1. Le me please add my thought process. I’m just shy of 60 and worked a paying job since I was 11.Already traveled the world via the U.S.N.: and more on my nickel. Did the wildman thing from 20’s to late 40;’s with a few wives along the way. Been dirt poor and now I’m not. I’ve said for the last years when owning a manufacturing company became “not fun” I would be done. It has become “not fun” so it’s time to call it done.Wife and I can retire here in the U.S.,Europe,Asia,pretty much anywhere we want. She is from cebu,I’ve been to PI multiple times for fairly short visits but I also adapt well.So,once asset to cash conversion is complete we’ll be leaving on a jet airplane. Side note: entire comment sounded like you were reading from a script(poorly).Need to work on that maybe.

  2. What?…Find what/who?…..I love being in Asia-but stated school in Tripoli and finished in Singapore,here I just-like you feel more at peace/calm/content,but was never ‘lost’.

  3. A few typo’s on my other comment but edit mode is bonkers this morning. Many people are afraid of the end and worry with unanswered questions in life.I’m a navy combat vet and my perspective may be a bit scewed but once a person comes to the realization that living or dying isn’t your choice to make life is actually pretty dang simple.Don’t be foolish in courting death but don’t sweat the small poop either. Learned that real fast while on a frigate in a Cat 3 hurricane:ship in serious trouble,chance to survive looking slim.A peace came over me and I simply continued to do my job and let God decide.He decided it wasn’t my time: not me.Moving forward to being in combat with assorted countries,health scares,accidents that should have killed me,got stabbed once too. Outcome was never my choice to make.
    Our/my choice to relocating to the Philippines is simple: I like the ocean,cost of living is reasonable,and when needed a live in nurse for my final months is reasonable.Wife will be financially secure for 100 years plus so that isn’t a worry either.
    My advice (worth 2 cents) is for people to not overthink life:it’s as easy or as complicated as you want to make it.

  4. I have slit opinion of Dan’s latest blog….he advocates and perpetuates the notion that peace of mind is illusively awaiting most be somewhere over the horizon outside the USA…perhaps true to some extent, but assuredly, not always. To me, he is trying to be a contemporary philosopher. I am not criticizing per se, but perhaps a quest to find new inexpensive, foreign cost of living places in itself is sometimes eye opening, but deep mind soothing, life pursuit is maybe relaxing, just not sure it equates one to espouse a life philosophy in itself.
    Lastly, he puts time and energy in writing these pieces around his thoughts, but here I have a suggestion to not sound so monatone and stumbling through the often repetitive word recital delivery of his main thought. So credit where deserved and other observations as well. Great intent in his purpose recognized.

  5. I retired at 50 and went to the airport.
    I could not agree more. Traveling changes the way you think. Such as I think you should stop encouraging Americans to travel. I’m tired of pretending to be Canadian.
    I dread going to the U.S. and when I do it’s only for a few weeks to see family and friends. When I’m there I can feel the anxiety growing to get out .
    A good day for me begins with the smell of jet fuel.

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