Will a “sandbox” work in Vietnam or The Philippines?

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This is my first video using the IPhone 13 Pro, let me know how the quality is. I talk about various proposals for the “Phuket Sandbox” in places like Vietnam and The Philippines. I also talk about other news in S.E. Asia.

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  1. I think by comparing videos the picture quality looks a little better. Other thing is that the Philippines is now allowing people to do SRRV type visas form outside the country, I’m starting one myself, I first heard about it through “The Philippine Info Channel”. I always enjoy hearing your blogs, thanks.

  2. Your new iPhone looks great! You might want to buy a DJI OM 5 to both hold and stabilize your iPhone. It will be easier to video for a longer time. Personally, I think it will be a generation before things get back to normal…or, maybe this is the new normal.

  3. Eighter you remove quarantine or you accept no tourists. Nobody is going to sit at a hotel wasting their vacation days.
    What if you decide to “leave” the sandbox?

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