1. UENO PARK was my first “assignment” in my military overseas introduction class. I was lucky in that it passed through a motorcycle and parts section in Japan. Things may have changed a little since I was originally there in 1978, and the Yen was over 300/ dollar.

  2. WOW Drew………I really enjoyed this stream. Thank you for taking us all around the park and where you get your train. If it wasn’t for you I would never see these places. Also I couldn’t see myself doing all that before I had too go to work. I stayed in bed covered up warm before the last possible moment. You are the man…….LOL. Thank You for all you do….From Bethlehem Pa The Christmas City.

  3. Brilliant walk Drew! loved seeing Ueno park on a cold morning! Thank you for showing us around! also enjoyed seeing the train station, so many options to eat! yummm! ekiben all the way for me!

  4. 9:50 The reason you’ve never seen this before is because pre-covid is was prob hidden by the food stalls and the hundreds of people gathered around LOL…Found this place on google maps and it’s packed with people LOL

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