Why you MUST travel Bolivia – I wasn’t expecting this…

Nothing could have prepared me to travel Bolivia. One of the most beautiful, challenging and memorable adventures of my life. From La Paz to the Uyuni Salt Flats, this cinematic travel vlog / travel guide to Bolivia will get you ready for your visit. Get started today with: http://storyblocks.com/LostLeBlanc

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  1. Most tourists go to La Paz (Lake Titicaca) and Potosí (Salar de Uyuni), but also in other parts of the country there are different tourist places to visit.

  2. dude you need like 2 weeks for knowing Bolivia you have to go to the eastern andsuoth sides . In terms of food,most of the time, is the cheaper the better and just for letting you know Bolivia has the largest number of flamingo species out there. i am glad you enjoyed the country

  3. thanks for such Amazing Video guys, it is perfectly done to promote Bolivia I’m from Cochabamba and loved the great job you did it inspired me to do the same once I get back to my country because I studied Tourism but I haven’t visited half of the places that you did.

  4. I really love this video! I’m from Bolivia, thank you so much for saying all of differents touristic part of this city and obviously UYUNI it is awesome!

  5. I like the video, it was a walk down memory lane. But I wouldn’t call it a hidden gem. It’s so well known, I was the 7 years ago, but not everyone is a travel vlogger…

  6. Price is high if you book with these big travel agencies through internet. If you buy the bus ticket in La Paz and book the trip direct in Uyuni, there are dozens of companies, its not expensive. I did 11 days trip from La Paz to San Pedro de Atacama and i spent one thousand dólars the whole trip, except flight tickets. But i agree that food in Bolívia is bad.

  7. Ooh sad that would were disappointed food wise. But believe me you need to go to Cochabamba. It is known for food food food! And there’s so much of it and it’s all amazing..! You should also check out “carnaval de Oruro” if you go back.. you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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  9. I’m from Bolivia (but lives in Sweden) and I’m soooo thankful you made this video!
    Please, don’t EVER stop making travel videos!!! <3 Just found your channel and I LOVE IT <3
    Can you please do a video of Cochabamba next time you're in Bolivia and maybe Sweden too 😀

  10. my ancestors are from bolivia and I was trying to buy a ticket but my grandma’s friend (who lives in Bolivia) said there is a lot fighting there around this time. But I Love salenta’s.

  11. my 2 cents, from someone who actually went there; If you don’t mind the risk of getting kidnapped by mugs or being extorted by police at police crossings then Bolivia is a cool place to visit, cool because it’s so high in the mountains, so it will be very cold in the dry season. There will be many mudslides in the wet season ruining entire roads. When I was there I had to make a U-turn right before the salt flats because of altitude sickness. When there are demonstration or unrest, the cities always get blocked up and barricaded for long times by people that have dynamite with them. So you will have to monitor the news very carefully before and during your stay.

    1. Diamox is effective for altitude sickness. You have to spend 2 days relaxing at 2500 meters then increase your sleeping altitude gradually over 5 days from 2500 to 4000 meters.

  12. Bolivian Food is amazing. Visiting Bolivia is fun and interesting, there are diverse cities and sites you can visit in Bolivia and in each one you can test different dishes. Bolivia has interesting diverse cultures, you will be amazed to learn their music, language, food, gorgeous country sites, honest and friendly people. You guy visited city and places above 6.700 feet, We have Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Beny, Tarija, Sucre cities with many delicious dishes to try.

  13. Beautiful Bolivia. We would love to go there and experience it ourselves. Great video reference. You are absolutely the best content creator.

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