hid everything remoteling critizing islam. Also its hard to understand a situation from a country when you dont live there and know what problems they are facing

  51. About the whole love jihad thing that’s actually true. It’s a lot of Muslim men I’ve heard about that do this on the low. A man who was Muslim wanted me to convert and have a child with him. They are crazy. And it’s not all Muslim men but some do this.

  52. According to me if a interfaith marriage happens none of them should convert they should teach their children as an example to respect all religions, love all religions the children should feel proud of their parents and accept all religions.

  53. It’s so great you can find people for these interviews! It should be noted that you can’t do this in every country, so it’s great you can get people who will openly speak their minds across the spectrum

  54. Finally there is one country that ban Islam personally considered Islam is a not a religion
    Islam religion of peace accept nhi kiya to rest in peace ✌ ola o uber boom 💥

  55. All programs and films are propaganda tools to break into the societies and modify their culture, traditions weakening it. Parents be careful with what your children are watching because young people are their Target!

  56. I wonder what their views of gay marriage would be considering they believe the government shouldn’t be able to interfere with faith, would they still say that it’s non of the government’s business and that it’s our fundamental right to choose?

    Not saying I don’t agree with that. It’s my life and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else who I marry, whether it be religion or gender, my body my life. As long as it’s consensual and not forced then I just want everyone to be happy

    Loved the video 💜💙 keep up the great work and stay safe

  57. I find this video very interesting. I’m from the US and interfaith marriages are relatively. My husband’s family are Hindu and I’m a Protestant Christian and there were no objections on either side. In US, you wouldn’t face much rejection unless you have a very conservative family.

  58. I don’t understand why the society has to be involved in personal matters if the people in love are happy then let them just be . Also, why isn’t anyone voicing their rage about the endless chapters of rape, crime, bribery and the lack of discipline of the people. I really feel ashamed about these politicians who have time to criticize a Netflix show while there are a bunch of problems to be addressed. It just angers me so much that such a vibrant and youthful country like India is been a victim of such narrow thoughts. By the way did anyone notice the man cough O O.

  59. I don’t get it why media from non-muslim country make muslims look like a very connected community who has a plan to dominate the world. Bruh, muslim come from many backgrounds, and not all of us is religious, not all of us wanna dominate world. As Indonesian muslim, I’m okay with different faith marrige

  60. i am a christian and the thing is most of the older generation do not accept inter faith marriages but they are many who accept it also but when the women is totally changed her religion even we youth will not accept we are happy with inter faith marriages when there are no religious conversion ,but always love my country and these people gave there opinion very well

  61. Wow …. that hindu person said the muslim girl is welcomed in the family but will not let their girl to marry into muslim house and as he said that he is a ‘katkar’ hindu i am sure if a muslim girl will be forced to follow hinduism and later converted …… hypocritical.

    This video did not touch a very important topic that is an interfaith couple have to public there entire private information(phone no., address, job, name, caste) because of law and wait 30 days before getting married and within this 30 days any random person can stop your marriage saying it hurts their feeling and it against their ideology. WTF.

    Can you imagine that the gov. themselves are doxing there citizens on national level and to be clear making private info public is nearly death sentence to these interfaith intercaste couples in India. There are numerous instances where they are beaten up or even killed.

  62. i beleive this boycott thing is actually needed because bollywood and netflix is used to making fun of sanatan dharm every other day and they dont dare to show this in front of a mosque because they knew if it were in front of a mosque it would have been a big issue so rather they targeted temple this shows hypocricy in india and i dont mean to disrespect my fellow indian muslim here and i respect your religion too but people haveto respect our religion as well it cant be desrespected in the name of entertainment every now and then

  63. As per year 2017, one or more person was murdered everyday on the basis of being in love and 100 deaths were recorded in honour killing.

    Love jihad is taken as inter-cast or inter-relegion love in everyday life and opposed heavily. Even in urban community it is frowned upon while in rural it simply isn’t allowed.

    While, the actual opposition should be on the concept of forcing a religion onto anyone.

    The problem isn’t the love but the construct that everyone in a family should have same faith.
    Everyone has right to choose to their own religion as per indian constitution but how many are actually asked from their families to think about their faith, to read some religious books understand them, do some introspection and pick the faith you believe in?

    Most of people are born into a family of a certain (any) religion and is expected to follow that.

    Let religious faith be individual’s choice. When a faith is held by choice it wouldn’t be changed that easily. And let it be taught that love wouldn’t put conditions of change in faith or forced change in yourself to stay, if it does than it isn’t love.

  64. My fellow citizens, interfaith marriages sound good and progressive but in reality things are difficult. Utopia always seems good but reality is different. Recent case of Tina Dabi is an example.

