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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. I agree with you regarding cost of COVID test. 
    If you complain about paying for a COVID test, then just FFC off back home.
    Just my opinion. No offence intended 😊

  2. If you have a vpn and can get American netflix. They just put a tv show from Thailand, which is a copy of a tv show from Korea on Netflix. It is called “let’s fight Ghost” You might enjoy it. I watched it when It was out from Korea and called “Bring it on Ghost” It is a bit of an action drama Romcom but it is kind of fun to watch.

  3. No paying for a test in Australia. What do they charge for a test in America now. Many Asian countries have 2 one price for foreigners and one for locals

  4. If you are in nakhon pathom.
    I highly recommend going to uncle peen baked chicken restaurant. You’ll have to call before hand make a booking.
    Then after eating, visit the car museum next door.
    Well worth the effort.

  5. The cost of the COVID test has NOTHING nada zilch to do with why people won’t go to Phuket. Nobody wants to risk being sent to a field hospital for 2 weeks with no symptoms. I wouldn’t take that test if they PAID ME to take it!

  6. Although is Racist to have different prices for Farangs ,🤔🇦🇺⁉️As you said, it’s their country 🇹🇭 So we are not happy about it, But what can you do 🤔🤔⁉️⁉️⁉️😂🤣

  7. Yes it’s there country and they can run it as they like and when they miss another high season what then maybe they could increase the 2 tier pricing to make up the short fall 555.

  8. Careful taking that Covid quick test at boarders. I been hearing horror stories about getting a positive test, then being hauled off to Government Quarantine camps for 14days. No Food, tell you must order your own. People without cell service are Fxcked! Careful bro

  9. More great work as usual Rob. Just one thing on the duel pricing though as some people get upset over it. Disney Florida has duel pricing for locals vs out of state and international tourists but cant say I’ve ever seen it in Australia.

  10. I think the biggest problem is that Thai people don’t have to pay anything at all. If the gap between those 2tier pricing was closer there wouldn’t be so much uproar. Just make it 100 bath for thai and 300 bath for forgeiner.

  11. Agree, if Western nations followed the two tier payment system, with only foreigners paying for things. Then there would be outrage that we were racist.

  12. It is good that you remind people “When in Rome, do as the Romans” – I think there are a lot of people that cannot get over the fact that another country has a different set of rules than the one they come from… Keep up the good work, Rob.

  13. I watched the news in Thailand and the virus is getting out of control. I’m loosing over $500 dollars in airline fee’s trying to get back to Thailand. This is because I bought my tickets close to a year in advance. You only have so long to use your tickets, and you’re done. So with that being said, I’m not buying any tickets until I know it’s over. Maybe 2022.

  14. I think it’s terrible to charge more for a foreigner I understand when in Rome but it doesn’t make it right. Nice video Rob stay safe 🙏

  15. In Canada they charge foreigners to camp on public lands but its free for Canadian citizens. So that type of thing isn’t unique to Thailand

  16. Not illegal in America. For instance , Tax payers in my county get first opportunity to buy season and game tickets yo the local sports teams before anyone else.
    Granted its not based on nationality, but more on locality.
    When I visited Chaing Rai to see the White Temple. I payed an entrance fee as a farang, but my Thai friend did not. The fee was reasonable, I didn’t feel offended at all.
    I think the thing people either forget or dismiss , is that you are a guest in someone elses homeland.

  17. No More Mondays ไม่มีวันจันทร์ says:

    Dude, I’m in Samut Songkhram down the street from there. Some English here. Come check it out. Rent is 3600B.

  18. What the beeeep are you doing in that town….Love you man😂😂😂👍..Lovely new intro🙌👍..Keep on following the rules and just be happy..

  19. Rob, your content is suffering. Having been a subscriber since you arrived in Kamala, your production has not improved. The gimbal is making noise, no motion suppression, volume erratic etc. For someone who has been making Thai vids for 5+ years – I see no improvements. I’ve seen scores of Thai bloggers that’s come after you – they’ve improved considerably. Overall your content is quite boring and redundant, and thus haven’t been clicking on your vids as often. You’re appeasing to the current subs, but not attracting new ones. Your saddest vid was your 50K party – and didn’t even meet 50K that evening. What’s up with that. And recently, Bryan Flowers had to motivate you to create a short vid everyday for month: That was precious! And I don’t think you were motivated to do so – but since he called you out on his vid, you had not choice. I’m cheering for you to reach 100K, I really to hope so. But with this content?
    Extra: If my friend PREPFORIT is reading this… GFY! 🤪

  20. Indigenous Americans don’t have to pay for certain things in America rightfully so IMO, also Universities, many state parks, licensing (like hunting and fishing) and even some entertainment venues charge depending on residency. I honestly didn’t think anything about it until someone else complained about it, I kinda understand their point but it doesn’t bother me at all 😎✌🏼

  21. I agree with you 100% about 2-tier pricing. If you don’t like the rules go to someplace that has rules that you like. But, WTAF are you doing in Nakhon Pathom?

  22. Resident vs non-resident fishing licenses.. whatever, same deal. Locals should get a discount for dealing with whining entitlement types

  23. It’s the same in the Philippines and never bothered me when I was there as I was well aware that I’m a guest in their country and the people there are quite poor and earn very little and I would imagine it is the same in Thailand.

  24. I think it’s wrong for the people living there, they don’t consider themselves tourists and possibly shouldn’t be in place until tourists properly return

  25. Many countryes pay some or all cost from taxes so if you are from other country is normal to have diffirent price for somethings like medicine and health services. But Thailand and many other counryes have diffirent price to attractions so thats little unfair but of course they make the rules.

  26. USA charges different prices for people from different states.. In Arizona residents pay less for golf than out of staters.. Other states do it also…

  27. Basically the Phuket Government have just found a way to screw the money out of visitors a little earlier in their visit. Now you don’t have to wait until you get to the Taxis before they start scamming you.

  28. Rob … usa does charge differently for a lot of things for foreigners ..school tutions..hunting licenses , fishing licenses, doctor fees in a number of cases , medications .. it happens all over thw world some cases just Thailand does it on everything. and i agree with it honestly. Even here in Canada we charge foreigners differently as i just noted above and many other things.. we do it in a lot of places where people done get it …like dollar on par for US dollars

  29. I would not call it two tear pricing cause it’s an extra healthcare service expense that foreigners don’t actually pay into the country, Ofcourse any foreigner who decides to travel should pay for that extra expense.

  30. Be carefull with these gray masq they are toxic , we have to remove them for all our schools in our country….Google this title for a CBC reportage : Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec

  31. i think the uk should adopt the thai way ,give your home citizens some advantage ,they are the ones that work and pay taxes ,stick it to the foriegners

  32. I don’t think the 500 baht is the issue, the bit that stinks is that the first press release was 300 baht for everyone, th next day it was changed to 500 baht for foreigners and free for Thais. Good luck to Phuket attracting more tourists with an attitude like that!

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