  65. Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is the brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity, but its benefit is confined to those within that corporation. For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity. The second defect of Islam is that it is a system of social self-government and is incompatible with local self-government because the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his but on the faith to which he belongs. To the Muslim ibi bene ibi patria is unthinkable.

  66. What really relieved me is at least young generation have understanding about love and hope that their parents(not all) be the last generation to object based on religion and we the beginning to put this to an end.
    Our children shouldn’t face the barrier of religion, race, culture and who knows what be on the way even to love someone….

  67. “We come from a young generation , the ideology or the perspective is always going to get better than the previous times ”

    God , these woke Netflix kids make me cringe so hard.

  68. From a long time Hindus are being targeted let it be Indonesia India or any other countrie we have been promoting peace and we are the root religion for. Buddishm Sikhism jainsm and we have been living here in peace later on Islam and Christian came here we lived with them happily but from when jihad have started we have only tried to protect ourselves and our culture but then we turn out to be Hindu extremists . Is this the secularism of india

  69. When you say Muslims have historically been a minority, that’s misleading. They’ve been a dominant minority for over a millennia in the subcontinent. Especially during the Mughal rule. There’s a difference between minority and dominant minority.

  70. A Christian child is taught Bible and an Islam child is taught Quran. But when a Hindu is taught Ramayan or Mahabharat we are teased we are extremist. What the heck is this

  71. There’s been a lot of cases where hindu guy was murdered and beheaded by Muslim girl’s family. Recently a Hindu girl was shot dead in broad daylight for not converting to Islam and marrying the guy. It was captured on cctv. This interview didn’t bring the actual point of this law. It’s for “Forceful conversions” and interviewer just focused on Netflix thing where the main backlash was cz of the kissing in the temple. Had there been a scene of this kiss in a mosque, I’m 100% sure they would’ve burned down a city or something.

  72. The issue is not that they kissed but the issue is that thy did it in front of a temple! its a religious place where many people come and practise their faiths its not a place to do vulgar things like this. just do it anywhere NOT near a temple ffs. if they had done it near a masjid, 100s of fatwas would have already been published against them and Netflix would have kissed their ass goodbye a long time ago, its a miracle how much hindus can tolerate honestly

  73. Such a travesty that this channel Asian Boss ended up showing just one side of the story. “Grooming Jihad” is a reality and there are several cases where girls who refused to convert to Islam were killed mercilessly by their own life partner. In most cases, the husband married the girl using a fake identity and hiding his real name.
    This aside, Netflix isn’t even being boycotted for “Love Jihad” like your video claims. Instead, it’s being boycotted for showing leed scenes in a Hindu temple while there was religious rituals going on in the background. Champions of liberty should only reply if they can find a Netflix scene where lewd scenes were filmed inside a mosque with azaan in background.

  74. my mum is a Hindu and my father is a Muslim. My mother ś parents didn’t allow their marriage but still they together …We celebrate every festival diwali eid Christmas etc ….. I am an agnostic. We respect every opinion. I believe this some propaganda although I am not denying that women are force to convert their religion (I am against it ) but u just can’t generalise everything and everyone . Every human being is different. Use social media to spread awareness on issues like unemployment etc .Spread love not hatred

  75. Even though I don’t live in India, it was interesting to see this street interview about this topic. I’d never expected that it was a controversy in the first place.

  76. Indians talking about love jihad but not about our farmers their problem is bigger than love jihad…..all politics plzzzz help farmers national media never show you

  77. What if it had been the other way around, that is, if a Hindu had kissed a Muslim woman in a mosque? India would already be on fire.
    But don’t worry: Netflix fulfills the educational mandate of the New World Order. Just like Twitter, Facebook and Google …

  78. Basically nobody is against love…..but forcing to convert in the pressure of love….anywhere is not acceptable..
    The best part of hindu is they never force other faith person to convert…under pressure.

  79. Nobody is talking about the fact that they were kissing in a temple it’s not about a muslim boy and hindu girl kissing but it’s about they are kissing in a temple and by doing that they are disrespecting our god . And why didn’t you ask this question in your interview ?

  80. In every show of Netflix they portray the same things ,they are supporting ” love jihad ”
    I mean now it’s well known to everyone all around the world what’s the true nature of Muslims and Islam
    If still people are going to no Muslims are nice people they dont want to convert anybody
    Then they should get themselves checked

  81. In india marrige is not between two people rather it is between whole families
    That’s where the problem starts

    Love can’t fill stomach and that is the truth at the end of day

  82. When these people were asked if interfaith marriage should be a thing, I like how they responded with relatively no objection to two people in love- showing how they wouldn’t attack them or shun them if two people married each other out of love despite differing religions. Even though many of them pointed out that _they_ personally wouldn’t marry someone of a different religion (for a multitude of reasons).

    We need more of that attitude nowadays, respecting other peoples’ choices and not feeling the need to impose our beliefs and values onto them… It’s the cause of most of the world’s problems– war, genocide, etc… They are all caused by a certain person feeling somehow offended at the beliefs attitudes of another, and trying to assimilate or destroy them, not respecting the fact that people are individuals with their own opinions, and they should be respected as such. As for marrying another person because you love them, despite their differing culture, I think if a relationship is healthy enough with any stark difference, love is enough, and it’s beautiful!

  83. I think maybe more people should watch the show fully. In it you can see how they tackle these topics of interfaith relationships, arranged marriages, religious intolerance, etc. The Hindu girl followed her own free will to choose her husband but there’s so much more, it might give a new perspective

  84. Lol was this even a issue I was not even aware. I mean such twitter boycott trends happen 5 times a day in India without no reasons and nothing happens at last

  85. Just one thing to mention, Indians are highly image concious in expressing their views. It is not necessary that they actually believe in what they say. Many a times it is just to look cool.

  86. The problem isn’t interfaith marriage

    The problem is the passive conversion tactics, employed by Christians and Muslims in India to convert people.

    This is actually true – I have personally seen a case where a Hindu woman converted for the sake of marriage.

    Now her Facebook posts are only about
    Rohingyas , Kashmir , Uighurs !

  87. I am curious what if non muslim boy kiss muslim girl on mosque and trying to convert muslim girl into his religions. I am sure there will be chaos, bcs islam it self is chaos

  88. No one is talking about the fact that Muslims marry Hindu girls and convert the whole girl family to Islam before marriage according to their so called rules and they never give a Muslim girl to a Hindu Man. Interfaith marriages were never a issue for hindu’s except with Muslims.

  89. According to BJP

    Kerela is Somalia
    West Bengal is Bangladesh
    Punjab is kalistan
    But Uttar Pradesh with most crime and rape cases is best state of India

  90. One thing I have noticed in all the Asian boss interviews that only Indian people speak English despite speaking there own language and I think it’s great that we are being open minded and speaking without any fear and hesitation

  91. The topic is way more complex and nuanced
    1) the basic difference is Hindus say God is one,ways are different but all ways are correct. Muslim says his God and his way is the only correct way rest are infidels, they need to be converted etc.
    2) Love Jihad is about A Muslim guy keeping a Hindu name for the sake of the relationship and marriage with a Hindu Girl…and as soon as marriage is done… Telling her that he is from Islam and that Girl needs to convert. And now there is a law against it… Law says if you kept a different identity before the marriage,just for the sake of it and then show your true colours, it will be punishable. Interreligious marriage with full consent is still going on.

  92. ……….Not the fault of Netflix , but it is the fault of Tabu and Ishaan. Why have they filmed this scene? So yeah, Netflix should boycott Bollywood.

  93. Some people chillin’ in the streets in mumbai have better grammar than highschool teacher in thailand. They have strong vocabs too.. some words are not commonly use in normal communication.

  94. I guess boycotting Netflix is not going to help. Boycott the show. Because there are many other amazing shows on Netflix that are helpful not just for entertainment but also for social reforms and also economically helpful to the nation. People really need to think before they start boycotting things.

  95. “What is your religion” is the question for indian tourist visa. There is no option ” none”, just ” other’ placed in the middle of choices.
    So far now living in India, I’m supposed to have a religion, when I say I have none ( I 4 generation atheist on both sides) it’s incomprehensible to indians, they look at me as if I’m missing some crucial part of my being.

  96. Recently people have manipulated few incidence to further their agendas. When people are adults they can choose their own religion and choose who to love. Also please don’t say kissing in temples are bad. Many Hindu temples show explicit scenes. Also the Kamasutra hails from India so curb your hypocrisy.

  97. Muslim minority have a population of 172 million in India that is more than 3 times the whole population of South Korea or half the population of usa. Are they really a minority. I know india has a huge population but still

  98. Let me clear about the whole things briefly.

    This boycott trends bcz it’s a real issue. If you watch the show u will find these all kissing scenes filmed inside an historically Important temple is not even necessary for the story. These all scenes are like out of the story just to show you kisses.

    A Hindu temple is a revered as well as sacred place to mediate and worshipping Gods.

    By filming such irrelevant things inside a temple (that too multiple scenes) how anyone should think it is to be acceptable. It’s like hurting their cultural ethos and sentiments.

  99. When it comes to issue about religion, especially if it involves the Islamic religion the government cares but with the forced marriage and rape cases? Not really, smh.

  100. Yes I also from India I didn’t that there is such thing going on .I think this is only going on in mumbai or up.come to West Bengal you can’t even count the inter religion marriages in one week.

  101. The explanation of “love jihad” was wrong here. Actually the Muslim boy change himself to show that he is hindu. He do all the things a hindu do and he approached the girl showing that he is hindu. After they or the girl had falled in love with him and married to him. Then he says that I am actually muslim. And he says her to convert to muslim as he is muslim…..this what the love jihad actually mean…….

  102. That uncle is so funny and stupid rather! That uncle is a proof that still girls in India doesn’t have their right! Don’t even have right to choose a boy her own! He is ok if his son marry a muslim but his daughter can’t! Girls are not weaker my dear uncle!

  103. What is wrong with the people, why are they blaming the whole Netflix instead of only that movie? I don’t think women were forced to convert to Muslim in India, but it might happen in Muslim majority countries..

  104. So guys the “love jihad” is a national level issue only for right wing fanatics, the trend was started by BJP IT cell, Twitter in general is left leaning, but it’s just that BJP has hired a troll army.

    Love is love 💜

  105. We all love veer zaara, so this is not about questioning interfaith romance, this is about a kissing inside the temple and ofcourse right wing politicians are taking advantage of this.

  106. This Middle aged man is spreading communal tensions by saying himself as a staunch Hindu. and he will not allow his daughter to get married if the same circumstances happen s to him. I Dont believe people like him who are too narrow minded, talks his view. India is a liberal country and its Citizens should have their own right regarding their future partners.

  107. Interfaith marriage becomes a problem when there is forced conversion and physical abuse which is very common when a Muslim man marries a Hindu woman….whether you like it or not…But the issue with this movie isn’t interfaith marriage but it is the fact of kissing in a temple which is very disrespectful towards the religion and the place of worship….and Bollywood and Netflix seem to be a spree on attacking only Hindu sentiments and not any other faiths

  108. It seems that Indian government is not secular and the state and religion are not separated. That will always compromised the order of the Indian society.

  109. it’s all about personal decision.
    you should ready for any response from society.
    but as Bible primary command is love your God above everything and love one another as you love your self

  110. I don’t think interfaith relationships work unless they’re both casual about their faith. Ans well I’d imagine those in India tend to take faith seriously

  111. I canceled my Netflix after the Series Messiah and the Series about the Hijabi Girl that wants to be a Dancer, Netflix is just a big Western Propaganda Machine.

  112. The point is we are not against interfaith marriage Hindus Muslims Christians ,Sikhs etc.. can do it
    But why should they force them to convert , if they love eachother there is no need to convert to another religion
    That’s why everyone asking are they marrying for love or to convert!
    For example : Shahrukh khan’s wife is an Hindu and she is not converted to Islam and we all are happy for them🤷‍♂️

  113. whats wrong if you liked ur partner religion and try to convert to that religion? if the women or man decide to convert its spouse religion i don’t think its something illegal

  114. Netflix has so much garbage content I’m surprised this is what did it for them. There’s so much trash there to choose from to be outraged that can’t be the worst

  115. Anti conversion laws will be implemented heavily in many states as per reports .
    Even left wing govt Congress implemented these laws in several states .
    So ….

    Being a centrist , i would like to inform the authorities of Netflix to invest our money on better projects like sci fi.

  116. The country like India presently on the hand of wrong, diving ruling party sadly…
    here implement rules, new lows only for poor, farmers, Labours minorities, low cast…
    God save this Land 🙏🙏

  117. I think this love jihad is not prevalent across India, it happens in a few rural areas. I don’t think an educated Indian woman will ever fall for something like love jihad. the big problem with this is religious extremists use this as an excuse to stop consenting interfaith marriages.

  118. If there are any Americans in this comment section please take note of what you are witnessing. Multi-language skills, literate, and motivated people. Why would large global corporations not invest billions in India and not see this as the next massive growth opportunity? Over the next 20-years India will benefit greatly in the investments in education and ties to the West.

  119. Again ASIAN BOSS being the hypocrite. You haven’t even explained the concept of Love Jihad.
    *When a Muslim guy lie pretend to be a Hindu just to marry a girl and later force her to convert after marriage (most of the times killed if they don’t convert). This concept is called Love Jihad.* Another fact, when a Hindu guy love a Muslim girl or it’s both side love, he will killed sooner or later(hundred of cases are there). Even their children won’t live. Nope Asian Boss won’t talk about it. Cuz Islam is the most Peaceful religion. And Asian Boss is a Peacefull Boss🔥

    Yeah Sarcasm

    And only Mumbai is not India.

  120. “since last few years they are losing a lot of votes”. Yeah, sure buddy. 2014: 336 seats, 2019: 352 seats, clearly there’s has been a huge loss in votes since last few years.

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